Cata resto druids need a new mastery bonus

So, my healing druid is finally level 85. However, instead of having a party, I just got right back to work. (Disclaimer before the doom & gloom – remember that there are still approximately 2 months to go until Cataclysm comes out, so it’s still possible for problems to get fixed).

UPDATE: Keeva at TBJ has a post on mastery that is worth reading, too.

Last night, with the help of Matticus from World of Matticus, I set out to test the resto druid mastery. However, even having someone else reasonable & rational around while I was doing my testing, I still wasn’t able to come to terms with the mastery we have right now. I just don’t see how it will work in Cataclysm in any way that ends up being balanced with what other healers have.

What the druid mastery is:

Increases the potency of your heal over time spells by up to 20%, based on the current health level of your target (lower health targets are healed for more). Each point of Mastery increases heal potency by up to an additional 2.5%.

So, what’s the problem with the druid mastery? Well, the first problem is that most of the benefit requires your target to be low on health. However, the shaman one also requires the target to be low on health, but due to the fact that the shaman one is on all of their direct healing, and ALL of their spells have at least some direct healing component, their mastery has a potential to benefit any spell they cast.

For resto druids, it is a bonus to our HOT healing, which is not something that can benefit every cast. Instead, at least half of your healing in Cataclysm is supposed to come from direct heals: The direct heal component of regrowth (along with effloresence procs), Nourish, and Healing Touch all can’t benefit from the resto mastery at all, regardless of the health level of people we’re healing on. If most of your healing done to low health targets is direct healing, then you don’t benefit at all from your mastery.

So, we have the double whammy of maybe half our spells being HOTs, and only half the HOTs we cast benefiting from the mastery at all (with these estimates being very generous). So, at most, a quarter of the healing you do can benefit from the druid mastery. That double whammy makes resto druids’ mastery stat worth much less to us than spirit, haste & crit (which will have a potential effect 100% of the time, as opposed to not being beneficial very often).

The mastery doesn’t even work with Lifebloom’s nourish refreshing mechanic, and Wild Growth is not currently benefitting from our mastery on the beta server (which is probably bug related).

However, here’s some actual numbers on why the mastery would be weak even if every spell you cast was a HOT on someone low on health:

Health PercentTick Amount
100% HP2928 per tick
76% HP3072 per tick
46% HP3255 per tick
15% HP3425 per tick

So, lets say that rejuv healed for 3,000 HP per tick. 20% of 3000 is 600 HP (at 2 seconds per tick, this is 300 HP per second). So, the absolute maximum additional healing from rejuv is still small. It’s much more likely, however, that I would only get 200 or 300 extra per tick from rejuv, as casting rejuv on a target at 15% health would be a really stupid thing to do.

Now, regrowth is only healing for about 1,000 HP per tick, so 20% of 1,000 is only 200. So, regrowth’s HOT (which we’ll likely cast on people at the lowest amount of health) is only getting maybe 100 extra healing per tick on people at low health in actual instance running.

Why is this weak? Well, lets look at the Holy priest mastery bonus:

Your direct healing spells heal for an additional 10% over 6 sec. Each point of Mastery provides an additional X% healing over 6 sec.

On the beta server, the priest bonus is stacking, and when Matticus cast heals on me, it could hit anywhere from 500 to spikes of over 1,000 HP per second. I don’t see the druid mastery coming anywhere close to being as powerful as this mastery, and this creates a stat imbalance, where holy priests are going to get better as their mastery on gear increases, and druids won’t keep up with that gear scaling pace. Resto druids would literally have to cast nothing but rejuvs on people below 25% HP all of the time to keep up with that pace of mastery bonus.

So, here’s a summary of the current resto druid mastery’s problem:

  • Not every spell we cast is a HOT (ie. we’ll cast more direct healing spells in Cata).
  • Not every HOT we cast is on a target with low HP (you probably shouldn’t put a rejuv on someone below 25% health).
  • Tanks may have up to 100,000 HP in Cata, so something adding an extra 200 HP tick at low health is not going to prevent the tank from dieing. In fact, casting a rejuv on someone at low health is likely going to cause them to die before you get off another cast. Regrowth benefits so little from the mastery that casting a regrowth on someone at low health keeps them from dieing but has almost no mastery bonus.
  • Something that works only on low HP targets should be a direct heal (like the shaman mastery) where you really are going to bring your target back from the brink of death. A HOT will never bring someone back from the brink of death.
  • but you have multiple HOTs“: It still requires you to cast those HOTs on people who are low on health for it to work, which means you’ll only very rarely have more than 1 HOT ticking at a time that is getting much of a bonus from the mastery, combined with just how little HOTs tick in general relative to the HP of your party/raid members.

