Happy Halloween from Restokin

Happy Halloween!

This year, Undying Resolution (my new guild) did a costume contest during our ICC raid. We took breaks between wings of the raid dungeon, and people displayed their finest costumes. The grand prize winner was Charredtree, who dressed up as an “Iron Cheff” (in a chef hat with dual-wielding axes for chopping).

Here is everyone from the guild who wore costumes:

The “most original” category (one of the 4 categories of costumes):

The finalists from all 4 categories (scariest, cutest, sexiest, most original):

The little costume contest was really a lot of fun. It’s a nice way to break up the raiding day and remember that we’re supposed to be having fun!

Hope you have a good holiday!

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8 comments on “Happy Halloween from Restokin
  1. Tsukiko says:

    Iron chef ftw.

  2. Deandre - Dalaran says:

    Fun?! While raiding?! Heresy I say! Raiding is endless bickering or people fighting about why boss X wiped us!

    Note: Haven’t had any issues with the guild I’m in now…that being why I’m actually still in it. Too many drama queens leads to a moving bear/boomkin.

    • Lissanna says:

      well, even in a low-drama environment, it’s still fun sometimes to break up the repetitiveness of raiding ICC. 🙂

      • AmoraRosa-Bloodhoof says:

        I LOVE this idea! I came across your blog by chance tonight and am lovin it! THANKS for posting so many valuable tips for us resto-impaired druids still trying to figure out how to work our “new” talents lol

  3. Moonra says:

    Happy Halloween for you to :), I might scare the neighbours at midnight hehe

  4. Oestrus says:

    Congratulations on the new guild! Hopefully, you get to see some incredible new things with them and we get to read about all the neat new experiences you’re encountering.


    • Lissanna says:

      Well, it’s actually most of the raiders from my old guild. We had a split a couple weeks ago. I’m not an officer of this new guild. I’m just along for the ride. So, it’s a lot less stressful for me and I’m having a lot more fun now.

  5. Oestrus says:

    Good, I’m glad to hear that! It sounds like they may be heading in a more hardcore direction than your previous guild. Hopefully, you will be able to see the game with new eyes, when you’re not blinded by the stress of being an officer and everything else that I’m sure you already have on your plate – lol

    Either way, I’m happy for you and I hope it works out the way you had hoped! I know I’m trying a new guild endeavor myself and it really feels like a gamble, at times. It’s nice to know that others could be in the same boat, too



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