Under construction: New blog theme at restokin!

So, we have a new blog theme that Lavata/Malchome put up on my blog today. We kept the same banner art, but we moved the location of the pages to go across the bottom of the banner, instead of being in the sidebar. The theme had to change to take advantage of some of the new wordpress features.

One of the neat things that it does is it allows me to be able to actually use blue post text coloring a lot easier. I’m generally happy with how it came out. We’ll probably change more & get things looking even nicer over time. It feels a little plain, but I think I’ll get used to it after a while (I got used to my old theme, to be honest. Change is hard, lol).

In other news, there is a beta patch going out today with a lot of new goodies.  Yay! According to mmo-champion, it has things like a reduced mana cost on wild growth (/happy dance). I’ll post more about the latest beta build once I can actually log in and verify changes in person (sometimes, mmo-champ datamining does strange things).

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3 comments on “Under construction: New blog theme at restokin!
  1. bullshifter says:

    i’m really interested in the changed thorns mechanics!
    – how much dmg at lvl 80+?
    – is it castable in bear form? does it scale with attack power?
    – is there a cooldown or restriction to only one person?
    – is there a protection for fast attacking enemies? only once every 2 seconds, or more dmg for slower attacking mobs?

    • Lissanna says:

      It’s harder to test it, but it does shift you OUT of bear & cat form, so it won’t work as a tanking ability at the moment (which I think is either a bug or super lame).

  2. Mushu says:

    Just a note about the new theme: I like it, simpler is definately better, but one point to make is that the top banner is way too large. Think of it this way: in America at least, the upper-left part of any website realestate is the most “valuable” since we read from left to right, top to bottom. On a small screen (such as mobile devices), or on a monitor where the screen is 800×600 resolution, or in a non-maximized browser, this banner takes up about half the screen when you first hit the page, thus causing people to scroll down before getting to your “real” stuff…

    I hope this is constructively written, it’s *not* a slam about the design or the content or a personal dig or _____(insert some other thing that’s bad). It is just thoughts from a person who works for an unnamed government agency as an I.T. web expert and does this for a living.

    Just sayin’ is all… 🙂


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