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So, we had yet another beta patch, where you can find the druid changes on mmo-champion (Note: spoilers). The changes are feral & moonkin fixes, without any changes or bug fixes for resto druids. We’ll have to keep waiting for the resto fixes. Hang in there!

I updated my armchair-designer, War Tools suggestion talents to update to the current changes in the build, and adding a little bit more to the talent changes (like adding an improved regrowth-type talent to resto to reduce regrowth’s cast time & increase healing done, adding another effect to fury of the stormrage, increasing the swiftmend cooldown reduction by Nature’s Bounty etc).

On podcasts:

And More! Malfurion Stormrage got a new look. You can find the new graphic at MMO-champion. He got wings, and grew out his beard, and got some claw feet. It’s interesting, and definitely more epic than the old model, but it still feels strange. I’m not sure if I like it or not.

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4 comments on “Podcasts, updates, & more – Cataclysm
  1. Saniel says:

    I saw the new Malfurion model on MMO-Champ a little earlier this morning.

    I have to admit, my first thought was, “This is the epitome of my class? He looks like he’s leveling through BC!”

    And then the Chicken Dance started playing in my head.

    It still hasn’t stopped…

  2. Evrett says:

    Any chance moonfire and insect swarm will be given talents upgrades in resto ?

    • Lissanna says:

      Moonfire’s direct damage gets a damage buff from the first tier of resto. They may be able to add DOT damage to other HOT talents. That would be neat.

  3. Threa says:

    I need to go back and do some research to figure out if Malfurion’s new look matches lore, it’s possible there’s something in beta that explains it though. Either way, I like the new look. It could be much better but it’s a definite improvement over the old standard Night Elf look. It would be nice if they gave him shoulder armor and some decent looking shoes.


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