Monthly Archives: August 2010

Cata druid build 12759 & druid AOE healing discussion

So, Ghostcrawler replied to my post about druid raid healing in Cataclysm. While I responded some directly in the thread, I wanted to take some time to post directly here for everyone who hasn’t read all 20+ pages of the thread… Resto discussion about AOE/raid healing in the forum threads by GC (click here): As […]

I’m back from my vacation!

So, I took a red-eye back from California, and I’m finally home! However, I’m behind on things like e-mail, forum reading, blogging, beta testing, guild forums, and actual school work. So, I’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow to comment on all the activity that has been happening in the official forums with blue posts […]

Fun with banner art!

So, for my birthday last week, my fiance decided to take the restokin banner art to make me some t-shirts & mugs. Since they were a gift to me, we’re not currently selling them. However, since I’m out of town this weekend and needed a quick post, I wanted to show you guys how awesome […]

Goodbye Idols, and good riddance!

I interrupt this dead time in Lissanna postings while she is traveling with news from MMO-Champion concerning the latest Beta Build (this post is written by Post written by Lavata/Malchome). As the title indicates Idols are now removed from the game, they have been merged with Relics, Totems and Librams of the Death Knight, Shaman […]