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Cata: More on resto druid mastery

We have a blue post today regarding the resto druid mastery:

We like the shaman version. The druid one is problematic for a couple of reasons. Conceptually, a hot is often the last thing you think of putting on someone who is grievously wounded. Second, at the moment the bonus is only calculated on the initial application and not the ticks. If we can fix that problem, then the druid mastery would be better. It’s also possible we’ll just redesign it.

So, it is possible we may get a new mastery before Cataclysm goes live (/happy tree dance). This also means that the developers are listening & paying attention to resto druids’ needs & concerns (which I need to emphasize for the community), and that we haven’t quite ran out of time yet to get things fixed.

UPDATE: here’s another new blue post that GC posted after my blog post (apparently, I posted too soon. This is more than I ever hoped, dreamed, or asked for previously, and is SUPER AWESOME:

New Resto druid mastery: Increases the potency of your heals on targets upon which you have a hot.
It benefits both hots and direct heals equally while still supporting Resto being a healer that cares a lot about hots. It encourages layering different spells while disincentivizing Rejuv blanketing.

1) You cast Regrowth on someone who has a Rejuv = bonus healing.
2) You cast Nourish on someone who has a Lifebloom = bonus healing.
3) You Swiftmend a Rejuv = bonus healing.
4) You cast a Rejuv on someone who does not have a Regrowth, LB or WG on them = no bonus healing.
5) You cast Rejuv on someone who has a Rejuv = no bonus healing. (You merely refreshed Rejuv.)
6) You cast a Wild Growth = bonus healing on those with preexisting hots.

I think this is going to work out to fix what I’ve really been concerned about – the synergy of our spells working together in a healing style that makes sense (where we want to weave together HOTs & direct heals). It’s better than anything I’d asked for previously. I LOVE IT.

Your HOTs will buff the healing done by direct heals, but will ALSO buff the healing done by your other HOTs (ie. your tank has lifebloom on them, and you cast a rejuv – your rejuv now gets buffed).

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Healing Halls of Origination meter report

So, now that I’m getting some actual instance running experience, I wanted to do a walk-through of what healing halls of origination looked like for me yesterday (build 12942). It was with the now slightly outdated patch build, but not that much changed that would have an effect on what my healing #’s look like. I also tried to use a diverse healing toolset, while relying on Nourish as much as possible, so this had an impact on my healing numbers done. It is likely that other people will have MUCH different looking logs even for the same instance.

NOTE: These numbers don’t include spells I cast that were at 100% overheal (so I may have cast more nourish spells that landed at 100% health on the target that were filler heals anticipating damage, or HOT ticks that didn’t get counted).

First, for my overall healing numbers for the instance (including trash):

From this, you can see that Nourish is now my #1 healing spell (with 13.7% healing done by lifebloom, which was refreshed by nourishes). In this case, rejuv & regrowth still make up a big chunk of my healing overall done, as well. Regrowth was the primary heal I used on targets at low health who needed a quick boost, but if I used it too much, I had mana problems, so I had to rely more on Nourish than regrowth (the regrowth count likely includes HOT ticks from the HOT portion. I don’t think Effloresence is counted in this meter, as recount is counting effloresence as a pet).

Healing Touch & swiftmend, however, make up 2% (or less) of my total healing done each. I believe swiftmend was down at #9 or #10 on this list (got cut off). Even with rejuv being a high percent of overall healing done, most of the rejuv healing was on lightly wounded targets that didn’t need to be swiftmended. In a normal mode instance, if people aren’t taking heavy damage all of the time (and mana constraints are a problem due to gear), I’m less likely to rotate these two spells into my healing arsenal.

Healing Temple Guardian Anhuur:

For this boss, there was a lot of raid damage being done, but it wasn’t burst raid damage (there are blue beams that target people, and 2 raid members have to jump into snake pits at some point in the fight). Lifebloom is low because it fell off the tank during snake pit phases where I was trying to get in line of sight of the people who jumped into the pits. I spent a lot of time trying to reach healing targets. On previous runs when I was DPS, I actually found a holy priest’s lightwell can be really handy (because the pit DPS can run up and click on the well as they run back in).

Healing Isiset (construct of magic):

Islet had more tank healing, so my nourish/LB/RG single-target healing numbers went up, and my rejuv/wild growth numbers went down. The construct of magic splits into 3 (so more regrowth use was likely reacting to someone pulling aggro from an add that needed quick/big healing), and has some mild AOE damage being healed by rejuv & wild growth. I had mana issues on islet which caused me to need to teleport to dalaran and pick up 1 or 2 regen talents that I had dropped due to testing for a previous blog post.

