Monthly Archives: July 2010

Beta Resto & moonkin changes build 12604

So, tonight Blizzard sprung a surprise Cataclysm Beta patch on us that had some druid changes. They are mostly fixes where they fleshed out the talent trees a little bit more so that we could actually beta test without being totally broken. In the previous build, we were fighting bugs like some of us having […]

No sleep for you!

So, in the latest patch, MMO-champion had something strange show up in it. It was showing an ability/talent for druids that didn’t match up what was in the actual beta when you logged in. It was called “sleep”, and seemed to be another AOE crowd control ability. However, GC has confirmed that druids will not […]

SPOILERS: Cata Beta Quest turnin UI

SPOILER ALERT!!! Okay, so a while back (in a blue comment a while back) a new quest UI feature was discussed: the ability to turn in some quests without running back to the quest giver. However, I’ve only found a handful of those sequence quests with remote turnin ability. So, I had to level up […]

Cata: Eclipse – It’s like charges, but not

Okay, so right after I had decided that nothing good was going to be in the twitter #blizzchat for druids, they finally decided to drop an Eclipse bomb on us. According to the Blizzchat, in an upcoming beta build, we’re going to try out a new Eclipse mechanic that goes like this: Q: Moonkin: What […]