Monthly Archives: September 2010

put on a happy face

So, I had a big deadline this week for submitting a grant for the funding I need to collect data for my dissertation (I just submitted the application, yay!).  Most of my blogging time for the week went into the post for the mastery (because now I have to catch up on things like grading […]

Cata resto druids need a new mastery bonus

So, my healing druid is finally level 85. However, instead of having a party, I just got right back to work. (Disclaimer before the doom & gloom – remember that there are still approximately 2 months to go until Cataclysm comes out, so it’s still possible for problems to get fixed). UPDATE: Keeva at TBJ […]

Cata druid leveling: 1 to 20 is more fun

So, I wanted to take a break from my regularly scheduled crying about how frustrating high level healing is on Beta (especially with the 84 & 85 quests not itemized) to talk about something much more exciting – druid leveling from 1 to 20! So, now we have 4 different races to choose from when […]