What should the new druid mastery be?

Now that I’ve explained why the current druid mastery won’t work, we need to come up with a new solution.

  • The easiest solution would just be to give the HOT bonus regardless of what the target’s HP is at. This is similar to disc priest’ absorption bonuses being better regardless of the target’s HP.
  • Scrap the HOT-only bonus and give us something that would effect both HOTs & direct heals (such as: all healing done is increased on low HP targets), so that all of our spells have a chance to benefit from the mastery.
  • Or, leave the mastery bonus as-is, and just don’t put the mastery stat on resto druid set pieces so we can avoid it.
  • Or, come up with another totally new & interesting mastery bonus that I haven’t already thought of yet.

In conclusion, our mastery bonus doesn’t effect enough of our spells, and the spells it effects isn’t even really a noticeable bonus. So, giving resto druids a more functional/useful mastery bonus would go a long way to making resto druids more viable Cataclysm healers.

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41 comments on “Cata resto druids need a new mastery bonus
  1. Zowi says:

    I would just get used to the idea of avoiding mastery. I would also only plan on bringing one resto druid to a 25 man and 0 to a 10. They simply do not stack up against the other healers to warrant a raid spot.

  2. Oombulance says:

    This is just depressing.

    Really really depressing.


  3. Velidra says:

    In fact, casting a rejuv on someone at low health is likely going to cause them to die before you get off another cast.

    If blizzard do as they say then unlike wotlk players wont die in a gcd or 2, thus making this point null and void.

    If someone stands in bad? Then maybe they will, but thats a different story

  4. Ardol says:

    I predicted this a few months ago on my own blog. I guess we druids just have a consistent curse of not benefiting as much from some healing stat as other classes do. Before, those stats were haste and crit (which, until Wrath, didn’t affect any of our HoTs, and until Cataclysm, didn’t affect them universally), and now it’s mastery. Every class suffers somehow, I guess, but this is a pretty big thing to let slip by.

  5. Tralia says:

    After some testing on PTR I must admit Druids ” feel ” as bad as weve all been saying. Thats not to say the spec won’t be useable, but if we don’t get some major changes soon, well at least Balance is fun right now.

    Theres a lot of problems other than Mastery, but is just the one that points out the best that Blizzard still doesn’t have a clue what to do with Druids. They know what they would like to see I think, just in this system they came up with they are no where close to having it right in so many areas of the spec.

  6. Hamlet says:

    As you probably know by now, I’m not one to participate in these “balance panics” that pop up so often during the beta. But I just want to point out, even if our mastery is underpowered, it seems like a simple numerical adjustment is all that would be required–I don’t particularly see how anything you said necessitates a total overhaul.

    • Lissanna says:

      because the resto druid bonus is double-penalized, and gives such a small bonus per tick in the first place that the double penalty is going to make it impossible to balance. Stronger HOTs on low health targets is just a bad mechanic because casting rejuv on someone below 25% health means they’re going to die anyway. You would want to cast a direct heal on them that isn’t going to benefit from the mastery instead. HOTs are so expensive that you are going to have to use them more sparingly (with half of everyone’s healing coming from direct heals), so only a very SMALL percent of HOTs are going to be cast on people low enough on health to get anywhere near the total use of the current mastery bonus.

      because when I’m running instances, there are times when none of the heals I cast are HOTs on people low on health, and in those instances, I’m never benefiting from my mastery bonus at all. So, if as low as 0% of my casts are getting any benefit from the mastery, there’s no way to buff the amount the mastery heals for at low health with me still getting some use out of it.

      My bigger problem is the low number of my casts that benefit from the mastery stat in any substantial way, and that’s a design flaw with the mastery, that even healing for 200% more on people at low health wouldn’t fix.

      A stat shouldn’t be so situational as to be more like a glyph you can’t swap out when it’s bad. In fact, they did turn a glyph I never used into our mastery, and that’s why it’s bad.

      • Andreas says:

        Still pure numerical adjustment is a valid way to go.
        At the state it is now they whould have to quadruple the bonus to make it close to par with any other healing mastery. This could lead to scaling isssues.
        What I whould rather see is it scaling from 100% helth down to 50% helth.
        Rigth now it seems to scale evenly form 100% to 0% helth. Instead make it scale up to max mastery bonus at 50% helth. And posssible still double the bonus. But that is pure adjustment.

