SPOILERS: Cata Beta Quest turnin UI


Okay, so a while back (in a blue comment a while back) a new quest UI feature was discussed: the ability to turn in some quests without running back to the quest giver.

However, I’ve only found a handful of those sequence quests with remote turnin ability.

So, I had to level up a whole new character to reach level 10 where I could find that first sequence I ran into on my horde-side alt testing.

This quest sequence is one of the first quests from the new Azshara zone. It’s not really a lore-heavy quest, so the quest text shouldn’t give anything major away, however you should still stop reading this post if you are trying to avoid any new zone or quest related spoilers.

So, here we go!

This first picture has the mini-map and quest UI that you see on the right side of your screen, if you aren’t using any addons. The new quest turn-in system is using the quest tracker UI to do it. You can see the question mark on the mini-map where the quest giver for that quest is. You can still turn it into the quest giver if your remote turn-in system isn’t working. Also, on Beta, it’s been bugging sometimes and not letting you pick up the next quest after it turns in, so you CAN still pick up the next quest at the quest giver.

The remote UI is great for this one, since you have to capture a new shredder after each quest right now, so not having to dismount and find a new shredder each time is really a good thing!

This type of turn-in quest UI is not reserved just for vehicle quests. Sometimes, they use it when you are far enough from your quest giver that running back would just be really disruptive to the lore sequence or whatnot. However, it’s important to note that I had to seek out quests that had this system to show you, since it’s not every chain quest in the game that will do this.

When you hit the “click to complete quest” button, the quest text box pops up and lets you complete the quest. If everything is working well, it lets you pick up the next quest in the series right there on the spot!

In this particular sequence, I don’t have a picture of accepting the next quest, since it’s still bugged and doesn’t always work for me. So, I dismounted and went back to the quest giver. It basically just tells me to go retrieve some of the log bundles that are laying around.

There are several parts to this chain quest, and you go through the turn-in sequence about 4 times or so before the quest chain is finished. It ends up being a lot of fun for a vehicle quest.

I’ll go through the next quest sequence for you so you can see what it looks like in action (especially since the next quest in the sequence wasn’t bugged). What happens in the next chain is that I have the “click to complete” box pop up, followed by verifying I had enough logs, then I get the XP and other rewards, then I’m offered the next quest, which I accept and my shredder blades are activated so I can chop down trees to kill the snipers that are hiding in the branches. You can click on each picture to make it bigger so you can read the details if you desire.

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7 comments on “SPOILERS: Cata Beta Quest turnin UI
  1. Chezza says:

    This seems like a natural evolution of the quest chains that had you turn in at an item such as a corpse, package, etc. and then get the next step in the quest chain. This is another feature that I’ll be interested to see.
    The only thing I’m really anxious about are the Druid talent trees, but that’s a whole other issue. I really hope they keep “Nom Nom Nom” as that talent’s name.

  2. Moonra says:

    *closes his eyes* nooo spoilers!

    ok serious now, I think it’s good that they update this part of the game as well, by the time CC is finalised we probably won’t recognise the game anymore.

    change = good

    now gief Druid talents (good ones plz)

  3. Lissanna says:

    The first time I ran into it, I was pretty confused, because it would let me turn in the quest but not accept a new one. It was also early enough in the development that it was before Blizzard had even talked about putting that system into the game. However, now that I know how it is supposed to work (and it’s generally less buggy), I think it’s going to be really nice in the places where it was implemented.

  4. Chezza says:

    As long as they don’t go overboard with it. I mean, I don’t thing shortwave radios and such are exactly common fare for Azeroth 😛
    But it should be nice for vehicle quests and maybe some others that require long distance. For instance, long quest chains with long distances based out of capital cities.

    • Lissanna says:

      It is pretty rare to find them (you may find 1 quest line per zone with this feature), and you’ll always have the option to turn it in at the quest giver, so far as I’ve been able to tell. I had to start a brand new character to do the one quest line where I knew “off the top of my head” that there would be this kind of questline. I spent time this weekend leveling a new horde character just to be able to show how the feature worked. It definitely is used more sparingly than it could be.

  5. Foofy says:

    In Deepholm, you have several of these quests, only next to the quest log, you get a moving portrait of the person talking to you. 😡

  6. Threa says:

    Thanks for the explanation Liss, the pics really helped me understand the new system. I found it a bit confusing at first.

    Found a video from a dev, they’re calling it “Autoquest” technology.



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