We killed a purple dragon

Because this game is about killing dragons, not about who you are in real life. Shades of Gray had a great post about what world of warcraft is all about: Killing dragons on the internet.

So, today’s post is about how my guild, Conspiracy on a server called Elune, killed a dragon in-game last night. This dragon’s name was Halion, in a fantasy setting called Ruby Sanctum, with really pretty trees and scenery. We knocked the dents out of our gear when it was broken by the dragon’s talons, combined our strengths, worked together, listened, cooperated, and cheered when the mighty dragon finally fell to the ground!

25 people who (mostly) didn’t know each other’s real life names come together and work with each other as friends a couple nights every week, demonstrating how you don’t have to know someone’s real name to be part of a social community with them. It’s only people’s character names that matter, and plenty of friendships have been formed in this fantasy game, which has always been an escape from the hard, cold reality of our real personal lives. We just want to fight dragons together and have the choice of how much of our real life we have to reveal to our fantasy game friends. I enjoy being part of my in-game guild. I enjoy having choice over what information I reveal to them, and some of them are my real life family, but all of them I consider my friends. I like killing dragons with Conspiracy on Elune, and that is why I play this game.

I don’t have facebook because I don’t want to be part of a social networking community. Instead, I have a blog about fighting dragons in a fantasy roleplaying game, where I post under my character’s name that I have gone by ever since the game first came out many years ago. I just want to be Lissanna who fights dragons with my friends in Conspiracy who I care about very much. That is all.

Also, Conspiracy is always looking for more new friends! I may even be able to get in 1 more druid…

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  1. Zombie says:

    As they say on the Interwebs, QFT.

    This isn’t about reducing trolls or fostering community, you know. It’s interesting that people keep mentioning Facebook in the context of this debate. People should take a look at what Facebook’s business is (and Google’s, and…) and look at what CEOs say about privacy on the Internet before they draw a conclusion about what’s going on here.

    Activision wants to turn ten million players into an asset they can “monetize” through Internet marketing, just like Facebook is trying to “monetize” interpersonal relationships. They want to remove the expectation of personal privacy and grant themselves free reign to profile “consumers” and market to them.

    Trolls is just making excuses. This is all about corporate greed.

  2. Verdus says:

    Grats on the kill. 🙂

  3. Chezza says:

    Congrats on the kill 🙂

  4. Brian says:

    This is perhaps the best argument against forced RealID you could possibly make. There are many good, solid groups of friends (in the form of guilds) who have raided and played together and faced relatively tough challenges in the game together, often for YEARS, without knowing much of anything about the real lives of their fellow guildies. This talk of “social networking” is silly, because WoW was ALREADY a social network…just not one based in the real world. WoW-based friendships are no less meaningful for only being based on the game world, and despite knowing the real names of some of my guildies, I still think of them in terms of their main toon’s name. Blizzard is missing the point in a HUGE way…WoW already has a community, adding real names to the game doesn’t add to it in any appreciable way.

    And the comparisons to Facebook miss a very important point. You know what else Facebook has that WoW doesn’t? It’s free. Facebook monetizes my real-life social network to make money. If Blizzard wants to do that too, at least they can have the decency to not charge me for the privilege.

  5. Darsonsind says:

    Congratz on the kill

    Darsonsind of Noctambulists @ US-Elune

  6. Anachan says:

    Love your thought here. And congrats on the Halion kill. It really is a fun fight, isn’t it?

  7. Lauraya says:

    /salute Lissanna

    ~Lauraya, friend of Lissanna, GM of Conspiracy of Elune

  8. Nightwhisp says:

    Okay I am feeling the need to rant and so I shall. . .
    Last night I too tried to kill a purple dragon as well as the Lich King. Our weekly raid group has been working on killing the LK for weeks now and have yet to progress past 32%. It is at the point where frustration is taking over and we have begun “eating our young.” You know when everyone starts pointing the finger at each other and saying, “well if your DPS was better,” or “why did infest kill me. . .?” or “the tank can’t keep aggro on the shambling horrors”. . .etc. I recognize this and I am most familiar with it and know that it will vanish once we have the screen shot of us grouped around Aurtus with our Kingslayer titles boldly emblazoned above our heads.

    My frustration is that my friends suddenly become experts on Druid healing and offer their very special advice on what I can do to better perform my task. Our Pali healer asked for a break after a wipe that was caused when the tank lost aggro on a vile spirit and it one-shotted the hunter. He hearthed, logged and mailed himself something from another toon, returned and then asked an engineer to drop a mail box. Then a tell came to me: “Would you do me a favor?” I replied, “Of course what” the trade window opens and there is a Glyph of rapid rejuv. I promptly closed the trade window and replied, “Nope sorry already tried that and it is the Devil, My HPS went way down and the juvs fall off way too soon.” He said, well I don’t know much about Druid healing but I thought it was worth a try.”

    Then later we went to RS with the core of this group and a few others. The raid Leader asked me to “sleep” one of the mobs, so the DK Tank and I advanced together to initiate the pull. Well I totally messed it up, I haven’t used hibernate since like level 50 and didn’t even have it on my bars, so I pulled it out of my spell book and threw it on a convenient Hot Bar. I targeted my mob, prehotted the DK and and myself and prepared to CC my mob but I was out of range. . .oops. . . so I ran forward a bit and and promptly face pulled, only to find that I had put Hibernate on a bar I had set to vanish in combat. . .Geeze what a dumbass. . .Of course the whole pack came running for me, I shadowmelded and the DK was able to get aggro and we somehow managed to salvage the mess. Afterwords the raid leader asked, “Night how did you get aggro?” The DK offered his “take. . .” “Well it is obvious, The Dumb Bitch Pre-Hotted me.” Which prompted the raid leader to yell on vent, “DON’T Ever pre-hot a Tank that is a sure way to fail.” Of course his advice is in direct opposition with just about every expert on Druid healing in the world. But he had to spout it out their any way. Yes the failed pull was my fault, but not for that reason.

    I really wish that folks would spend their time learning to play their own class and let me play mine. I have progressed with this group for months to become 11/12 in ICC, pre-hotting the tanks on every pull and never had an issue before. And although infest is a complete bitch to heal through for a Druid, having an ill informed Pali choose my glyphs for me is not going to solve a problem that essentially isn’t a problem. Since the only times we have recently wiped from infest it was because two of the healer have been dead.

    Thanks for letting me rant.

  9. Lissanna says:



  10. Nightwhisp says:

    /Ty 🙂


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