        At 100% helth you get 0% mastery bonus.
        At 75% helth you get 25% mastery bonus.
        At 50% helth you get 50% mastery bonus.
        At 25% helth you get 75% mastery bonus.
        At 0% helth you get 100% mastery bonus.

        Instead make it to:
        At 100% helth you get 0% mastery bonus.
        At 87.5% helth you get 25% mastery bonus.
        At 75% helth you get 50% mastery bonus.
        At 62.5% helth you get 75% mastery bonus.
        At 50% helth you get 100% mastery bonus.

        This would make the whole thing alot more viable sice we will be casting alot of hots on players in teh 50-75% helth range. At least once things stable out some.

        It will stilll need some numerical balancing but so do everythign right now.

        /Azune- EU

  7. csilla says:

    I knew it was bad from my own testing and threads made on the beta forums, but seeing the solid math behind it is even more depressing. Whats worse, we’ve been bringing this up for months and have not recieved any attention on the matter.

    •Or, leave the mastery bonus as-is, and just don’t put the mastery stat on resto druid set pieces so we can avoid it. -I did lol at that 😛

    I think they could easily come up with a new mastery, as there are different mechanics other healers have that we dont: Damage reduction, damage absorbtion, etc.

    What if our HoTs proc’d a stacking damage reduction buff on a % of ticks, or provided minor shielding on Hot ticks. What if the mastery awarded a scaling ‘Nourish” benefit to all our direct heals as you’ve been suggesting, or created some mechanic that allowed HoTs a chance to self renew themselves? There’s plenty of directions they could go just beyond these, and yet we’ve been saddled with a poor, ineffectual mastery for months, and any calls for change have just been stonewalled and unanswered. It’s been very disappointing on the druid.

    Hope you post your math on the forums so MAYBE a Blue will finally take notice, if you havent already 🙂

  8. Bailey says:

    Thanks to you and Mat for going through the hard work of getting the numbers : ]

    Hopefully this will help Bliz fix the Resto problems.

  9. Noboominoom says:

    Definitely an interesting read and with all things, it will take a good few months of testing to find balance. With the level cap just being released, and raiding not entirely in effect just yet, we have yet to see how the ‘new and revolutionized healing’ of Cataclysm will play out. If, for some reason, the raid is at a constant 50%, then I can see our mastery being as useful as the Shaman’s.

    However, that being said, there is still the obvious penalty to our direct heals, and I think some form of balance must be put in, perhaps not as drastic as you suggest Liss, but hopefully before release, our mastery will be on par with the other healers.

  10. Araquen says:

    The most worrisome thing I’m hearing is that the devs are turning a deaf ear to these observations and dismissing the criticisms as pure negativity nd therefore have no merit or value. That saddens me, because the spec seems to be horribly broken at this point and it’s simply developer arrogance that is forcing us into this broken spec.

    I am not giving up my druid. I rolled her November 2006 and have no intention of letting her rot now. I do intend, however, to fight for the spec. They drove me out of my beloved Moonkin spec. I will not be driven from this.

    Thank you Lissanna for keeping us up to date. 🙂

  11. Dubh says:

    Are resto druid not viable in Cataclysm Beta at the moment, or are they just not competitive with other raid healers?

    And I guess I should bite my tongue with the assumption that resto druids are still in the raid healing slot for Cataclysm.

    I guess not having an 85 resto druid in the beta, I’m not qualified to comment, but it looks like Blizzard have thought that resto druids are preemptive, rather than reactive, for the most part. So HoTs would already exist on a player taking damage, and if their health lowered as damage was taken, (which would mean incoming DPS > HPS from HoTs), then the existing HoTs would strengthen, and you would top off with direct heals. Also, by giving up to a 20% benefit, they were maybe banking on an average 10% increase on HPS, for the duration of the HoT, bring it into line with the Holy Priest mastery.

    It probably sounded nice in theory, but as you’ve illustrated, that’s not how druids are playing, and the mastery feels under utilized and a waste of stat budget.

    I’d be interested to know what constitutes low health to get the full benefit, and at what point (besides 100% HP), does the mastery effect stop working. I also wonder what mastery ranking they’ve budgeted for the various tiers for end game. Maybe they’re expecting that for the first tier of Cataclysm raiding, you’d have enough of a mastery rating to get a 30% bonus at the lower end of the health pool, and this would put a tick at the 65% HP at a potency of 20%, instead of 10% (I’m pulling numbers out of my a.. hat).

