Cata: State of the Moonkin, build 12857

I have gotten my moonkin up to level 84 last night. I made it through Uldum, and I played around a little bit with a level 85 moonkin who had shrooms. After evaluating everything and playing around a lot, I’m ready to make some conclusions about the current build. I’ll do the same for restoration sometime soon, but I want to hit 85 before I make conclusions about resto.

Eclipse –

  • Eclipse has a new UI graphic that I previewed earlier that seems really nice.
  • Eclipse overall seems to be working okay overall. I like how it feels now on Beta compared to live. I’ve mostly gotten used to the mechanic.
  • SUGGESTION: The decay of Eclipse power is too fast when you are out of combat, making Eclipse not that useful when you are soloing and such. They should slow the decay a little bit more to make it less frustrating in shorter fights.
  • BUG: It looks like starsurge crits aren’t applying Eclipse power correctly, which may sometimes require you to cast an extra spell even when the Eclipse bar says you should be at 100 Eclipse power.


  • Right now, I run OOM super fast, and other druids have commented on it, too. Only getting mana back from Eclipse procs & from innervate doesn’t seem to be enough to sustain us, especially if we have to shift out to heal while soloing. Moonkin in instances have reported more severe mana problems compared to other classes.
  • BUG: Right now, Dreamstate is missing from the bonuses you get when choosing the tree. This is likely a bug oversight, as this seems to randomly come & go between different builds. In builds where we have a functional dreamstate, our mana problems aren’t bad.


  • Starsurge hits pretty hard, and the knockdown effect is great while soloing (and PvP).
  • BUG: Starsurge got a new graphic, but the orbs that are supposed to be in your hands are instead floating around your shoulders.

Moonfire & insect swarm:

  • Moonfire & insect swarm seem a little boring as part of our normal PvE rotation, since it doesn’t really interact with any of our other spells at all. Casting them should be a DPS increase over not casting them, but you are casting them mostly just because they are a DPS increase and you don’t have to put that much thought into when to cast them overall.
  • Lunar Shower got another buff this patch, which should make moonfire worthwhile to spam while moving. I honestly would have preferred a buff to moonfire’s direct damage base rather than having to make Lunar Shower on the verge of feeling overpowered due to being a HUGE damage difference for moonfire with & without 3 stacks of it.
  • SUGGESTION: I still feel like the balance talent tree needs a talent that makes our DOTs better interact with our stand-still rotation in some better way. Since our glyphs aren’t supposed to change our rotations, but talents are, then the DOT/Direct Damage interaction should come through talents to help spice up our rotation.

AOE spells:

  • Our AOE spells got a buff this patch.
  • I’m using typhoon a lot while soloing for the knockback/slow to help reduce the damage I’m taking.
  • Hurricane & starfall feel a little more powerful than they were before, though I’m not using them much while soloing because I’m having a hard time taking on more than 2 mobs at a time while soloing in Uldum & higher level zones, since everything is hitting super hard. I’m not sure how they compare to other AOE’s, but starfall isn’t the “I win” button on Beta that it is now on live (which should be fine).

Wild Mushroom:

  • Wild mushroom is the new level 85 ability. After seeing them in action, I can tell that the 70% slow we’re getting from Fungal growth is pretty awesome.
  • Wild mushrooms have to be cast while standing still, but you can detonate on the move.
  • As of now, you can’t target the shroom to kill it, BUT you can target & kill a fungal growth.
  • They seem like a great PvP tool, but I don’t see much use for them as part of a PvE rotation, other than when we need to slow things (like the Valks on Lich King).
  • The graphic for shooms is also super underwhelming, but that may be an advantage in PvP where your opponent probably won’t even see it. It’s also possible that the graphic is a placeholder.
  • For PvP overall, shrooms with fungal growth give us a ton of control over a person: Typhoon them back, starsurge knockdown, and then fungal growth them in place so they can’t catch back up with you.
  • BUG: Mushrooms aren’t dealing their full amount of damage. They are only hitting for about 300 damage right now, even though the tooltip says they should be doing like 3,000 damage.

Talents overall:

  • Our talent tree overall feels boring and like there aren’t enough talents in the tree to choose from. The choices that we get to make don’t feel interesting from a PvE perspective.
  • SUGGESTION: I think one more talent in tier 3 of the tree (especially if it is something that makes our DOTs interact with our rotation better) would be enough to really make the talent tree feel like it has more choice, so that we won’t have to just pick up everything in the talent tree, whether it’s good or not.

Here’s a picture of 3 wild mushrooms that Direwulf cast. Yes, they are that small.

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6 comments on “Cata: State of the Moonkin, build 12857
  1. Relevart says:

    I think we should still push for something for Force of Nature. If Fungal Growth had a Force of Nature boost in it, we would most certainly have that as an option as well. That, and the fact that the spell pales in comparison to shammy spirit wolves.

    Starfall is a ridiculously dangerous spell while leveling. I skipped Uldum and headed straight to TH and if I pull an extra mob, it’s pure survival mode at that point. I don’t know how well damage is coming out for other classes, but they do seem to kill things faster than me and I’m not exactly hurting for gear.

    I agree with you on DoTs. They still feel flat. Given that new glyphs won’t be introducing rotational complexity, I think a talent to alter how they work for Boomkins is a good idea. Along with that talent, I wouldn’t mind seeing a built in Languish in a talent…

    I got more to say bunch lunch is beckoning.

    • csilla says:

      That shroom is underwhelming. Not that I expected this, but I kept envisioning the shroom image from Mario being used lol

      • Thúrièldrân says:

        Would have to be the death shroom from SMB2(the real one)…

        From the videos i’ve seen, i’m pretty certain that somebody slipped in a – for the cast glow offset, causing them to appear on the wrong side of your shoulders. Although it kinda confuses me that they look more like a staff when in Moonkin form. Should look really neat when that’s fixed, although the projectile could stand being a bit bigger.

        Given that Eclipse appears to be mostly done now, i’m hoping they start working more on our other mechanics… still seems a little bland and mostly like the older, “larger” tree.

  2. Syrco says:

    I ran Stonecore today on the beta as level 83 balance druid. I went oom really fast, and used Innervate on every CD, still I had to sit down and drink many times. But it takes so long to drink up 44k mana.
    Went so oom on the bosses I had to pot and still stand and melee the boss for 30 sec – 1 min before it died.
    I don’t have any mana talents like Moonglow or Furor yet.

    • Erdluf says:

      Syrco, for mana issues, 3/3 Moonglow, 3/3 Lunar Shower, stay in Lunar Eclipse, and replace Wrath and SF casts with Moonfire (and bounce whenever you cast an instant other than MF).

      With MF costing about 1/50 of SF, and 100% of MF getting the Lunar benefit (compared to ~60% of your nukes), the damage is competitive and the mana benefits are huge.


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