Druid Resource list for 4.0.1

IMPORTANT NOTICE about bugs in 4.0.1 via Sunfyre @ Sunfyre’s nest:

“Many people experienced problems with training mastery, where training mastery did not infact GIVE you mastery. (The spellbook still said to go see your trainer).  I (Sunfyre) figured out a way to make it work, using the following method.  I suggest you do the same just as a precaution.

When you first load into 4.0, before you talent, head to Moonglade.  At the trainer, learn mastery and leather specialization before any other ability.”

So, we have confirmation from mmo-champion that tomorrow is patch day, with about 99% certainty. To help you get ready for patch day, the blogging community has been working hard at writing guides to help you through this confusing transition period. Just remember one thing…

On this blog, I have two guides available for your patch day viewing pleasure:

Moonkin resources for 4.0.1 (talents, glyphs, gems, etc)

Feral druid resources for 4.0.1 (talents, glyphs, gems, etc):

Restoration druid resources for 4.0.1:

For other classes, see this resource list at Jaded alt!

Epic Raid Warning podcast Roundtable!

The Raid Warning podcast roundable is finally up! Listen to a great podcast while you wait for the servers to come back up!

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14 comments on “Druid Resource list for 4.0.1
  1. Moonra says:

    thnkx for the link love! I also noticed that almost everyone on my feed is from the US cause I don’t get a patch today… I have to wait a day longer… meh! Lazy EU Blizz

  2. aramis says:

    Let the record show: Druid, Permanent Tree of Life Form, died 12 October 2010 at 0000hrs.

    *a moment of silence, please*

    Farwell my rootybuht-shakin’ friend. Many alaugh were had. Dance your way into that sweet hereafter.

  3. Zeme says:

    Thank you for all of the guides, they’ve been very helpful. Just wanted to say that I love the picture at the top, my guild mates made quite a bit of fun of my “Praise the Lord” pose when I got stuck in a frost tomb while casting 🙂

  4. Dawnhoof says:

    NE an Tauren druids gathered outside Org to celebrate the last night of the tree. It was an epic scene where two factions came together in harmony to honor the earth mother, Ciarne Bloodhoof, and Tyrande Whisperwind. What a wonderful thing it was. No war no death just peace at least for one night.

  5. Shealle says:

    Holy cow Lissanna! I was compiling my list and came here to get your link & found you did all the hard work for me. Thank you so much! Many internet cookies for you!



  6. Windsoar says:

    Thanks for the link. Looks like you have a couple I missed!

  7. Zantherua says:

    Is the magic haste number 1015 for level 80 or 85?

    • Lissanna says:

      All the guides are JUST for level 80. Not all resto druids will hit that 1015 haste number, however.


      This guide has the other haste breaking points & explains more about how haste works in 4.0.1. It gives you haste % breakdowns of when each HOT gains a new tick. The 1015 haste for resto druids is the number that it takes to get the second extra rejuv tick (37.5% haste) after raid buffs are taken into consideration. At 25% haste, you get another lifebloom & wild growth tick, so that’s probably the minimum to shoot for.

  8. Nightwhisp says:

    Thanks for the link to the talent bug, but I found one of my own 🙁 In my bal spec, my spell book says I need to train Insectswarm but My trainer says I already know it. . .But I don’t have it. . .even without it my moonkin is doing huge dps using Greylo’s spec!

    • Lissanna says:

      Yeah, the devs know about the insect swarm “bug”. Hopefully they’ll do a bug fix patch “soon”.

  9. aramis says:

    Ok, Miss Liss!

    My intial reactions…are like WoW! *pun intended*

    Just getting a feel for the spells, they do feel different, but things still flow all the same.

    My first loves:

    EFFLORESCENCE! What a nice animation. And if you stagger WG with EFF, you pretty much can do what we used to do with WG up every 6 seconds…at least for now. Don’t know how that will work in Cata. But it’s a good way to ween off spamming WG in preparation for other healing adjustments.

    My manaregen is nuts at the moment, so a RG spam during ToL is barely noticeable (like seriously, my close to 40K mana wasn’t going anywhere…the only time I saw it even move was when i hit the WG button and HT). Definitely have to be careful with that in Cata, I’m sure. But the boost to heals in ToL are quite welcome. It’ll take some getting used to healing not in permatreeform.

    My dislikes (which may change after time):
    The readjustments in cast times to accomodate the new “healing model”. I don’t understand why Nourish couldn’t have remained the “flash” heal and kept RG as the moderate heal with a decent HoT. I’m pretty sure there’s a justification there on part of the Blues, but I haven’t seen it. Just in trying to readjust my healing rotation, I kept spamming that nourish on my guildie after a few HoTs and while that will work when they actually need the boost in heals from the HoTs, a simple RG would be better as the flash heal and argh if I’m going to do that! LOL.

    Just slight adjustments here and there and things aren’t too different (other than the not-treeness). I’m glad you and other bloggers insisted on the “don’t panic” meme.

    So in these last weeks of LK…do I need to even worry about mastery rating? Reforging seems to be about the only way to do that but I don’t even think I would need to until Cataclysm hits. Is that a good line of thought?

    • Lissanna says:

      For ICC, most people will probably still HOT around the raid in a way that the mastery isn’t intended to support. So, I’m only recommending reforging for mastery if you are a tank healer for now. I expect level 85 healing (with mana problems, larger health pools, and changes to encounter designs) to have even raid healing benefiting more from the mastery.

      So, I reforged some things to drop my crit and bring up my haste a little more instead.


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