Beta testing numbers for resto 13066 build

So, now that I’ve had a little bit of time to play with some Beta testing numbers, I have removed the old number testing from my healing page, and have updated it with more recent numbers. I deleted the old testing values because my spell power & talent makeup is different for this round of testing. I tested out numbers for all the druid spells with no HOTs on myself, and then did another round of testing with a HOT on myself before casting the spell.

I also updated it to have the most current mana cost numbers. You can find a link to the updated resto spell info here.

Also, since the radius of Efflorescence has doubled, here is a picture of what the graphic now looks like at the larger radius (click on thumbnails for full sized picture):

For reference with how this compares to the previous graphic size for efflorescence, please see the outdated pictures in several of my old posts (that looked much more like healing lava). Note that I actually had to expand out my camera distance to fit the new efflorescence graphic in my screen better last night, so in the most recent picture, my character size is actually smaller. 🙂

Conclusions from my testing: efflorescence is a really nice AOE heal now, and our mastery is going to be a lot of fun. For more info on Efflorescence mechanics, please see the post by R4HealingTouch.

Please let me know if there are any burning questions you need answered! I’ll post more about moonkin stuff later this week.

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24 comments on “Beta testing numbers for resto 13066 build
  1. Moonra says:

    I like the current version… the Regrowth one was to easy yet to expensive to pop + RG vs HT were out of sync… this one works far better and the added radius is also a nice feature 🙂

  2. tkc says:

    I’m curious about how often ToL is being used. Is it an ‘oh crap’ button or something you use on every cooldown no matter what? Or something inbetween, like, “I know the boss throws down a lot of damage at X point in the fight so save it for that.”

    Any sighting of glyph that will let us cosmetically stay in tree form yet?

  3. FeralTree says:

    I’m loving the new Efflorescence proc off of Swiftmend… Much more reliable and I feel like has a nice strategic use as well as on the fly, whether targeting a member of a particular group for a swiftmend to add the aoe heal to all or as an additional tick for a target in need that others can move into. The increased radius is definitely nice as well, much easier to move into and a bit more wiggle room (especially if a voidzone or something happens to land partially on it).
    All in all looking positive for resto! Would still like to see feral numbers boosted though – the rotation is much more forgiving but the damage hasn’t kept up unfortunately, on beta and ptr seems like.

    • Lissanna says:

      I’m finally enjoying the challenge of healing 5-mans in Beta, because it feels like I do have the right tools now for the job, which is something I didn’t feel like we had for a very long time.

  4. Wharep says:

    With the current output on Efflorescence and it’s very low mana cost and high reliability, isn’t it pretty much a new WG? I mean, a button you want to use at every cd to heal the raid.
    I guess the reason for saving it would be, that it’s still a pretty good emergency heal to keep around, if the tank dips low, but since it still works as a hot-style-ae-heal we can’t really save it for too long, if dps starts to take dmg.
    Also, how do you find it compared with WG? Is their roles distinct enough?

    • Lissanna says:

      Efflorescence doesn’t put a HOT on people, so it won’t buff them to get mastery bonuses. That alone makes WG worth casting. Also, you can cast WG on people who don’t have HOTs on them.

  5. Dasheals says:

    How manageable is damage control in normal/heroic 85 5mans? I know it has been awhile since TBC when the stat inflation radically altered the game for the better, but do you see mana regen being a problem or is it just a gear discrepancy?

    • Lissanna says:

      Normal 5-mans aren’t so bad in beta now. Mana is much less of a problem for my druid now on normals.

      I haven’t been able to try heroics yet. I’ve been hearing good things about how druid healing feels from the other beta max druids.

  6. Sungrass says:

    Couldn’t help myself, did a bit of theory crafting over your updated numbers. I avoided anything with an AoE component, I didn’t want to even try and account for the number of targets hit/etc.

