Monthly Archives: August 2010

Surviving the expansion transition: Guild woes

Okay, so at this point, we’re deep into the pre-expansion rut. People’s focus has shifted from current raid content to Cataclysm content that isn’t yet available to us. Guilds who killed Lich King long ago have attendance problems, and guilds who haven’t yet killed the Lich King are still feeling the pinch. As members get […]

Cata: Effloresence graphic update

So, the graphic that I posted for effloresence (the healing lava) didn’t last very long, and so last night I took pictures of what it looks like now. They took away the green ground-covering effect, and left a circle ring of leaves & such that spring up around the edge of the radius: So, now […]

Should the Moonkin Repository “branch out?”

So, the Moonkin Repository is a forum designed for moonkin to post on (as the name implies), and moonkin of all types (pvp, pve, experts, novices, newbies, alts) come to the forums to discuss, well, anything related to being a moonkin! If you are a moonkin and haven’t been to the moonkin repository, you should […]

Lord of the Rings Online – Going Free to play

So, my other MMO is Lord of the Rings Online. I have 3 characters, all of which are way below the level cap (under level 40 out of 65 max). I dabble in it some, and keep it active mostly because I enjoy their housing system so much (and it’s nice to play in a […]