Cata: Effloresence graphic update

So, the graphic that I posted for effloresence (the healing lava) didn’t last very long, and so last night I took pictures of what it looks like now. They took away the green ground-covering effect, and left a circle ring of leaves & such that spring up around the edge of the radius:

So, now it looks less deadly. I still have to convince people in instances that standing in it is good, but that’s going to be a problem for all the class’ effects that are ground-targeted.

In terms of the spell mechanics, the healing it is doing is about 400 to 500 per tick at level 83, which actually makes it sorta average in terms of power, which I think is probably fine since it’s a talented bonus to regrowth, and NOT it’s own spell. Keeping effloresence from being overpowered is really important, because it would be a shame if we were encouraged to spam our flash heal (regrowth) until OOM as our primary healing strategy.

However, a 4 yard radius is really too small, because most of the time, the AOE heal effect is only going to hit one person. I think an 8 yard radius would be better.

In the current build (12803), regrowth’s crit rate is 60%  from talents, before gear. This feels like a talent bug to me because it really makes regrowth overpowered as a spell compared to other class’ flash heals, and compared to the other healing tools we have available. Either that 60% crit rate is supposed to be on people below 25% health, OR they need to have a lower (maybe around 20%) bonus crit rate that we have all the time. Leaving it at 60% before raid buffs or gear means that it will devalue crit as a stat, because it gives you a pretty low soft-cap for crit before it does nothing for Regrowth (and that is really what Blizzard has been trying to avoid by removing all the crit & haste bonuses from the various class’ talent trees).

So, in conclusion, effloresence in the current beta build has:

  • Okay graphic
  • Okay amount of healing done
  • Too small of a radius
  • too high of a regrowth crit rate

If they increased the radius & fixed the regrowth crit rate bug, it would be easier to evaluate the talent. As it is, I’m already spending too much time focusing on one of our many talents. However, having Effloresence be good without being overpowered will go a long way towards us being able to have our actual problems addressed, rather than just having regrowth + effloresence carry us through being a 1-button spammer through Cata.

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7 comments on “Cata: Effloresence graphic update
  1. Moonra says:

    I agree with you completely, the effective range could use a few extra yards and Regrowth’s crit chance will need to be adjusted. giving the fact that +crit does very little to us now I agree on having talents that boost the crit change of those spells that are able to crit so we can focus a lot more on haste which benefits us the most at this time. but in Cata both crit and haste have interesting ways to benefit the RestoDruid’s so our talents should also be balanced around those changes if i’m right?

    they way its build now I get the feeling lots of people will try to cap crit so that regrowth always gives the AE heal and heals more per mana compared to other quick heals and with the talent that decreases the GCD on our RJ it might be that haste drops down the chart because of all these components. even tho +haste offers more healing in a set time window the +crit might gain us more benefit (I don’t have beta so I can tell for sure)

    I love Druid healing, but I don’t wanne see it turn out to be like “just stack +haste (+crit in Cata?) and you’ll be alright” thing again. I would love more balanced benefits from both stats so that ‘good’ gear choices could actually improve your game

  2. Verdus says:

    Minor quibble, but where are you seeing that extra 4% Regrowth crit from talents? The only other talent that I can see that gives a passive crit bonus that Resto has access to is Nature’s Majesty, and that doesn’t effect Regrowth, just Nourish and HT.

    • Lissanna says:

      crap. trying to remember so many different talents when they change weekly gets me mixed up sometimes.

  3. Wharep says:

    I currently see two ways to go with Efflorescence.

    Either, you’ll keep it as a fun and useful talent, that just sometimes happens to provide a bit more healing on the raid, which is nice, if the whole “people will often be in a wounded state”-model works out. In that case, it shouldn’t be too reliable (less crit), too powerful og have too large a range. Finding the softspot is ofc hard, but it’ll be around the place where druids are putting all 3 points in it, w/o relying on the proc.

    The other way will is to let Efflorescence fill the room some of the other ae healing spells fill for other classes. Shamans have Healing Rain, no cd, 46% bm, but rather expensive for the output it seems, has a fixed spot like Efflorescence. Paladins have Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn, which currently has a 1 mins and a 30 secs cd respectively. Both are 40% bm.
    With the current talents (I actually think the 60% is intended, as GC has said they might just remove the 25% hp requirement), we’ll get an Efflorescence crit roughtly each 5/3 RG, meaning around 58% bm, which is a bit much, but it’s before any gear crit is included.
    If its the case, that it’ll fill this role, it won’t be a sudden life savior you can count on, but if you need the healing, just not desperatly, it should be more or less reliable.
    I’m not sure I’d like to be fishing for it though.
    Also, there’s the entire problem with RG already being our flash heal, which may cause problems if we use it very regularly on the MT.

  4. Dr. Cynicism says:

    * Okay graphic
    * Okay amount of healing done
    * Too small of a radius
    * too high of a regrowth crit rate

  5. csilla says:

    My Efflor proc is still the exact same as it has been, no change in graphic or anything /shrug

  6. scaresome says:

    Even though I can’t see it animated; I think the spell’s visual effect is pretty cool. Sometimes in raids I feel everyone’s graphix are just a bit too much; yet this looks like something I really want.


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