No sleep for you!

So, in the latest patch, MMO-champion had something strange show up in it. It was showing an ability/talent for druids that didn’t match up what was in the actual beta when you logged in. It was called “sleep”, and seemed to be another AOE crowd control ability.

However, GC has confirmed that druids will not get to have “sleep”:

  • Sleep is not a new class ability. I assume it refers to a creature ability.

So, it was just something strange with the way MMO-champion data mined the files, and “sleep” is not something to get excited over. That said, this latest beta build isn’t that interesting for druids. They did add the new Eclipse version (where it lasts 45 seconds and cancels when you hit zero Eclipse power). However, it is hard to evaluate, since the buff gives a zero percent DPS increase at the moment, along with moonkin form and typhoon still not being in the data files.

To make leveling even more difficult, my level 82 druid’s talents reset every time I either log or turn in a quest. Yay beta!

I’m hoping that the next beta build will be more exciting for druids. When we get a nice round of talent changes and bug fixes, I’ll have a lot more to report. Until then, it feels an awful lot like being in limbo. At least this build doesn’t seem to be crashing as much.

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8 comments on “No sleep for you!
  1. Threa says:

    It sounded almost too good to be true. Hoping that the next patch will have more in store for us. I am wondering why Moonkin form isn’t in the files; is there a possibility that it’s due to updated forms being introduced or maybe it’s just the actual talent they’re still working on? So many questions going through my mind!

    • Lissanna says:

      They just don’t have moonkin in the talent tree right now, because it’s bugged… It should be back in the tree “soon”.

  2. Relevart says:

    I can’t even log now. My game crashes upon logging and I’m dead even if I do log in…

  3. Moonra says:

    Sadly there isn’t much great stuff for druids in the beta’s yet, it seems all other classes are getting tuned but Druids are getting left out.

    when you compare out talent tree’s to other classes I’m guessing that we’re still missing a few things seeing that we’re short on talents and some that we do have are abilities we got when picking that talent tree’s (eg: swiftmend for resto’s)

    to bad about the sleep thing tho, kinda wanted that to work 🙂

  4. Silinix says:

    Alas, it did seem over powered when it showed up on MMO-Champ.

    It’ll be interesting to see what they do with druids (hopefully next beta build, since they dealt with pallies this time ’round).

    Right now, Balance is a set of relatively disconnected abilities, especially with eclipse non-functional. Even with a working eclipse though, insect swarm and moonfire don’t do much. The only synergistic effect we’ll get will be through the eclipse meter. Hopefully our rotation won’t be so simple as:
    1. cast starsurge if it’s off cooldown
    2. cast moonfire if moving
    3. otherwise cast [nature/arcane] as indicated by eclipse.

    I guess at 85 we’ll have those mushrooms to play around with…can’t imagine what that will be like yet. My first impression is that we’ll want to grow them during movement phases, unless it more efficient to just spam moonfire. Off course, there’s really no telling what druid talents and spells will look like at this point.

    I am jealous of pallie healers though…we lost tree form and they picked up an entire new resource! Hopefully our big cooldown tree will get a bit more interesting before the revisions are completed. Miles to go before we….oops, never mind, no sleep.

    • Lissanna says:

      Yeah, at this point, I’m kindof just in limbo waiting for something to happen. We need a really good revision of the talents and such to be able to give good feedback, because at this point, I’m not even sure what feedback would be the most helpful.

      • Silinix says:

        One thing druids are uniquely good at – compiling a list of areas in the old world where flying suddenly stops working. No need for a talent build or a functional set of combat skills…all we need is a flight form that’s castable when falling. There is, currently, a disturbingly large number of places out there where you can get dismounted with no warning at all and fall to your death. Druids can (sometimes) avoid this if you’re able to switch back to flight form (depends on how big the null zone is). It’s not the most interesting work, but I get to do some exploring at the same time, and it’s for a good cause.

        • Lissanna says:

          Or I can do things like work on my dissertation during the down-time before I have to spend all my free time on druid testing again once they fix us. 😉


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