Moonkin preparations for 4.0.1

So, the moonkin-related changes for level 80 PvE aren’t quite as drastic as the resto druid changes. So, we shouldn’t really need to change out things like gems (unless you were using int gems, which weren’t good for moonkin before 4.0 anyway).

There are a few important gear changes you will need to be aware of for patch day:

  1. You get a bonus for wearing leather armor that gives you additional int. Int is a very important stat, so you will want to wear all leather & no cloth. Buy badge gear replacements if you need to (even if they are slightly lower ilevel). This was something I worked on a couple weeks back, and really shouldn’t surprise anyone. This applies to resto druids, as well, but moonkin have historically worn more cloth (good bye featherkin, I’ll miss you!). If you have even 1 cloth piece equipped, you lose the 5% int from your leather specialization bonus.
  2. Spirit no longer gives spell power, and now converts into hit rating through talents instead. I am pretty sure that I have insane amounts of hit rating (over the hit cap) on my level 80 beta druid. When reforging is introduced, you may need to convert spirit & hit into more useful stats once you’ve passed beyond the hit cap for your gear level. However, they may have also increased the amount of hit moonkin need (by up to 8% – Thanks Moonlyt) due to removing other hit rating from talents and such. My stats aren’t working right in beta to be able to test this, so I can’t verify what our new hit caps are.
  3. You may need more haste. The cast time for wrath went up by half a second, and the new Nature’s Grace gives a 15% instead of 20% bonus when it is active. So, if you have too much hit, and you have a low haste rating (like me), then all that extra spirit on Spirit/Crit pieces should be converted into haste rating (you can’t convert into a stat already on the item, but there aren’t may spirit/haste pieces available).

Prime glyphs (You can have up to 3 equipped at any 1 time, but you can learn all of them in your spell book):

  • Insect swarm (increases IS damage by 30%) – With IS doing a lot of damage, this glyph is a “must have”
  • Moonfire (increases periodic moonfire damage by 20%) – this glyph is okay. You should pick it up before patch day to have it learned.
  • starfire (increases moonfire’s duration up to 9 sec) – this is still useful. I would pick it up. However, if we are spamming moonfire a lot, it may not turn out to be as good.
  • Starsurge (reduces cooldown of starfall) – Pick up glyph of nourish to turn into this (I already have it learned in my resto spec).
  • Wrath (increaes damage done by wrath 10% on targets with IS on them) – Slightly more useful than the old wrath glyph.

You can pick up glyph scrolls and hold onto them until patch day (where they may get more expensive for a while). After 4.0.1 is released, you only have to learn a glyph once and then it shows up in your glyph book forever. So, you can pick up glyphs even if they won’t be as useful to you in the future if you can get them at inexpensive prices before patch day. The above list is in alphabetical order, rather than in order of usefulness.  I’m not 100% sure what will be the best glyph set for level 80. Right now, I think that Insect swarm and starfire should be strong contenders. For the third one, I’m not sure what comes out on top for level 80 (most of the glyph testing I’ve seen has been done for 85). Pick up all the glyphs related to your spec, because what ones we use or not could change over the course of even this week.

Major Glyphs (You can have up to 3 equipped at any 1 time, but you can learn all of them in your spell book)

  • Entangling Roots  (roots are instant, but on a 10 sec cooldown) – This will be a great glyph at 85 and in PvP
  • Focus (reduces starfall’s range but increases damage) – This increases as a possibility of something we could use.
  • Hurricane (reduces movement speed) – Still not that useful, but you should pick up everything anyway.
  • Innervate (you get mana when you cast it on someone else) – you are balanced around using innervate on yourself in PvE now, so i’m not sure this glyph is worth it.
  • Monsoon (reduces cooldown of typhoon) – better for PvP than PvE at level 80.
  • Rebirth (your target reses at full health & mana) – may actually be useful for PvE if you always have the problem (like me) where your target dies as soon as they get resurected. Rebirth has a 30 min cooldown now, so this may be worth it.
  • Starfall (reduces the cooldown of starfall by 30 sec) – this is still a must-have.

I would probably go for starfall, focus, and rebirth for level 80 raiding.

Minor (pick any 3) –

  • See the list for resto druids. You could pick up all of them if you want in your spell book.
  • Typhoon is the only glyph besides what I have listed for resto that you may want to pick up if you want to be able to remove the knockback in the future.
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14 comments on “Moonkin preparations for 4.0.1
  1. Thorn says:

    If the innervate glyph works as it does on live you get the extra even when you self cast. Depending on mana issues when soloing I may well equip it, and unlike live I can change it to something else for instances, without carrying stacks around 🙂

  2. Mitsune says:

    Reminded me to get buying them glyphs, so thank you for that! A little note here though; I agree on most fronts, except that I think the hurricane glyph is monstrously useful, if only for doing a certain Cata instance! The slow is 20% with the current glyph, and is going to be 50% with the new glyph, so it’s definately worth having in your repertoire!

