New Cata Eclipse Bar pictures

So, this latest patch brought us a new Eclipse bar and some UI improvements.

The new bar looks more night & day themed, and one side glows light after you get the Eclipse proc. The graphic is really neat. Even your spells on the bar are highlighted (Lunar Eclipse has moonfire & starfire light up on your bar. Solar Eclipse has wrath & insect swarm light up).

I think it really looks good. Here’s some pictures! (click on each one to see it full size).

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9 comments on “New Cata Eclipse Bar pictures
  1. Railena says:

    I like the new graphic for the Eclipse bar it’s much nicer than the default bar they have been using, but do they REALLY have to light up your spells for you? I find it rather sad that Bliz thinks it’s necessary to do this. Is it their intention to do this for all classes now, so people don’t even have to put any real thought into what they should be doing and can just mash the glowy buttons? I don’t mind some simplification, but this is a little much…

  2. Dragonrose says:


  3. Whimzee says:

    Actually I like that they light up the spells. I’m resto with boomkin off-spec, so I don’t always remember which spells benefit from which eclipse. Maybe if I played that spec more, it wouldn’t matter so much, but it’s nice for people new to the class.

  4. Tralia says:

    Yeah I don’t mind the light up thing. Its not exactly rocket science anyways once you’ve done it for a while but it does help new players understand whats going on a bit easier. Theres a lot of changes and things being added simply for new players, and tbh as bad as some of the old players are at understand a class they’ve played for a while its not a bad thing.

  5. csilla says:

    Also on the Resto side of things, I noticed another new “effect” but I havent spent much time trying to find out what it is yet. When in tree form and I proc’d Efflor on myself, these strange green leafy half-circles popped up around my character. I assume it was supposed to represent me standing in the Efflor effect, but I have no clue honestly. I’ve been spending most of my time tracking down newly tameable pets on the hunter 😛

    I know these sorts of graphic effects are on other characters as well, for example a hunter’s Focus Fire puts a yellow/red X mark in the middle of your screen until you use it. But if the leaves are from standing in Efflor and not from a self-proc, they could interfere with other class proc animations. I also like how the buttons light up for certain events, but on the Hunter I’ve had some buttons light up for no reason (Tranq shot and Distracting shot), so it’s still a little wierd.


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