    I’m hoping there is some sort of correction, or a discussion of the Mastery to see where they were coming from before it all goes live. No doubt there would be some balancing occurring in 4.1 or some minor release if the raiding figures do show to be below what Blizzard were anticipating at the first tier of raiding.

    • Lissanna says:

      I still don’t think druids are going to be viable AOE/raid healers in Cata, but that’s an issue I’ve already covered in multiple posts.

  12. Argon says:

    With 30 different all-new mastery bonuses, I bet the first tier or so of raiding in Cataclysm is going to involve massive adjustment and even replacement of the various mastery bonuses. They already changed the bonus for Ret paladins because it was letting them run around and smash people with Exorcism. Who knows what sorts of crazy unintended behavior will come out of it on live. So try not to panic.

    That said, the resto one does look a lot worse than the holy priest one, given that Blizzard has said they don’t want druids to only cast HoTs. But hey, maybe the holy priest one is just overpowered. Or they are going to make holy priests cast HoTs all the time. 😉

    • Lissanna says:

      I could post up any of the other healer ones, and they would make more sense in the current Cataclysm healing environment. Some of them are more situational than others, but ours is going to be the least beneficial because it only buffs a small amount of what we do a small amount of the time.

  13. Analogue says:

    If they fixed the previously-applied-hots don’t benefit thing then this would be at least workable in what I guess is our new role as tank healer and nothing but. Personally I love raid healing enough that I’m not sure I’m going to have a druid main for Cata. Nothing solid yet but…. the shaman and disc priest are looking more appealing by the day. But I still love my tree.

    *IF* it would work on previous hots and *IF* people don’t take instant spiky hits and *IF* we could get other healers to not snipe our targets, we could be viable tank heals. Probably. But there’s a reason I don’t play my holy pally much and, um, that’s because tank healing is really really boring, yet stressful.

  14. aramis says:

    This is what I posted on TBJ:

    Here’s problem the 1st:

    HOTs. It seems to me that the community as a whole, and the developers collectively are forgetting the concept behind the “heal-over-time” spell. That concept: Damage mitigation. I’ve said this time and again, and it bears repeating. Yes. They do “heal” per se, but the heal is small and over time because they aren’t so much about adding back HP to a person taking a wallop but moreover mitigating damage as they take it (sort of a quid pro quo cancellation if you will). Our direct heals and the direct heals of other healers, if present, are suppose to do that. Essentially, the HOT is an active version of a disc-Priest’s bubble and a Tree’s toolbox has several versions of this “bubble”.

    This leads to problem the 2nd:
    HOTs are ineffective to targets below a certain HP threshold. And this is where the whole “Tree Druid’s current mastery is fail” argument becomes quite plausible and worth reconsidering. If HOTs are more about damage mitigation (as well they should be), then making them more effective to targets near death is negated by the fact that THEY ARE NEAR DEATH, meaning we need to HEAL them, not mitigate their damage. Thus, the mastery is fail.

    If the blues went back to the discussion room with the notion that HOTs are more suited for damage mitigation, we might see less the problems that currently exist and may even see a revamped or totally new mastery bonus.

  15. Jar says:

    Lissanna I am so glad that you finally had a chance to test this and speak the truth. I know I may have been a broken record about the mastery bonus far too often in your comment section but it is something I just had a gut feeling would be a problem from the get go.

    Having a mastery that benefits some of our spells some of the time, and a time in which those spells are the least useful is a completely backwards way of thinking. I’d like to think they’d see that by now with all of the very vocal beta testers out there but it does seem like you’re getting the “The mastery is fine, stop being negative, you just can’t see the forest through the trees” response if at all. That’s all well and good but honestly the math doesn’t add up for the numbers we are seeing and there is a legitimate reason to complain. Regardless of how good it might hypothetically be down the line, as testers you HAVE to work with what you are given and if it doesn’t function, it doesn’t function.

    If they wanted to save face at this point they could at the least just give us the Shaman mastery and make ours apply to all of our healing spells. Tweaking numbers on a mastery that is faulty on a percentile basis will not work, it is reminiscent of the Eclipse math fiasco where throwing massive numbers at something can only sort of fix it and temporarily at that.

    • Lissanna says:

      Honestly, I originally thought the mastery was fine, going off how the developers described what the content would be like. However, given that I’ve now actually tested the content, I can see that the goal for the druid mastery is going to be completely incompatible with how we’re actually going to have to heal the content. It’s a nice experiment, but we’ll need an actually useful mastery soon, because this one is not holding up.

