Cata resto 85 stats & spells (Updated 9/17)

By popular demand, I have now updated my page on what resto stats look like at level 85. I hadn’t gotten a new set of numbers since level 82, so now that I have multiple level 85 druids ready for testing.

I put it in one of the static pages, so you can find the direct link to it by clicking here. On that page I have a screenshot of my stat #’s, along with mana costs, cast times, and amount healed in the premade resto gear with talents.

Now, all I have to do is send people the link to the new & updated #’s. 🙂

that’s all I have for you today. I’ve been able to DPS 2 instances (one as moonkin & one as cat until I got disconnected and now I can’t get back in to finish it), but I keep not being able to heal them the last couple days for various reasons (server crashing/maintenance, not finding a tank, having a tank but too many healers, etc). /sad face

Maybe I’ll get more testing done over the weekend. Maybe we’ll even be lucky & have a new build sometime soon.

UPDATE 9/16: After testing & posting the numbers, we found out that the premade I’m using doesn’t have any spell power on the weapon it comes with, so that’s causing the numbers in my testing to be lower than it would be with my original druid.

Update 9/17: I have now removed the level 85 premade numbers, and instead have posted numbers with my other druid that has a weapon with +spell power on it, that makes all of my testing numbers much higher. I also went with a slightly impractical talent build to make sure that I could get genesis to boost the HOT numbers to look better. Some of the reason for investing in all the available +healing talents over mana talents for this set of testing is to simulate what numbers COULD look like if my gear didn’t suck so bad.

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18 comments on “Cata resto 85 stats & spells (Updated 9/17)
  1. Sunfyre says:

    I’m assuming that the intellect->spell power conversion ratio gets higher as you level? My heals do the same amount, and my spellpower is the same at level 80 on 4.0 as you get at level 85.

    • Lissanna says:

      No idea if the ratio changes or not. I posted the screenshot just so everyone could see what stats I’m working with on the beta premade 85 druid. I would compare it with the one I leveled, but I can’t actually log back into Beta right now at all. I like doing it with the premade because the gear is all standardized, so it makes for easier cross-class comparisons with numbers other people are posting.

      I literally just wanted some data for other people to play with as they want because people kept asking me for numbers. 🙂

  2. Araquen says:

    Does Efflorescence stack? I was noodling on the PTR and I procced so many healing pancakes on one player the effect almost turned white (granted, I was in Dal spamming regrowth to watch the players jump from pancake to pancake). I know that’s not the intent of the talent, but I was curious.

  3. Tralia says:

    After seeing those numbers, I’m gonna go cry in a corner now 🙁

    It just seems silly that my spells are healing for less at 85 than at 80 =/

  4. Rauxis says:

    thanks Lissanna, and if you have time, please add numbers for Wildgrowth

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT

  5. Hamlet says:

    You put https links to your other pages. Probably no reason for that here, and it will anger some browsers since the links aren’t actually secured (I imagine).

    1 Int currently gives 1 spellpower at all levels.

    It’s not unusual for spells to do similar or less damage/healing at 85 as they did at 80. A bunch of passive talents or raid buffs were cleaned out of systems, lowering’s everyone’s absolute totals a good bit.

    • Lissanna says:

      Hamlet – I fixed the links. There’s something funky going on with the website software. I think Lavata broke it. Good catch. 😉

      I also don’t know why the comment system made your name white, Hamlet. *grumbles at the software*

  6. Sunfyre says:

    With only 2264 intellect at level 80, I have 3585 spellpower. Granted my heroic bonespike gives 1085 spellpower, but still. It seems like the ratio hurts us more as we level up, which seems kind of odd.

    • Lissanna says:

      I was able to log back into beta – The difference is that my premade doesn’t have spell power on the weapon.

      Then again, my other 85 beta druid (non-premade) has lower int and other stats, but more spell power, due to getting 1553 SP from my weapon, so I’m at: 4282 before buffs on my other druid with a better weapon. I have to raid soon, but I can try doing a second round of # crunching at the higher Spell Power this weekend.

  7. Bailey says:

    Thanks for the info!