Healing Ammunae (construct of life):

The numbers on this log don’t look right, and I can’t identify why (probably a recount bug, or I took pictures of a trash mob fight & not the boss for this one), so I’m not going to post it.

Healing Setesh (the construct of chaos):

I believe this was the fight where one of the adds got stuck on me and I died early (but enough people lived to finish off the boss and then I got a res).  I believe this is the one where he summons demon portals and runs around, so there isn’t as much tank healing as just desperately trying to keep everyone alive, since this is a really tough fight for the tanks. I’m pretty sure I started trying to rejuv/WG spam around the raid out of desperation.

Healing Rajh (construct of radiance):

Another fight with high AOE damage, hence why my rejuv numbers are high for this one, as well. When the fights get more chaotic, I usually resort to more regrowth & rejuv (causing mana problems), rather than using healing touch or swiftmend to handle the damage. It could be that the swiftmend/HT healing done would increase in Heroic-level dungeons. I tried to pop tranquility, but something Rajh did knocked me back right when I started trying to cast it.

Healing Earthrager Ptah:

This fight starts out a standard ‘tank & spank’, and then there’s an add phase where a ton of adds spawned. So, Nourish/LB make up the bulk of my healing done, and then I used a lot of AOE healing in the add phase. I popped tree form for the add phase, where I ran around with adds hitting me praying that I didn’t die, which caused me to have mana problems early, and limited me to mostly nourish healing for the last phase of the fight.

Healing Anraphet:

This is the one boss where I popped tranquility. The boss has heavy raid damage, and tank damage isn’t too bad. I spent most of my time healing people who got hit with purple beams, and dealing with the huge AOE effect (where the only reason we lived was because I saved tranquility for it purposefully).

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Cata Build 12984 – GC gave druids a puppy

So, MMO-champion has up a new build (codename puppy) which has a TON of moonkin changes, and a sprinkling of resto & feral changes as well. I don’t have a lot of time to comment, but I suggest going and reading through the notes (and looking at their updated talent calculator). I usually try to actually test things before I comment on beta builds, but it’s possible this one may not go live until something like Monday, so I wanted to at least briefly comment on it now (I’ll post more once I get some actual in-game testing data).

There is an amazing list of changes for moonkin, where all my wildest dreams came true (and then some), with things like shooting stars (your moonfire/insect swarm have a proc that makes starsurge instant & resets the cooldown), which looks like the DOT/direct damage interaction that people have been asking for. It feels like Christmas. 🙂

There are a couple changes to resto druids, including more utility in the form of replenishment now being tied to Revitalize (so you can be the replenishment source for your 5-man or 10-man group!). They changed fury of the stormrage to be a better damage talent, and changed Nature’s Ward to a proc that lifebloom gets put on you when you drop lower on health (a potentially neat PvP effect). So, at least they are giving some attention to the tree. I would hope to see even more resto changes coming in the next couple of builds.

They’ve also started tweaking some of the feral bear abilities (like Mangle & lacerate)  to hopefully create a better bear tanking rotation.

In addition, I did a run-through of Halls of Origination yesterday, where I healed and took screenshots after every boss fight. That run felt pretty good, so I’m going to share the results of that run with you guys “soon”.

Update for the wow insider crowd – see also: the post about the new resto mastery announced on the forums here.

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Cata resto 85 stats & spells (Updated 9/17)

By popular demand, I have now updated my page on what resto stats look like at level 85. I hadn’t gotten a new set of numbers since level 82, so now that I have multiple level 85 druids ready for testing.

I put it in one of the static pages, so you can find the direct link to it by clicking here. On that page I have a screenshot of my stat #’s, along with mana costs, cast times, and amount healed in the premade resto gear with talents.

Now, all I have to do is send people the link to the new & updated #’s. 🙂

that’s all I have for you today. I’ve been able to DPS 2 instances (one as moonkin & one as cat until I got disconnected and now I can’t get back in to finish it), but I keep not being able to heal them the last couple days for various reasons (server crashing/maintenance, not finding a tank, having a tank but too many healers, etc). /sad face

Maybe I’ll get more testing done over the weekend. Maybe we’ll even be lucky & have a new build sometime soon.

UPDATE 9/16: After testing & posting the numbers, we found out that the premade I’m using doesn’t have any spell power on the weapon it comes with, so that’s causing the numbers in my testing to be lower than it would be with my original druid.

Update 9/17: I have now removed the level 85 premade numbers, and instead have posted numbers with my other druid that has a weapon with +spell power on it, that makes all of my testing numbers much higher. I also went with a slightly impractical talent build to make sure that I could get genesis to boost the HOT numbers to look better. Some of the reason for investing in all the available +healing talents over mana talents for this set of testing is to simulate what numbers COULD look like if my gear didn’t suck so bad.

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