      • csilla says:

        Agreed. I thought originally the healing plan Blizz wanted to put in place was the “Triage” style, somewhat similar to Vanilla healing. If that was truly the case, our Mastery would’ve been much more effective, if even still situational. But after testing the new instances, there’s still too much burst damage that will kill party members without immediate healing.

        If party members got knocked down to low health and there really was time before the next big hit, then our HoTs could “Triage” heal them, slowly over time while allowing us to focus on the tank and conserve precious mana. This would allow us to benefit from Mastery and all would be sunshine and roses in the world (not really, but yeah). Instead, if we were to try that, those party members would almost certainly die from the next big attack. It’s a disconnect from what Blizz wanted the healing style to be, and the design of encounters in present day WoW.

  16. Oestrus says:

    I’m still trying to remain positive and still trying to keep an open mind – but damn, it’s hard.

    Thank you, again for the crusading and the hard work that you’re doing over on the Beta. 🙂

  17. Ben says:

    I saw your forum post about being worried your blog would scare druids away 🙁 Don’t worry! I dunno about everyone else, but I’ve had enough experience with Blizzard games (going back to Diablo 1) that I always trust they will get their games balanced, if not by release, then soon after, thanks in no small part to people like you.

  18. Jar says:

    Lissanna quick question re: Lifebloom and Rejuvenation
    What is your hps of lifebloom currently compared to Rejuv? I know people are extremely unhappy with lifeblooms anemic effect but I was curious just how bad is it? I’ve heard reports of lifebloom ticking only just a little bit over 1K and rejuv ticking for about 3K at level 85 (sadly not that different than live currently) which seems strangely proportionate but I can’t say for certain if these numbers are true.

  19. Epithatree says:

    Here’s another way of looking at it. There are three criteria by which we rank heals, HPS, burst and heal per mana. The holy priest master boosts their HPS, and the shaman and holy paladin ones increase burst. The Druid mastery only affects HOTs, which are a high HPS not burst spell at low health when we have to be using burst. An interesting solution would be to reduce the mana cost of heals cast on targets at low health as this wouldn’t copy any of the other mastery’s and would help make us unique.

  20. csilla says:

    Here’s a scary tidbit for you: A hunter’s Spirit Beast has a new heal called Spirit Mend. It’s free to cast and has a 28 second cooldown. I just tested this on my 85 hunter (with 84 Spirit Beast) and my 84 druid, here’s the results:

    Spirit Mend:initial heal of 3539, 5 ticks of 1990= 13489 healing don
    Rejuvenation: initial heal of 1473, 4 ticks of 2600= 11873 healing done

    Our rejuv can be outhealed by a hunter pet…..

  21. Silinix says:

    Agreed that the current mastery bonus doesn’t make much sense in theory and isn’t working out in practice (in fact, druid healing in general isn’t working out great in practice right now in the beta…I realize that HOT-based healing could be more overpowered in Cata than in Wrath, but our HOTs have been nerfed a little too hard, given that Wild Growth is expensive and we don’t have other good ways of keeping up a party or raid).

    If Blizzard is wedded to the idea of having the mastery be activated at low health, then I think it should either add a substantial direct heal or damage reduction/shield component to our HOTs cast on low health targets (thus making it practical for us to cast HOTs on low health targets).

    Another unrelated possibility would be to add some AOE component to some or all of our heals (e.g. “Your HOTs heal up to X friendly targets within X yards of the primary target for X% per tick, plus x% per point of Mastery”).

    It would be sad if resto mastery didn’t work this expansion, since it would significantly reduce the amount of resto-balance itemization cross over. Also, it would be frustrating for my guild (and probably other 10-man guilds) if druid healing was holding us back significantly in early raid content. We don’t have a deep stable of healers to turn to.

  22. Yiri says:

    I’m sure Blizzard isn’t finished with druids. Major mechanics from the class aren’t in place: I don’t think Starsurge is implemented, FAP isn’t working, and, well, we all know the state of the Resto tree currently. There’s still a major pass to be done on druids. But it’s true that I feel more and more disheartened about Cataclysm each time I see minor or downright wrong changes for Druids in the Beta builds.

  23. Lavata says:

    This reminds me of the Bear tanking issue that occurred in Beta when they changed the armor calculation on our feral gear. It took until 3.1 for Savage Defense to be implemented. I and a few others were harping about the need for other mitigation/avoidance mechanics to compensate during Beta. So it looks like Resto will be the odd one out this time around, which is a shame.

