Healing Halls of Origination meter report

So, now that I’m getting some actual instance running experience, I wanted to do a walk-through of what healing halls of origination looked like for me yesterday (build 12942). It was with the now slightly outdated patch build, but not that much changed that would have an effect on what my healing #’s look like. I also tried to use a diverse healing toolset, while relying on Nourish as much as possible, so this had an impact on my healing numbers done. It is likely that other people will have MUCH different looking logs even for the same instance.

NOTE: These numbers don’t include spells I cast that were at 100% overheal (so I may have cast more nourish spells that landed at 100% health on the target that were filler heals anticipating damage, or HOT ticks that didn’t get counted).

First, for my overall healing numbers for the instance (including trash):

From this, you can see that Nourish is now my #1 healing spell (with 13.7% healing done by lifebloom, which was refreshed by nourishes). In this case, rejuv & regrowth still make up a big chunk of my healing overall done, as well. Regrowth was the primary heal I used on targets at low health who needed a quick boost, but if I used it too much, I had mana problems, so I had to rely more on Nourish than regrowth (the regrowth count likely includes HOT ticks from the HOT portion. I don’t think Effloresence is counted in this meter, as recount is counting effloresence as a pet).

Healing Touch & swiftmend, however, make up 2% (or less) of my total healing done each. I believe swiftmend was down at #9 or #10 on this list (got cut off). Even with rejuv being a high percent of overall healing done, most of the rejuv healing was on lightly wounded targets that didn’t need to be swiftmended. In a normal mode instance, if people aren’t taking heavy damage all of the time (and mana constraints are a problem due to gear), I’m less likely to rotate these two spells into my healing arsenal.

Healing Temple Guardian Anhuur:

For this boss, there was a lot of raid damage being done, but it wasn’t burst raid damage (there are blue beams that target people, and 2 raid members have to jump into snake pits at some point in the fight). Lifebloom is low because it fell off the tank during snake pit phases where I was trying to get in line of sight of the people who jumped into the pits. I spent a lot of time trying to reach healing targets. On previous runs when I was DPS, I actually found a holy priest’s lightwell can be really handy (because the pit DPS can run up and click on the well as they run back in).

Healing Isiset (construct of magic):

Islet had more tank healing, so my nourish/LB/RG single-target healing numbers went up, and my rejuv/wild growth numbers went down. The construct of magic splits into 3 (so more regrowth use was likely reacting to someone pulling aggro from an add that needed quick/big healing), and has some mild AOE damage being healed by rejuv & wild growth. I had mana issues on islet which caused me to need to teleport to dalaran and pick up 1 or 2 regen talents that I had dropped due to testing for a previous blog post.

Healing Ammunae (construct of life):

The numbers on this log don’t look right, and I can’t identify why (probably a recount bug, or I took pictures of a trash mob fight & not the boss for this one), so I’m not going to post it.

Healing Setesh (the construct of chaos):

I believe this was the fight where one of the adds got stuck on me and I died early (but enough people lived to finish off the boss and then I got a res).  I believe this is the one where he summons demon portals and runs around, so there isn’t as much tank healing as just desperately trying to keep everyone alive, since this is a really tough fight for the tanks. I’m pretty sure I started trying to rejuv/WG spam around the raid out of desperation.

Healing Rajh (construct of radiance):

Another fight with high AOE damage, hence why my rejuv numbers are high for this one, as well. When the fights get more chaotic, I usually resort to more regrowth & rejuv (causing mana problems), rather than using healing touch or swiftmend to handle the damage. It could be that the swiftmend/HT healing done would increase in Heroic-level dungeons. I tried to pop tranquility, but something Rajh did knocked me back right when I started trying to cast it.

Healing Earthrager Ptah:

This fight starts out a standard ‘tank & spank’, and then there’s an add phase where a ton of adds spawned. So, Nourish/LB make up the bulk of my healing done, and then I used a lot of AOE healing in the add phase. I popped tree form for the add phase, where I ran around with adds hitting me praying that I didn’t die, which caused me to have mana problems early, and limited me to mostly nourish healing for the last phase of the fight.

Healing Anraphet:

This is the one boss where I popped tranquility. The boss has heavy raid damage, and tank damage isn’t too bad. I spent most of my time healing people who got hit with purple beams, and dealing with the huge AOE effect (where the only reason we lived was because I saved tranquility for it purposefully).

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16 comments on “Healing Halls of Origination meter report
  1. Joonjoewong/Noboom says:

    Hihi, Like I was saying, healing in cataclysm seems to be less spikey and more constant throughout the instance, although I’m fairly surprised at the Swiftmend numbers as you’re only getting 10k off a swiftmend? Doesn’t regrowth/rejuv heal for the same amount when swiftmended now? Surprising how you only get around ~10k per swiftmend.

    As for nourish being the prime heal next to rejuv, I’m not that surprised as five-mans usually start out that way, as the rejuv ticks won’t count as much. It’ll be definitely interesting to see the first 10/25 man logs and see how that plays out as you decide to use your GCD for a rejuv/WG or a nourish on someone. I think Blizzard’s intention will hopefully shine through by then.