  3. Elemo says:

    I hope that we’ll get some more innovative glyph choices as time goes on. I recall that the intention of adding Prime glyphs was to separate mandatory direct DPS/Healing glyphs from glyphs that would add interesting effects to existing abilities, or alter rotations. I suppose glyphs like Hurricane and Entangling Roots do provide some potential game-play changes, but from a PVE prospective, it’s hard to choose those over Starfall and Focus. For me, it just feels like we get six major glyphs now, instead of three. The ability to learn glyphs permanently and switch them out as need is definitely a welcome change though!

  4. Sunfyre says:

    Focus is not an ideal glyph due to the range restriction, and glyph of moonfire outweighs starfire since it affects sunfire as well.

  5. Moonlyt says:

    Perhaps it is worth mentioning that the hit cap for level 80 is changing in respect to our talents. No more IFF and the fact that Balance of Power has lost the 4% means we need 7% more hit now. Also the draenei racial is no longer a group buff. This means that some alliance players will need another 8% hit in total.

    • Lissanna says:

      Yes, the hit cap will potentially increase. I’m not sure how hit is actually working in beta or the PTR for level 80’s though.

      So, I’m getting my character sheet to be a little less buggy, and it looks like the cap at 80 is 17%, and that my character sheet is saying I have around 22% hit in my moonkin set at the moment. I don’t think that includes the 2% from talents, since my “naked” stats say 17% in both resto & balance specs (which would put my moonkin geared hit rating at 24% then?). So, removing the hit rating from IFF and other talents and such puts me closer, but the set I transferred over to beta with a month or two ago on my level 80 copy still has a ton of hit. Now, at 85, it’s going to be a different story – where I’m still no where near the hit cap…

  6. Lissanna says:

    The point of this thread was more to tell people to pick up all the glyphs related to their spec so that they would have everything. We can argue over what is “best” or not. I’m honestly surprised we have so many prime glyphs enough to have this sense of “choice”. I also haven’t seen any agreement, probably because the damage increase of some of them are about equal (or the relative value changes depending on how you calculate your data).

  7. Nightwhisp says:

    HI Lissanna:
    Okay I’m little bit confused; On the Cloth vs Leather thing. My situation is this: I currently have a cloth chest on my boomie, and I won a drop the other night on a leather chest that is identical in stats except for the armor rating. I haven’t equipped the leather one because I didn’t want to gem and enchant it. The INT start is identical between the two. But your post seems to be saying that I should replace the cloth just because it is cloth, am I missing somthing? Is Armor rating going to be an important stat?

    Let me just say that I am so happy that I took the time to level my scribe to 450 and have learned almost every glyph! Now if the idiots on the AH would realize that this is not the time to list glyphs for dirt cheep blow out prices.

  8. Lissanna says:

    leather specialization increases your int for a moonkin by 5% while wearing leather in all armor slots after patch day. So, wearing even 1 cloth piece means that your int is going to be 5% lower. So, gem & enchant that leather piece for patch day! I’ve found that even wearing slightly lower ilevel leather pieces ends up being better than wearing one or two higher ilevel cloth pieces.

    This is learned at level 50, so super lowbie moonkin (below 50) can still wear cloth.

    • Nightwhisp says:

      That is so stupid!!! I have lots of cloth!

      • Lissanna says:

        They announced that armor specialization was going to be put in the game a couple months ago. *HUGS* If you have lots of cloth, you’ll just lose out on that bonus. it shouldn’t be a big deal. If people just have one cloth piece, they should do everything in their power to get rid of it ASAP. It’s going to take someone wearing mostly cloth a long time to re-replace gear, which may not be entirely worth it for the month or two you may be raiding between patch 4.0.1 and 4.0.3 when you start leveling to 85.

        • Nightwhisp says:

          Did I mention that I now Offically HATE Blizzard? My Boomie has exactly one piece of leather the rest is ilevel 264 Cloth. I don’t care when they announced it, it is stupid. How dare they impose a dresscode on droods. In a game of splitting hairs on stats, a 5% increse or decrese of anything is a big deal, but when it comes to you main stat it is a nightmare. How about if Ghostcrawler lost 5% of his take home pay unless he starts wearing a tie. Leather is great if I’m riding on the back of my boyfriend’s Harley, or getting a little kinky after a log hard night of raiding , but when I’m pewpewing eclipses I dress for maximum comfort!
          Damn you Blizzard!!!!!

  9. Kelwind says:

    It’s worth noting that Emblem of Frost items can in effect be bought for Triumph once 4.0.1 lands – both get converted into Justice Points, and the item costs are converted at the same rate. (This is *not* true for Heirlooms, though.) So re-gearing can be pretty easy if you’ve got a pile of Triumph lying about.


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