  24. Keeva says:

    Thanks for the link-love! 🙂

  25. Nathlar says:

    Thanks Liss for the info. I just hope someone on the Blizzard side reads this and think a little about the role a resto druid is going to have in Cataclysm. The more info i read the less i like, our mastery is bad, we still have no cooldowns to be effective tank healers, we can’t raid heal effectively and our T11 bonus is linked to tank healing.
    Lets hope they fix this, because i love my druid too much 🙁

  26. Nightwhisp says:

    Blog Post June 2011:
    “Back in the days of Wotlk Moonkins, Bears and Kitties used to go to raids as a healer and they had a silly looking tree form. . .”

    Doom and gloom? You Bet!

    Is it all bad? No, I’ve always kinda wanted to play a kitty; but trees are dead.

  27. Matt says:

    Does the 15% instant heal from the Gift of the Earthmother talent ( play into the mastery bonus at all? I’m not sure it’s enough to make a difference, but it seems like it might help make the mastery bonus suck less. It’s possible they changed the talent and wowhead/mmo champion are not updated yet, I’m still waiting on my druid to copy over to the PTR.

  28. Tyler says:

    Regarding Mastery they should just change it to Efflorescence and have it so any spell critical strike [hots included] triggers it. Changing the graphic to something more like the old Lifeblood one and have the visual display represent the strength of the of the proc’d Efflorescence such as 2-5 flowers for hot tick crits, 10-20 flowers for direct heal crits. Should also enable a better visual for multiple procs on the same location as it becomes more dense with flowers. Because heck sprouts of life opening up whenever the druid heals would be a fairly nice visual and it fits thematically with the class.

  29. Chiraa says:

    How much is the PTR differing from what you saw on beta? Did they tweak any numbers? Mana regen OOC looks good. But I haven’t gotten organized enough yet (and don’t have my pocket tank on the PTR yet) to test instances and actually see how the healing is going to go.

    I did hear in chat that Bear tanking is still broken on the PTR?

    I am really hating being locked into one tree for 31 points on my copied characters.

    • Lissanna says:

      I don’t have time/energy/resources/hard-drive space to test both the PTR & Beta to compare numbers across. From what I know the build should be the same in terms of how much mana a level 80 has, and what talents are broken/working.

      • Chiraa says:

        Don’t want to add to your workload, but perhaps someone else has an idea.

        I did head into a VoA 10 last night which totally failed, with tank deaths even on the trash before the earth boss and the fire boss. MotW doesn’t stack with Pally Kings buff, and BattleRez is a shared 30min CD with any other druid in the raid (and perhaps the locks version?). I need to get more comfortable with how the healing flows in WotLK heroics (or even regulars) but I’m feeling pretty ineffective.

  30. Wharep says:

    Seems like a big part of the active druid community have fallen into despair because of the current state of the beta. It’s beta and while feedback and discussions are awesome, I don’t think it really helps us to high-five eachother over how bad we’ll be in Cata and how many other classes you’ll be rolling. It’s just depressive to read really. (Not aming this at you Liss, but it’s really been a general tendency lately).

    Blizz has made some class balance mistakes in the past, but I’ve yet to see one healing class who haven’t been invited to the current endgame content. I have no doubt we’ll be brought to raids in Cata and I have no intention of rerolling because my char might feel weak for a time, I’ll just have to pick up my game then.
    If we aren’t fun to play and our mechanics is a lot less interesting than other classes, then it’s an entirely different matter.

    On topic: I agree, our mastery bonus doesn’t seem that powerful or awesome, neither compared to others or on it’s own. When compared to other healing masteries, ours are either being weak or theirs are being too powerful. On it’s own, it just has some problems being useful enough, for exactly the reasons you and Matticus points out.
    I don’t like the idea of a mastery that’s too beneficial for our direct heal though, as we’re still the master of hots and as such our mastery should really promote that. Neither is some bonus that affects all our heals the right way to go, then you’d might as well just get a passive + heal (more or less. I think this is a problem with some of the other healing masteries).
    If the hots were scaling with health at each tick, that would be a start, as we wouldn’t be punished so hard when using them preemptively. It could also be something like: Allows hots to tick twice (or double amount) or allows them to jump to other targets or whatever really.

  31. Nimizar says:

    GC posted to say the devs know the current druid resto mastery isn’t adequate:

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