Lord of the Rings Online – Going Free to play

So, my other MMO is Lord of the Rings Online. I have 3 characters, all of which are way below the level cap (under level 40 out of 65 max). I dabble in it some, and keep it active mostly because I enjoy their housing system so much (and it’s nice to play in a game where I don’t already know every little detail of it). In all my time, I never hit end-game in it because, well, I just don’t have time. I may average about one hour a week of playtime, which ends up meaning that the game is a pretty big expense for how little I actually play it.

However, starting September 10th, the LotRO game goes to a “free to play” model, and I’m one of the people who could benefit from just paying for what I need, rather than maintaining a paid subscription.

As someone with a currently active subscription, it looks like I start out at a “VIP” tier, where it seems mostly like what my paid subscription is now. When I stop paying that subscription, however, I only drop down to a “premium” tier, which still has slightly more benefits than the normal free player tier (ie. more than people who never bought the game). I also get to keep the perks I bought through the expansions.

I’m looking forward to this, and have already pruned my characters down to the 3 I’m allowed to have on a premium account for when I stop paying for it (lets face it, I won’t play LotRO all that much this winter when Cataclysm is released).

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4 comments on “Lord of the Rings Online – Going Free to play
  1. Ndiayne says:

    I’ve been interested in trying LotRO, and I’m glad to see they seem to be doing a really good f2p model. I’m excited to be able to try it out. 🙂

  2. Solindvian says:

    Well if the F2P model works the same as the DDO one by Turbine then it should be fantastic.

  3. Dr. Cynicism says:

    Before WoW, I used to dabble in F2Ps. Honestly, I dropped more cash on those than the paid subscription games – be careful 🙂

    • Lissanna says:

      My plan is to just not buy stuff for the game. If I end up needing more things, I can always move back to an VIP monthly subscription to get more stuff as part of the package deal. Right now, my premium status would be enough to keep having fun without having to worry about buying more.


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