Blizzcon 2010: Class panel Q&A

At Blizzcon on Saturday, they had a Q&A with their class/systems designers. It’s pretty interesting. For the Q&A sessions today, I’m going to stick with druid questions to highlight what happened today in the Q&A’s.

GC talked some about their full-time systems design team, highlighting that he’s not the only developer that has an impact on class design. Like the other one, I’m putting the developer quotes in Blue, and my commentary is in italics.

  • Lots of hunters, paladins, & priests asking questions at the early part of the panel.
  • Wild mushroom question: I don’t think players have really grasped the usefulness o the spell yet…. A feral tank They put a mushroom at all of the spawn points. When the adds spawn, you can detonate and they all run to you”…. “When they are stacked all at one place and they can do a lot of damage…. You should stack them if you want to do really burst damage” Note: The response about shrooms is interesting because they were talking about shrooms in tanking (which makes some sense, except that I don’t think we can detonate shrooms in bear form, so I’m not sure how it would work, other than detonating and then shifting into bear real fast on a pull?).
  • Racial abilities – “Diffrent races have those different abilities, and some are better than PvE or PvP, but they’ll shine in different fights.” Are “Mindful of the overall balance of them to keep them in line. Want to make sure you don’t feel like if you aren’t X race, you are doing it wrong… It’s part of the flavor
  • We made a new minor glyph that lets you have the old tree form glyph. If you want to look like old granny treeThis is the one already in Beta, but it does NOT give you perma-tree, as far as I know. So, I think he’s referring to the one that gives you the current form in the cooldown, instead of using the new form in the cooldown.
  • Nom nom nom – “Its an internet joke that will be less funny a year from now, and was going to get dated in a hurry. We don’t usually name them over pop-culture things. In alpha, we name things silly thingsPersonally, seeing as how it was something Cookie Monster said when I was a kid and it’s still funny, I think it wouldn’t have the same pop-culture effect as other things.
  • Feral tank jewelry & sub-optimal stats“One of the nice things with how we changed stats is that the amount of stamina on DPS & tank gear is the same…. We can always assume you will have the rogue-stat items. You shouldn’t want the “tank” stuff anymore…. You still will have to compete with DPS classes…
  • Warstomp – No for bears.
  • Vengeance tanking question“gearing for surival versus threat has always been a trade-off for some extent…. Having to make that decision is something interesting. That being said, when vengeance is falling off too much, it can feel crappy.” … “It isn’t designed to be mandatory… allows tanks to scale with DPS.” The problem with vengeance in some ways is that it doesn’t generate enough in easier content, which makes it hard to do “farming” runs versus DPS that is doing more damage. As we have this longer, I think it will change somewhat over time once they’ve seen level 85 on the Live servers.

WoW General Q&A panel had only a couple things really relevant to druids. Here are the highlights from that:

  • Female druid forms? – “I’ve seen some concept art for it. It’s a difficult one to make it balance out, but it’s tricky and we’ll do what we can“.
  • General class question – “ramp up is something we want everyone to do. We inserted it in where it didn’t exist before.
  • General class question – Mortal strike-type effects are going to become a 10% healing debuff.
  • Raiding healing – “Have spur of the moment & predictable damage where you would want to plan your cooldowns. We have a variety“.
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12 comments on “Blizzcon 2010: Class panel Q&A
  1. Foofy says:

    You forgot the comment to make moonkins skinner and give them boobs!

  2. tkc says:

    I’m wondering if my resto-druid will be able to get the shroom bombs out. With ToL a cooldown ability now if there isn’t any healing to do I’ll fire off some instant casts. I rarely, if ever, did this before because that would pull me out of tree form. But now it is not an issue. So if there is not any healing to be done then I’ll go on offense.

    Level 85 will be interesting. I could see the shroom bombs becoming situationally useful. Or simply something to pass the time if the fight is too easy/going well.

  3. Relissa says:

    On Live, Bear and Cat both still gain Melee AP from Strength. Any speculation on if the comment regarding moving away from tank jewelry is a pending change (perhaps allowing us to continue using our existing gear until we start leveling in the expansion) or if we’ll even see a change?

