I’m back from my vacation!

So, I took a red-eye back from California, and I’m finally home! However, I’m behind on things like e-mail, forum reading, blogging, beta testing, guild forums, and actual school work. So, I’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow to comment on all the activity that has been happening in the official forums with blue posts & such. I was in San Diego & Irvine – visiting family & friends, and I got to attend a friend’s wedding over the weekend. It was nice to get a break before school starts back up to get to see people back home.

On Sunday, I got to visit the Blizzard Campus with a friend of mine. Since I was there over the weekend, I didn’t actually talk to anyone (it was mostly deserted except for a few people). However, I did get to take pictures with their giant statue that they have out in the courtyard!

Anyway, I just wanted a quick post to say that I made it back home okay, and I’ve been trying to catch up on everything I missed out when I was gone over the weekend. So, if I haven’t replied to something, or replied with something that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, I’m sorry!

It’s good to be home, but I took a red-eye flight back and didn’t sleep last night, so even after my ~4 hour nap this afternoon, I’m still totally exhausted!

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4 comments on “I’m back from my vacation!
  1. Wharep says:

    Welcome back home. Sounds like a great vacation!
    Is there actually anything interesting to see at the Blizz HQ? Besides that totally awesome statue ofc:)

    I’ll be looking forward to hear your thoughts on the latest activity, which hopefully will give me a place to share mine. (Damn you restricted beta forums!) It’s horrible to just read those forums without being able to respond to some of the uninformed posters there (which there are quite a lot of).

  2. Teranin says:

    Liss, not sure if you’ve seen, but there’s a ghostcrawler post in a resto thread that stated the snare on the ToL cooldown is in all likelihood going out the window. Could make for some interesting later builds, or at least speculation.

    It’ll make some folks happy, though won’t calm the “Dead broccoli vs Mr.Dressup with E-barbie/ken dolls” debate. Doesn’t address 2 stacks of lifebloom being useless either =p

  3. Kayeri says:

    Yeah, Liss, could you post a link to that thread again? I was following it, but now can’t find it again… I want to see what else has been posted…



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