Cata: Regrowth discussion

So, someone on the forums asked about how regrowth fit into druids’ healing tools in Cataclysm.

Ghostcrawler responded with: “We want Regrowth to feel like the flash heal. It will need to change a little to fit in that model (more up front and less hot perhaps) but it doesn’t also need to feel exactly like Flash Heal to do the job.”

So, here are the level 80 regrowth numbers for a pre-made druid, with 2255 spell power, from beta (build 12319).

  • Regrowth, with gear & resto talents: 5007 direct heal, with 533 healed per tick for the HOT component. The HOT lasts for 27 seconds after talents.
  • In addition, when regrowth crits, Effloresence procs and has an AOE heal that is pretty powerful (about 800 per tick)

    Now, to feel like the flash heal, regrowth’s cast time needs to be reduced to a 1.5 second cast like the other class’ flash heals.

    How doers regrowth stack up to a priest flash heal? Well, at level 80, with no talents, the pre-made priest flash heal does 6000 to 6851 with 2338 spell power. When I pick up a holy spec with relevant talents and gaining the mastery bonus, flash heal is healing for a little over 7,000.

    So, the 5,000 talented regrowth is not that far behind the 7,000 priest flash heal, especially given how potent the regrowth HOT effect really is, and how powerful the effloresence proc is right now. If the flash heal and regrowth healed for the same amount with regrowth having the extra HOT component in addition, I think that would make regrowth possibly too powerful in comparison. I think that since the flash heals aren’t supposed to be the big heals, that the current regrowth healing model is probably fine.

    In addition, if they leave in the regrowth glyph, we can make up a lot of that lost direct healing with having increased healing when we “spam” it on the same person repeatedly. I used to have the regrowth glyph in my toolset when I was raiding Naxx at the beginning of WotLK.

    GC’s post talks about wanting to put more healing to the up-front portion of the regrowth spell. However, I’m not sure how much it really needs that much tweaking from where it is now at level 80 on the beta server. You could take maybe a couple ticks off the HOT to make the direct heal portion more powerful. Making regrowth’s HOT shorter would be better than reducing the amount that each tick heals for.

    Conclusions: At this point, with the current beta build (12319), I’m pretty sure that regrowth is fine – with only the cast time needing to be shortened to bring it in line with the other class’ flash heal spells. Regrowth right now is an important “go-to” spell for druids: It’s a tank heal with both a direct heal and HOT, and it will proc the AOE HOT making it useful as a primary raid healing tool, as well. Making it too powerful would run the risk of being the only thing we ever wanted to push until we ran OOM.

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    5 comments on “Cata: Regrowth discussion
    1. Lavata says:

      Another interesting action for Tank healing or Raid would be to cut the #/tick but allow it to stack up to 3 times.

      Tank healing would then alternate between Life Bloom and Regrowth to build up a HoT buffer while using Nourish for a big heal when needed.

      LB, Ren, Reg, LB, Reg, LB, Reg, (Nourish for big, and Reg/LB/Ren as needed to keep up HoT portions.)

      • Lissanna says:

        I’m not sure that a stacking regrowth HOT would work so well. They want to focus the heal from a HOT to more of a direct heal.

    2. Fangtastic says:

      Thanks for the post Lissanna, it sounds like a very interesting revamp of regrowth to fit it in as a flash heal.

      I’ve not been following druid healing too closely but if regrowth is our flash heal, where does that put nourish?

      Comparing to a priest (I play a disc priest), I’d have mapped

      Flash heal Nourish
      Greater Heal Healing Touch

      Effloresence sounds like fun too, how long does the hot last and how often does it tick?

    3. Chezza says:

      Wait, I thought Nourish was supposed to be equivalent to a flash-heal. Or is that just how it is now and that’s changing in Cataclysm?


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