Stand in the healing lava (Cataclysm – Effloresence)

Okay, so for most of people’s raiding experience, they have been trained to move out of bad looking stuff on the ground.

However, in Cataclysm, they have moved to a system where there is going to be positional healing, and you’ll have to stand inside of “good” ground-covering effects. However, Effloresence’s graphic is a little bit over-done, so now it looks like a slime puddle, especially if you have more than one stacked on top of each other.

Also, Effloresence is down to a 4 yard radius, which looks big, except that it’s really not.  So, the beta forums have reports of tanks & DPS moving out of the effloresence procs, because they didn’t know what it was, and it looks more like green lava or Putricide’s slime pools than something beneficial.

The instant-cast regrowth is working in tree form now, which is why some of my pictures are in tree form.

So, please don’t move out of effloresence, or it won’t heal you. /sad face

Personally, I think the graphic may need to get toned down a bit, so it looks less like something designed to kill you (especially when you stack up a couple procs in the same place, like I did for the last picture). Just about anything else in the game I’ve seen resembling effloresence is something that’s going to kill you if you stand in it. I’m not sure they want to train people to sand in green lava, and then move out of the other green lava that has a larger effect (slime pools in ICC and such).

They could also make the radius larger than the graphic, so that when people move out of it, they will still benefit from the heal.

I would discuss the other actual problems with the talent, but it’s hard to figure out what is intended versus a bug in the latest patch, so I’m avoiding making a blog post about it for now…

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17 comments on “Stand in the healing lava (Cataclysm – Effloresence)
  1. Wharep says:

    Add some grass or flowers or w/e to the animation. I don’t mind it being obvious, but I’d rather that it looked green and healthy than the feelish look it has now.
    Looking forward to the next build (post) so we can discuss the spell:)

    • Lissanna says:

      Well, you can talk about it if you want, and I’ll answer questions. I’ve been posting in the forums about it, but I’m hesitant to do it as a blog post, because there are some things like regrowth’s crit rate that just seem buggy…

    • Ndiayne says:

      I expected it to look like a lifebloom with oversized flowers… well, hoped it would. If I saw that dropped on a floor in a dungeon, I’d run the hell away from it, thinking it was a slime/goo/green fire puddle. Or death and decay. Or Halion’s Combustion…

  2. Stop says:

    I dunno, when I see “bed of healing flora” in a description, I kinda expect to see… you know… some flora! Maybe they could re-use a bigger version of the Lifeblood animation.

    • Lissanna says:

      They were actually using the Lifeblood animation for it before this patch.

    • Jen says:

      I was sure it’s going to use the Lifeblood animation… I hope they change it, I can’t see any good coming out of this. Either people will run out of it (thinking it’s bad) or they’ll stay in other green bad (thinking it’s Efflorescence). I still avoid D&D since I’m never sure it’s not some deadly AoE of death…

  3. zelmaru says:

    Yes, that does kind of look like something you shouldn’t stand in (looks like a pungent stench) – though the lifeblood animation is very subtle so that would be equally bad. It won’t be an issue if the dungeons in cata don’t have “patches of ick” in green, but rather color the patches of ick purple or something.

  4. Wharep says:

    Imo, tune down on the green color and add some of the lifeblood animation to it – lifeblood is too hard to see imo, but this is a bit over the top too:P

  5. Ruana says:

    “No no no guys, go back into that, it’s the GOOD slime.”

    Yeah, that is SO not going to work.

  6. csilla says:

    In the instances I ran over the weekend, especially when I had party members on other servers I couldnt talk to, I would lead them to the Efflor circle by example. When the effect proc’d, people would run out of it, I would run in and let them see I wasnt getting hurt and “druidy healing leaves” were swirling around me, and they usually caught on after that. It was cool to see party members actually flocking to the circle for healing once they realized what it was though 🙂

    Still, I definately agree the effect should be toned down, or atleast have enemy ground effects take priority over Efflor, overriding the graphic on the ground (but not the actual healing component).

  7. Wulfy says:

    I really hope they change that. The lifeblood animation is admittedly too vague for a short-range aoe effect, but c’mon they really need less of the evil-green look and bit more flora in there!

    My vote would be for a (not too bright!) green pulse radiating outward with some lifeblood flowers for flavour!

  8. Doomfowl says:

    They could add the animation from the TCG deck, Yunno the Path Of Cenarious?? is that the one?? All the flowers and stuff on the ground.

  9. Keeva says:

    Ok guys, if you see a green void zone, you can stand in that. Don’t stand in read or purple ones though.


    My concern is that it might obscure something bad under your feet. Especially if there are multiple Efflorescence effects there.

  10. Threa says:

    Those animations look really cool. The main problem I can foresee is that there’s enough saturation of spell and ability effects on the ground that adding an overpowering animation such as this one would make it even more difficult for melee and tanks to see critical zones that they need to move out of.

    Having the ground and even players inundated with spell effects and abilities can be really neat and even beautiful to watch but sometimes it’s difficult to tell what’s going on when they overlap. I was hoping they could find a solution to this but I realize it isn’t really a pressing issue, more of an annoyance.

  11. Vreenash says:

    k sorry those last links didnt work out well, just go here, you’ll see them all


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