Monthly Archives: July 2010

Internet dragon picnic

We take a break from our regularly scheduled Beta testing today to report on more raid progress for Conspiracy on Elune. We have slain an internet dragon and had a celebration with fireworks and a picnic. Yes, that’s right, we were slow to the party, but we finally have Sindragosa down on 25-man ICC. Everyone […]

Cata: More druid talent proposed changes

So, I started writing posts about how all the various talent trees should be changed. However, I ended up with huge walls of text that didn’t make sense and weren’t going to be fun to read. So, I found the war-tools website that allows us to create our own talent trees. So, instead of a […]

Cata: Druid talent tree suggestions

So, we now have previews of what the new druid talent trees would look like. I started working on the 31 point talent tree feedback. I have 1 partial post up so far. You can find it on the Beta forums here. I suggest taking a look at that thread, since I’m not going to […]

Cata: Regrowth discussion

So, someone on the forums asked about how regrowth fit into druids’ healing tools in Cataclysm. Ghostcrawler responded with: “We want Regrowth to feel like the flash heal. It will need to change a little to fit in that model (more up front and less hot perhaps) but it doesn’t also need to feel exactly […]