    Healing per point of Mana, without a HoT already on the target:
    Lifebloom: 6.09
    Rejuv: 3.73
    Nourish: 2.86
    Healing touch: 2.25
    Regrowth*: 1.48 (non-crit), 1..96 (crit)

    Healing per Mana, with a HoT already on the target:
    Lifebloom: 6.73
    Rejuv: 4.30
    Nourish: 4.02
    Healing Touch: 2.69
    Regrowth*: 1.67 (non-crit), 2.22 (crit)

    Healing per Cast Time, without a HoT already on the target:
    Rejuv: 13893
    Regrowth*: 6451 (non-crit), 8517 (crit)
    Healing touch: 6371
    Lifebloom: 5297
    Nourish: 2129

    Healing per Cast Time, with a HoT already on the target:
    Rejuv: 16032
    Regrowth*: 7949 (non-crit), 10366 (crit)
    Healing Touch: 7629
    Lifebloom: 5810
    Nourish: 4991

    * For the sake of laziness, I averaged out the Regrowth HoT critting 75% of the time.
    No HoT: 883 per tick
    HoT: 1042 per tick

    • Sungrass says:

      Oh, I should point out I assumed you took Swift Rejuvenation for the HPCT calculations. Without that talent, the numbers would be:
      No Mastery: 9262
      With Mastery: 10688

      • Lissanna says:

        I don’t take swift rejuv for my amount healed calculations (and I honestly don’t need the talent for the normal 5-mans I’m running), but I like seeing it both ways. In most cases, rejuv is likely to land on someone without a HOT (unless it’s on the tank), because it’s usually the HOT I’m using to buff my direct heals and get off swiftmends.

    • Deandre - Dalaran says:

      Thank you for breaking this down and saving me from doing math with a fever.

  7. Keeva says:

    Reposting my comment from R4HT:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought the diameter and healing down a bit.. but I think it’s pretty good at the moment.

    I keep running through fights in my head where it would be great to have.. bunched up on LK, healing through infest, where otherwise I can do little? Yes please. Lay down a green puddle slightly ahead of the group on RS downstairs, and let them walk through it as the boss turns. Reach the melee *and* the ranged on Sindragosa early phases..

    I’m so happy that they changed it to a wider area, on a cooldown, rather than a small, weak heal that you could spam. This is much, much, MUCH more fun, and I can’t wait to use it.

    • Lissanna says:

      It needs that diameter to actually hit more than one person in most situations (especially small group & pvp), though. The problem with the last version was that it didn’t ever hit more than 1 person ’cause it was too small. It has a 15 second cooldown now. It SHOULD be powerful.

  8. Lath says:

    Hmmm maybe I need to go and look at my graphic settings on the beta, my Efflorescence looked nothing like your old or new pictures!!!! It really looked like a plain green blob 🙂

    I am looking forward to seeing this in action for Lich King HM – I think it will be a great help for Infest!

    • Azrael says:

      Maybe it’s changed in build 13066, but on the PTR i still see the green circle on the ground.
      From what i can tell, it’s a green version of the effect used in the Halion fight.

  9. Tralia says:

    Looks pretty good tbh. Other than ToL and some form of damage mitigation Resto has vastly improved.

  10. Wharep says:

    Another thing: How does it work, if you have 2 hots on the target and one runs out? Does the entire hot scale if it’s cast when you already have a hot on the target or is it per tick? Also, how does it work when you refresh LB with Nourish?

    • Lissanna says:

      Healing done is calculated when you first apply a HOT, and so the HOT amount always stays constant for the duration.

  11. Mystiique says:


    Do you have your current resto build posted anywhere? I have played hell finding any builds.

    • Lissanna says:

      I haven’t been publicizing my current Cataclysm beta (80 or 85) talent builds for a couple of reasons:
      A) I have 3 druids with different talent specs
      B) In some of my specs, I’m avoiding broken talents that are bugged
      C) I’m expecting at least one more talent pass for druids ’cause our tree is clunky.
      D) talent links break every patch (which happens once a week)

      If you are looking for WotLK talent stuff, I have it in my current healing guide. I’m waiting until probably this weekend before I start up the leveling & healing guides for Cata.

  12. jdb says:

    Do you see druids being able to raid heal with the new proc. and how much are you rejuving with the new mana cost?

    • Lissanna says:

      I’ve only run one normal-mode instance since the last patch, but I’m using more rejuv than I was before (mostly because my regrowth-spam on raid members went down significantly).

      I think with the whole combination of changes, we’ve got an okay chance of being able to raid heal. I still have no idea how it’s really going to play out until they release raids for testing on beta…


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