Monthly Archives: July 2010

Podcasts, updates, & more – Cataclysm

So, we had yet another beta patch, where you can find the druid changes on mmo-champion (Note: spoilers). The changes are feral & moonkin fixes, without any changes or bug fixes for resto druids. We’ll have to keep waiting for the resto fixes. Hang in there! I updated my armchair-designer, War Tools suggestion talents to […]

A look at Cataclysm resto talents

So, restoration druids seem to be pretty worried about the state of their spec. I’m going to take some time between now and Cataclysm looking closely at the druid healing tools and seeing how everything will work together. Today’s post will examine how resto druid spells interact based on buffs through talents. In cases where […]

Cata Beta: New guild UI!

They finally put the new Guild UI into Beta. Here are some pictures: You are able to see the guild perks, upcoming events from the in-game calendar, and you can now see the professions of everyone in the guild. It’s pretty nice! I didn’t show a shot of the actual guild roster page, since it […]