    • Lissanna says:

      in Beta, bear & cat still get AP from strength & agility. The question was more about how you should be choosing between the two when agi gives us both AP & dodge, whereas STR just gives us AP (but the agi gear comes with stats that are more DPS-oriented than the STR tank gear).

      • Tinderhoof says:

        Hi Lissanna.

        Thank you for actually posting my question from the panels. It seems to have not made any other coverage.

        The point of the the question was to see what the response would be. Str tank jewelery gives Plate tanks 3 useful stats for tanking (Str, Stam, Parry/Dodge) that gives 4 benifits.
        Str = Threat & Parry
        Stam = Health
        Parry/Dodge = well Parry and Dodge.

        For Bears we get 3 useful stats that gives (Str, Stam, Dodge) that gives 3 benifits.
        Str = Threat
        Stam = Health
        Dodge = Dodge

        With dps jewelery we get 2.5 stats that give us 2.5 benifits.
        Agility = Threat + Dodge + Crit chance (no longer gives armor)
        Stam = Health
        Crit/Haste/Expertise = Minor midagation/Worthless/Minor threat

        Its been a problem with us for a long time having to share jewelery with plate tanks that had defense. While not useless it wasn’t very good either. Now we get to compete with 4 dps classes (Shamans, other Ferels, Hunters, and Rogues) for gear with different so so stats.

  4. Rakhman says:

    Regarding the wild mushroom spell, they said as part of the response of that question that mushrooms could be detonated in feral forms in Cataclysm. I was under the impression that mushrooms didn’t do lots of damage for ferals because they scale with spell power, so hopefully they have some big threat increase for bear form.

    The example use they gave sounds quite cool and interesting if the mushrooms can be used in Bear form for tanking purposes, a bit like a Bear Death and Decay. Well, ok, apart from that mushrooms have to be laid in advance and need to be exploded to do damage… but you know, something we can put somewhere specific to aggro adds at certain parts of a fight is really cool and I look forward to using it.

  5. Odo says:

    Hi Lissana,

    I looked on a couple of other pages but noone had posted anything about a 10% mortal strike except for you:

    General class question – Mortal strike-type effects are going to become a 10% healing debuff.

    Could you give me any kind of link or sources so i could confirm this?

    I am kind of confused now because in early cata beta they said everyone who has an ms-like effect will have it set to only 20%, now on live and beta it’s 25% all around. And now I read your post about the 10%.

    Really would apreciate some kind of clearification.


  6. Pär Larsson says:

    I’m more concerned with the questions that were neither asked nor volunteer-answered:

    Why do druids need new abilities in Feral forms – wasn’t there enough stuff added in WOTLK – and too many things with too many macros and on-use Engineering things and not enough hotkeys and buttons?

    Why do ferals need to make big red swirly explosions happen all the time when the slashes were just fine and appropriate for the vanilla abilities?

    Do Bears really need to “Swipe” all the way around? Ever seen a bear do a pirouette??

    With the change to flying mounts everywhere – will there be any effort to allow people to initiate pvp ON PVP SERVERS? Or is this something that’s to be relegated to the pvp ghetto – a.k.a. Tol Barad?

    Will there be any increase in efforts to enforce the naming regulations on RP servers – or will Blizz remain completely passive while the playerbase learns it’s not worth the trouble and …becomes passive about it?

    With the greater focus on cross-server and cross-battlegroup content, and continually greater ease of movement between factions and servers – will there be any efforts to increase the cohesion and community of individual factions on individual servers?

    Will there be any difference other than lore and flavour between the Alliance and Horde (classes?) – and between PVE and PVP servers?

    Any chance to decrease the continually increasing frequency of loading screens and teleports?

    I see no reason for me to come back to WoW. Mushrooms? New abilities when I could hardly fit my 18-19 cat abilities on a ten-hotkey skill bar? Less world pvp instead of more? More and more “queues” and teleports instead of less? Less immersion instead of a seamless world?

    You all enjoy. Good luck


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