Should the Moonkin Repository “branch out?”

So, the Moonkin Repository is a forum designed for moonkin to post on (as the name implies), and moonkin of all types (pvp, pve, experts, novices, newbies, alts) come to the forums to discuss, well, anything related to being a moonkin! If you are a moonkin and haven’t been to the moonkin repository, you should check it out!

Recently (as in late last night, or early this morning) I got suckered recruited into being a moderator on the Moonkin Repository’s forums, to help out with keeping things running smoothly. (The position comes with a free can of troll repellent, or so I hear).

In addition to adding me as a moderator, there are other changes up for discussion related to TMR. The most exciting of which (that impacts a lot of my readers) is the possibility of expanding into having a restoration druid & feral druid forum, in addition to the currently existing moonkin one. These new forums (after some discussion) will likely be separate forums that are all cross-linked together (so, you would have something like: the moonkin repository, the resto repository, and the feral repository – or whatever the name of each forum would be).

There is one discussion going on in the WoW druid forums. There is also additional information in the original post on TMR, as well as more recent updates about conclusions made from the feedback they received. Please go and express your opinions on the idea (either positive or negative feedback is welcome). You can also give your opinion on what the new forums should be named.

Also, if the resto & feral forums DO go live, we’re going to need the support of other resto & feral druids to help with increasing publicity, generally posting there and being helpful, and potentially even volunteers to help moderate those forums.

If it’s something you think we should do and something you think you would visit, please let me know. I know one person expressed concern about the resto forums possibly stepping on the toes of other forums like the Plus Heal forums, however I haven’t seen a big resto druid presence on the plus heal forums in a while.

It’s going to take some time to get a resto & feral forum up and running, but I will make sure to post updates here as things develop.

So, what do you guys think? Are the new forums a good idea? bad idea? Is a new feral & resto forum something that you would use, or think the community needs?

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15 comments on “Should the Moonkin Repository “branch out?”
  1. Ndiayne says:

    I’d love to see more druidy stuff, and I’d probably be more likely to poke around and ask questions in a [class] forum, rather than the official forums or over at +Heal. (My poor little tree is still in her early 60s though.)

    As far as stepping on toes goes… Discipline priests had our own forum when people on +Heal/official forums were still “hurr durr Disc iz 4 pvp”, and I don’t think having a class-specific place to think tank will impact either location. (After all, +Heal will still be a decent place to get insight into other classes and meshing your druidness with the rest of the healing team.)

  2. Angelya says:

    I think expanding to the other specs would step on anyones toes. I don’t visit TMR as often as I should, but if it turned into a full Druid class forum I think I’d be more likely to spend more time there 🙂 Grats on your appointment!

  3. Wharep says:

    Sounds like a fine idea to me. As a European player I started reading and posting here a little over a month ago, since I don’t find the European forums that interesting. Having a good cross-region forum with a good level of activity would be pretty awesome. Especially if the moderation is more strict (= less trolling) than on the official boards:)

    • Lissanna says:

      yes, this is one thing that TMR has offered to moonkin druids for a long time (cross-region, strictly moderated).

  4. Jezi says:

    good luck in your new adventure! I am sure it will be exciting! I wish I could help but.. I only know priestie and locks stuff 😀

  5. Threa says:

    I really like the idea of expanding the forums to the other specs, I’ve even posted on the thread some of my own ideas for the name. Has everyone considered making one forum for all three specs? I wanted to post this on the TMR thread but didn’t want to stray off topic. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing this through.

    • Lissanna says:

      that was one of the ideas floated around, but after a lot of discussion, they decided that The Moonkin Repository is too well established and didn’t want to change it’s domain name, and that just inviting feral & resto druids to the moonkin repository wasn’t going to work out well.

  6. Noboominoom says:

    Exciting stuff, definitely going to be a go-to place for a lot of Druid resources, as danomatic is a great aggregator, but the various blogs and formats that people use can be annoying. Mmmm, druids.

  7. MrX says:

    Hmm I might start using that site if they added Feral and Resto stuff, only moonkin is a bit booring, its a rather simple spec afterall.

  8. Jaedia says:

    I think that’s a great idea. While I’m not much of a Druid (level 70 Resto alt), I have in the past checked out Plus Heal and not found it amazingly helpful for newbies to just browse. Class specific forums for Resto Druids and Feral Druids would be brilliant, for all Druids.

  9. Shabada says:

    I’d love to see this happen. 🙂 I used to visit TMR a lot for the 1-2 months where I was balance at the beginning of wrath and I loved it there. I stopped going since, but I remember it being a very friendly forum with very helpful people.

    If a forum was made for us leafy fellows, I’d probably make it my homepage!

  10. Oestrus says:

    I think I may be one of the few in the minority that feels it should stay as is.

    I feel there are a large amount of resources already devoted to being a resto druid and I have never felt like we are facing a shortage of that anytime soon. There have even been times where I have looked at myself and my blog and though “How can you compete with that?!” – that being all the other blogs/sites out there.

    I admit, I don’t see a lot of feral resources out there, but the ones I have seen were quite thorough and there could perhaps be more room for those out there. Specifically, ones that cater to either the tanking type of feral and/or the DPS kind. Guides seem to be one or the other and not both, leaving one side feeling unrepresented, at times.

    I always felt like balance was the one spec that never had enough out there and I remember being a moonkin in BC and struggling to find places I could relate to. I’m sure times have changed quite a bit since then, but I guess I’m in the mindset of yes, there could be more druid resources out there, but the Moonkin Repository should remain more moonkin focused. That’s what it’s always been, that’s what it has always been good at and I feel some of that may be diminished if they spread things around too much or too thin.

    On the flip side, I could definitely contribute some press, if the site decided to go in that direction and I would be happy to contribute what I can – in terms of replies, posts, moderation, etc.

    Please keep me in mind! 🙂

    • Lissanna says:

      Well, I think the point is to be part of a community. I view all the different resto/druid blogs as parts of a whole – where the smaller blogs are still important voices that I listen to. It’s not a competition, and people often read lots & lots of blogs! The nice thing about having a resto forum is that it could allow everyone to come together easier (in a space where everyone is on equal footing).

      It may take a couple months to get things together for a new forum (closer to Cata’s release). With the Cata changes to resto druids, I think a forum could be a good place to discuss all the different healing issues that are going to arise. I could also gather links to druid blogs & put them on the forums to help with getting bloggers more traffic, or things like that. There are ways that a forum & blogs can work together to make a better community. 🙂

      • Oestrus says:

        Now that you mention it, I didn’t even take into consideration how the druid were going to feel, once the Cata changes come out. I know, I myself am looking at the changes that you post and whatever else I read and even I may need to re-learn how to be a resto druid – lol

        So with that said, yes – I think having those additional resources be compiled could be a really big help. I think it’s just me not liking change and loving the Moonkin Repository for being what it always has been for – moonkin. It would take some getting used to, to see it go for other things, but I still think it could be positive and fun.

        Again, count me in and I’d be open to help any way that I can! 🙂

  11. Chezza says:

    The big impetus for expanding the Moonkin Repository as I recall was the proposed and then defeated change to the forums requiring the posting of a user’s real name. There was talk on the druid forums of moving all of the maintained sticky information over to the Moonkin Repository as a way to help the Druid community while maintaining people’s need for privacy. As of right now, I don’t really see any key reason to expand the Moonkin Repository, granted I’m not involved in Moonkin Repository, so take my opinion for what it’s worth.


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