    • Lissanna says:

      Swiftmend only heals for 10K whether it’s a rejuv or a regrowth:

      That said, Regrowth is really how I deal with burst damage, because the difference between a crit regrowth and a non-crit Healing Touch is actually relatively small if you take into consideration the HOT portion of regrowth and effloresence ticks. Regrowth is just feels more rewarding to hit compared to HT or swiftmend in most situations right now for me. Also, I’m not sure if swiftmend scales with our HOT mastery. If it doesn’t scale with the mastery, then swiftmend will always look weaker than it should.

      • Keeva says:

        Swiftmend would be the quick lifesaver if you had to be on the run, I guess.. but considering all the talent synergy with Regrowth (seed, Efflorescence, high crit etc).. it does seem like more of a go-to than Swiftmend. I’ve seen a lot of people suggesting that SM needs a bit of a facelift to bring it in line, particularly now that we won’t have many people with HoTs already on them (and in an emergency you wouldn’t stop to cast Rejuv/Regrowth and then a Swiftmend).

        • Joonjoewong/Noboom says:

          Thanks for the quick replies guys! To an extent, it is strange that Blizzard is making Swiftmend so… lackluster besides the fact that it’s our level 10 spell, isn’t it? That being said, I really do enjoy using swiftmend as a ‘quick-fix’ button and I do hope it does get some face time 🙁

  2. Keeva says:

    Thanks for doing this.. actual numbers are helpful. I try not to get too invested in hypothetical numbers, would rather see some actuals – even if it’s still early days and a bit premature to predict how things will turn out.

    The spread of spells seems comforting to me – I know that we will no longer see Rejuv at the top of every fight, but on the other end of the scale, I didn’t want to lose our HoT-centric style. If it’s roughly 50/50, I can handle that. And that’s why I’m glad they nerfed Nourish (etc), because I really did not want to be casting Nourish most of the time, every time.

    How did it feel, overall? Are we “getting there”?

    • Lissanna says:

      I chose HoO for this testing because I’ve now run that one instance a number of times – I have gone in there healing twice, as moonkin probably more than twice, I tanked once, and did a couple bosses as feral cat DPS. So, this testing was done after I put in a considerable amount of my Beta testing time getting gear out of the instance and familiarizing myself with boss mechanics (so I knew when to time my big heals like tranquility).

      Some people are reporting having most of their healing come from Nourish & LB alone, but I wanted to show that it was possible to use a mix of spells where you choose what button you want to hit at appropriate times, and where your healing done will vary based on the boss fight mechanics. Overall, I had a good group, a strong tank, and there weren’t too many big problems. So, I felt good with this mix of healing spells during this run, and I even had what could be described as “fun” on this one particular run.

      I honestly didn’t even realize how little swiftmend & HT were accounting for in my total healing done – but I don’t think these numbers are really lower than what other logs are showing that I’ve seen for other druids. Normal-mode 5-man instances may just have less opportunity for using them compared to maybe PvP or raiding, or even heroic-level.

  3. bullshifter says:

    i’m also worried about our lvl 10 signature ability (swiftmend!) which feels really weak compared to starsurge.
    certainly there must be a reason to push it! i tried to find out if it’s great mana-wise, but unfortunately i couldn’t find the mana costs anywhere. 🙁

  4. Jools says:

    @Lissanna – can you tell us how your mobility feels? I’m not in the beta and I like the design concept of more triage-style healing, but I don’t see how it meshes with HoTs. My current healing style on Wrath is about 60% mobile (and mostly proactive) instant casts (Rejuv, LB, WG, SM) and 30% Nourish and RG. I am concerned that reversing that relationship will make for a much less mobile play style.

  5. aramis says:

    It’s comforting to see that RJ is holding up on movement fights and Nourish+HoTs is still looking like a standard in our rotations. Mana costs are what still worry me.

    Also…the Treeform increased healing CD…is that up for testing, I haven’t read anything on it? What does the healing look like when you pop Treeform?

  6. Lotha says:

    I don’t see efflorescence on the list, is that just a recount issue? Looking at the numbers living seed is not worth taking unless efflorescence is useful.

    • Lotha says:

      I just added up the numbers of your overall healing it comes to 98%, is the missing 2% efflorescence?

      • Lissanna says:

        Recount shows effloresence as a pet, so it isn’t showing up in any of the lists.

        For the overall healing numbers, it is cutting off Swiftmend and maybe one or two other small sources of healing.

  7. Treeboi says:

    Off topic, but….

    Does Bind to Account gear work from level 80 to level 81?

    Basically, should I go out and buy the +10% experience shoulders and robes to make it faster to get to level 81?

  8. tkc says:

    I notice you only mentioned popping tree form once. Did you only use it once or were the other instances of using it not worth mentioning. I’m just curious if you’re finding it to be more of an ‘oh crap’ button or something you use on every cool down no matter what.


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