Monthly Archives: October 2010

Happy Halloween from Restokin

Happy Halloween! This year, Undying Resolution (my new guild) did a costume contest during our ICC raid. We took breaks between wings of the raid dungeon, and people displayed their finest costumes. The grand prize winner was Charredtree, who dressed up as an “Iron Cheff” (in a chef hat with dual-wielding axes for chopping). Here […]

Beta: Female worgen pictures

So, I don’t have a lot of time to post today – I have a busy school schedule this week. So, instead of talking about the druid-related patch changes (which you can read on MMO-champion), I will instead distract you with pretty pictures of my female Worgen druid, wearing level 85 greens, on the Beta […]

Tank leveling spec updated

So, when I got my leveling guide ready for 4.0.1, it wasn’t complete. I didn’t have a tank leveling build ready to go on release date. Since then, I’ve gotten tank leveling questions from multiple people. So, over the weekend, I finally got together the tank leveling talent spec and posted it on the blog. […]

Blizzcon 2010: Class panel Q&A

At Blizzcon on Saturday, they had a Q&A with their class/systems designers. It’s pretty interesting. For the Q&A sessions today, I’m going to stick with druid questions to highlight what happened today in the Q&A’s. GC talked some about their full-time systems design team, highlighting that he’s not the only developer that has an impact […]