Spoilers: Learning from Cataclysm Quests

Warning: This post is somewhat spoiler-filled, due to describing quests in Cataclysm.

One of the things that happens when people start raiding is that they have to learn situational awareness (being able to move at the right time & pay attention to your surroundings).

One of the Deepholm quests helps teach situational awareness. During this quest, you fight a dragon called “Aeosera”. This is one of those things where paying attention is going to matter. Instead of just allowing you to stand & nuke at the dragon, you have to jump out of the way so that the dragon’s fire breath doesn’t kill you.

So, to engage the fight, you jump up onto some rocks, and go higher up in the air. During the fight, you jump from rock to rock while trying your best to DPS along the way. It’s pretty challenging, but it seems to be doing something that quests haven’t been doing much of before – requiring you to pay attention to what is going on, and not just mindlessly slay mobs as you go along. So, getting exposed to mechanics requiring us to pay attention is something we can learn out on our own soloing around. To complete the quest, you have to actually use some situational awareness skills, OR you can get roasted as you fall to your death. Sounds like fun!

(You can click on the pictures to see them in more detail).

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5 comments on “Spoilers: Learning from Cataclysm Quests
  1. Argon says:

    I don’t know, just looks like they are adding some Super Mario into WoW.

    There are a few “don’t stand in fire!” quests in WotLK, though the fire is not really that bad so in reality you can just ignore it.

  2. Wharep says:

    Sounds like fun!
    I’m pretty happy they are adding some more variety into questing, as most quests really are rather boring atm. Having a very real chance of dieing would probably help a lot.

  3. Tralia says:

    If it works right, and isn’t something that takes an act of god to pull off it should be an interesting twist.

    • Lissanna says:

      Well, I managed to complete the quest while taking pictures for a blog post. 😉 It shouldn’t be too bad.

  4. Relevart says:

    I really enjoyed this quest. I do wish it was a little faster paced though. You have a lot of time to react and move. There are lots of places to move to.

    I did stand in the fire to see what would happen cause it’s Beta and it’s ok to die =] The rock you’re on explodes and you go back down to the bottom with a hefty chunk of fall damage. Then you have to jump your way back up and continue the fight. As a boomkin, I just tossed a stack of lifebloom on me on my way up. But I could see this being a problem for classes without that capability.


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