Monthly Archives: August 2010

Stand in the healing lava (Cataclysm – Effloresence)

Okay, so for most of people’s raiding experience, they have been trained to move out of bad looking stuff on the ground. However, in Cataclysm, they have moved to a system where there is going to be positional healing, and you’ll have to stand inside of “good” ground-covering effects. However, Effloresence’s graphic is a little […]

Cata beta build 12803 – moonkin

So, I’ve been focusing a little too much on Restoration druids lately, and I think I owe moonkin a post to go along with the latest beta build. Unfortunately, this build has a lot of crashing problems, making testing challenging at best. Also, resto is harder to evaluate this build because some things look like […]

Under construction: New blog theme at restokin!

So, we have a new blog theme that Lavata/Malchome put up on my blog today. We kept the same banner art, but we moved the location of the pages to go across the bottom of the banner, instead of being in the sidebar. The theme had to change to take advantage of some of the […]

Cata druid build 12759 & blue posts (part 2)

So, a lot of stuff happened while I was off at the beach. I had to split this into two posts, to help concentrate the good announcements that are improving druids versus the continuing discussion on AOE/raid healing. So, these were the announcements related to everything else: Moonkin Form Ghostcrawler’s post (click here): At first […]