What happens when I take a day off

So, I attend most of my guild’s raids, both our 10-man and our 25-man raids. I hate taking nights off of raids, and I even raided on my birthday just to be able to not miss a raid.

However, one of my friends recently graduated with her PhD from grad school, and was moving with her husband out of town. Due to the craziness that is packing & moving, the Sunday “lunch” we were supposed to have turned into dinner, and started late enough that I had to miss a raid last night. However, I made sure that the group could continue without me, and filled the spot, and then I came home to see my guild celebrating, because while I was gone…

my guild killed the Lich King on 10-man (normal) for the first time! Congrats Conspiracy, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it for the kill! I had someone send me a screenshot, so I could still document their boss kill.

Congrats guys!

If that’s what happens when I take a day off, maybe I need to take a day off our 25-man some time so we can get that boss kill, too… Right? Oh, maybe that’s not really how it works.

The bummer is that I can’t make it to next week’s 10-man run, either, since I’m out of town next weekend. However, by the time I come back, I’m sure they’ll have downed many heroic bosses & such. I guess I can get my kill when I’m able to run 10’s again later this month. By then, they’ll be LK slaying experts, lol.

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7 comments on “What happens when I take a day off
  1. Oestrus says:

    Very big congratulations! 🙂

  2. Tralia says:

    Gratz to yall. Were a small guild and he’s all weve had left for a while. One of these days well get him ( or be smart enough to extend a raid lock so we get lots more attempts )

  3. Wharep says:

    Well, congrats to you all then:)
    You’ll get him eventually, but it really sucks to miss first kills like that – good thing you still got LK hc^^

  4. Threa says:

    Congrats to your guild! I love how so many of them actually use their guild tabards. And don’t worry, you’ll kill LK soon enough, everything happens for a reason.

  5. Alyz says:

    Jeez…that sucks! Being there every night and just the one night you’re not they got a first kill >.<.
    Anyways, congratulations :).

  6. Moonra says:

    it happens to all of us ones I’d say 🙂 big big gratz!

  7. Tralia says:

    On another note that is exactly what our guild tabard looks like too. Kinda a gimme with the guild name lol


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