    If you have time, could you check out lvl 85 haste ratings?
    I haven’t been able to find the lvl 85 numbers anywhere.

    I’m pondering if Haste could be a way of propping up our HoT’s.

    According to EJ forums:

    4 ticks 0%-12.4% haste
    5 ticks 12.5%-37.4% haste
    6 ticks 37.5%-62.4% haste

    Sadly the only info I could find stated that:

    “At the moment level 82 : 1028 haste rating-15.46% haste. Level 80 on comparison is 31.35% haste ”

    If this exponential growth continues, Haste stacking will be futile even if every item I have has 200+ Haste Rating 🙁

  8. Bailey says:

    Doh! Nevermind, I just saw the “Let’s talk Math” link from Druidify.

    Silly me.

    “1015 haste rating gives 7.93% haste. This means roughly 128 haste rating = 1% haste.” Hmmm.

  9. Kuhbus says:

    The numbers are really poor in my eyes 🙁
    I don’t know a druid could heal a 100+ hp tank back to full health without running OOM in a few seconds …
    Has anyone information about the numbers of other healing classes? But knowing the numbers of my 6K GS lvl 80 dudu cata healing will be quiet challenging 🙁

    • Lissanna says:

      ’cause the numbers of people actually healing level 85 instances should be higher than what the premade has…. and honestly, this is why I’ve been holding out on posting numbers previously, because they haven’t itemized the last 2 leveling zones yet, and gear #’s make such a huge difference in how much we’ll heal for.

      GC has made a big deal about how most people don’t have good gear right now in Beta, and apparently the premades don’t have good gear either. Such is the state of Beta. 🙂

  10. Lissanna says:

    My 85 druid healing number page is now much less depressing because I went with the druid copy that is much less bugged, and has higher spell power numbers. It is a substantial number improvement over what I first posted.

  11. aramis says:

    I’m looking at your current numbers (thanks for posting them by the way…it helps those of us who weren’t lucky enough to get Beta invites), WOW, do they ever make my eyes bug out on SEVERAL occasions.

    Occasion 1:
    The healing output seems lower. Some people attribute this to the subtraction of certain erroneous talents and raid buffs, but the difference seems way too substantial to be just that.

    Occasion 2:
    The healing output to mana cost ratio…there are no words. SIX percent of total mana (using the 73K-ish mana pool from your beta toon) for a REJUV?! Using minor calculations that’s anywhere from 14K-18K assuming one or two crits from a rejuv tick. And if people are taking damage they way they say they are, that’s at least three rejuvs you have up or need to cast (18% of mana gone) to heal them for only a smidge of the health they’ll be missing…NOT TO MENTION the fact that the current mastery doesn’t make these HoTs more effective until the target is low on health and for a 100K health pool on a tank, the cost to bring them up to even seventy-five percent of that is enormous…additionally we’ll most likely have to bring other party members up as well. I’m also assuming that mana-reduction talents only reduce mana costs in the typical range of 5-10% which isn’t all that impressive considering their initial cost.

    Question: Does Lifebloom, despite only being single-target, still return mana on it’s bloom?

    Occasion 3:
    I’m still confused with the Healing Touch/Nourish changes. Okay, I get that they want us to use HT again. I’m all ready for it. But the mana cost for one coupled with its cast time still makes me want to reach for that nourish (which is funny because I remember when we first were given nourish how adament we all were about not really wanting to use it until they buffed the heck out of it based on the HoTs we had on the target….”ok ok ok, dammit, Blizzard, I GET IT. I’ll heart nourish nao!”). With both at the same cast time, it still appears that two nourishes at half the cost of HT would be more effective…I’m only guesstimating as I can’t actually put this assumption into practical testing. What are your thoughts based on your testing?

    On another note:
    I’m still not convinced that Efflorescence is effective for anything other than tank+surrounding melee healing. Situational healing suffers from Lightwell Syndrome wherein people would rather die than stop DPS to RUN to and apply a heal (aka the Mage-Lock Death Phenomena). They’ll move when the mechanics of a fight dictate it, but not for a heal…true story.


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