Cata build 12604 Moonkin Resto feedback

So, I have a short post today with some updates on the feedback I’ve been working on:

I made another “fake” feedback talent calculator based on the last build, which you can find here. It has some moonkin & resto changes, without changes to feral past tier 2.

I made a beta forum post with explanations of what I changed to go along with that “fake” feedback talent build. However, since a lot of people can’t post on the beta forums, you can always post feedback here on the blog.

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15 comments on “Cata build 12604 Moonkin Resto feedback
  1. Hamlet says:

    You started an unadulterated armchair thread >:-| .

    • Lissanna says:

      Wut? I spent like hours working on that feedback, and wanted a blog post out of it. 😉

      I found out that the talent calculator thing organizes all the talent suggestion stuff that I’ve been doing for years that used to just be giant walls of text….

  2. Tulveli says:

    My 2c on your proposed talent trees:
    – I like Fury of the moon, but I think a 15 sec cd would work better, since that matches with starsurge (then the idea would be to wait for this proc before using starsurge when we have high crit).
    – Moonglow and Nature’s Majesty look very weak as they stand. Your 2pt Genesis fits well with allowing resto to pick up both genesis and moonglow… but I feel like moonglow should be the one going down to 2 points (or just made baseline…)
    – I like that you’ve given Natural Shapeshifter purpose… but a 4min bres sounds far too short. I think it should just absorb Furor or something.
    – I was confused about the Furor/Heart of the Wild swap until I fiddled with resto – it does work well, but I think just making Furor’s 6% int not require Moonkin form would be better (that would also solve the annoying issue of swapping form and needing to drink)
    – Swift Protection: I like it. I’d also like to see Tranquility in a few more talents.
    – Natural Perfection: the Lifebloom part sounds good, but what about making that a passive part of the talent – it’d give pve restos an extra option if they want to focus on tank healing.

    Oh, and the paw print for Heart of the Wild can be found in Spell> Holy> Main (it’s the second last one)

    • Lissanna says:

      I original had the cooldown as 15 seconds, but I realized the devs might not let us have every starsurge be instant cast.

      • Tulveli says:

        I understand that, but I’m not sure if that would be the case. I’ve done a rough estimate of the talent below with a 15sec cd model…
        If we assume MF ticks every 2 sec and IS ticks every 1.5 sec with haste (I know they don’t add up properly, but I’m simplifying) and we have both up 100% of the time and a 35% chance to crit with them (I don’t think that’d be unreasonable in mid level raid tier – think t9ish)…
        In 15 seconds we’d get 7.5 MF ticks and 10 IS ticks (17.5 dot ticks in total)
        Disclaimer: I haven’t done probability maths since high school, please correct me if this is wrong.

        Average number of crits from dots: 17.5*35% = 6.125
        Of those 6.125, at least 1 must fall into the ‘20%’ for Fury of the Stormrage to proc.
        The probability of none of the ticks proccing in 15 sec should be = 0.80^6.125 = 0.25… (25%)
        Using the same steps, the probability of FotM not proccing in 20 sec is 16%.

        However, this assumes:
        – my crude stat approximations are accurate enough for this estimation
        – that 25-30% haste is reasonable (I’m sure we’ll be higher by mid-way through the expansion)
        – that our dots are up 100% of the time
        – that FotM did not proc in the last 15 seconds

        I think the last one is what causes a problem with the talent – if you proc FotM 5 seconds before starsurge comes off cd, and cast it as soon as you can, you wouldn’t have a chance of proccing it again until the 15sec cd for FotM comes up, and the probability of proccing it in 5 sec (before you can cast starsurge again) is low. In fact, that’d actually sway me to think that a 10 sec cd on the talent is better (or allow it to proc off dot ticks instead of crits, which would be more pvp friendly).

        • Lissanna says:

          Well, it’s also Blizzard’s job to fill in actual values on things. Sometimes, I just put X instead of a number. 🙂 I’m looking for – a talent on that tier to allow more choice, that has an interesting interaction between our DOTs and other spells.

  3. Erdluf says:

    A simple change to make Fury of Stormrage more attractive is to have the instant Wrath be off the GCD. A free cast off the GCD is always nice.

    Realistically, you can’t get more than two or three procs a minute (10% chance while casting slow heals), keeping off-gcd Wraths from being OP.

    • Galashin says:

      Alternatively, an instant (but not free) wrath that also applies a debuff on the mob–giving the next target the mob hits a rejuv. (i.e. A little damage plus a cheaper rejuv…if you hit.) Hardly unreasonable compared to the DPS effects the other healers have at the moment.

  4. Moonlyt says:

    Well this is much better than the current model so good work and nice improvements 🙂

    It would be nice if Euphoria added energy on crit while not in eclipse and subtracted energy while in eclipse. This would make eclipse last longer and have less down time. It would increase the value of crit because at the moment I get the impression that haste is much stronger. What do you think?

    I like what you did with Fury of the Moon. I think our spells need more of those ideas so that they interact with each other. So good work there 🙂

    At the moment anyone can keep dots up and spam one spell and then the other depending on the eclipse bar. It doesn’t allow those who know their spec to stand out. I like to be rewarded for my knowledge of the spec. Maybe you can come up with another similar idea. Perhaps casting typhoon would leave a buff that benefits another spell? Maybe something like swiftmend for moonkins could also be implemented and perhaps tied to another spell? I think someone has mentioned that before.

    It’s nice having someone like you on the inside making a positive contribution.

    • Lissanna says:

      In addition, the modification I’ve been asking for to happen to moonfire (transferring more damage to the DD portion, but then allowing the DOT to stack 3 times) would add some amount of skill back into the rotation – because we’d have to figure out when to refresh it versus let it fall off.

  5. Moonlyt says:

    (By swiftmend for moonkins I mean something that consumes our dots)

  6. Silinix says:

    Seeing the changes made (at least according to MMO-Champion…I’m still downloading the patch) in the 12644 build, I’m now somewhat terrified that the devs appear to think druids are close enough that they should be adjusting the exact numbers instead of overhauling some of the talents.

    • Lissanna says:

      They patch like every week, and internal builds are usually 1 to 4 weeks ahead of what is on the beta server. So, just hang in there, and we’ll get our patch soon. In Beta, it’s impossible to do major overhauls to 10 x 3 = 30 talent trees every week.


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