Internet dragon picnic

We take a break from our regularly scheduled Beta testing today to report on more raid progress for Conspiracy on Elune. We have slain an internet dragon and had a celebration with fireworks and a picnic. Yes, that’s right, we were slow to the party, but we finally have Sindragosa down on 25-man ICC. Everyone finally came back from their 4th of July holiday vacations and we were able to get down to business.

Take that Sindragosa! Tonight, we get to get our first face-time on Lich King 25-man. It should be fun!

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5 comments on “Internet dragon picnic
  1. Keeva says:


    We got her down on hard mode this week, after literally months of no progress. If we managed to get enough people online, the lag was often prohibitive. So we called a break for a bit to let people recharge – apparently it worked!

    Despite the mechanics being fairly simple, and despite the buff, I felt we earned this one even more than Putricide. Everyone has to “dance” together, and unlike other fights, if one person messes up, it can wipe the raid. (lucky that was generally not me)

    One of my favourite fights in ICC, I think.

  2. Verdus says:


  3. Poras says:

    grats, liss! our guild is still working on sindragosa25… and the lag is killing us more than anything else there D:

    good luck on lich king! definitely one of my favourite fights

    — Poras

  4. Atoyot says:

    Gratz on Downing Sindy!

    ” Now to finish the job…..”

  5. Oestrus says:

    Hey, progression is progression and well deserved! Congrats, lady! 🙂


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