New tree graphic is large (beta testing)

So, the beta server got the new tree form graphic. I’m pretty sure you’ll be a ble to see it from space. You may have a hard time fitting through some doors (except that the branches don’t seem to clip the top of the door frame, so that’s good).

MMO-champion has a chart to see each of the 4 tree colors (which I believe match up to each of the 4 races). From testing them on beta: my Night Elf’s form is the purple one, my worgen’s form is the dark brown one  (I was able to race change one of my druid copies into a worgen). That leaves trolls as probably the brighter orange one, and the tauren as green leaves (I don’t have horde druids high enough to test graphics for troll or tauren). However, don’t hold me to this, as I could be wrong – and it is highly subject to change, since this is the first time we’re seeing a new graphic in beta.

The new tree form is MUCH larger than the old tree form graphic. This may end up even being a problem in PvP if it prevents you from getting through doors or makes you too obvious of a target. If you can’t stand the new tree form graphic, they did put in a glyph in beta that would let you switch it back to the old “treant” form (though I can’t learn the glyph to test it out).

My weapons were showing up in the new form (I could see the staff on my NE and a mace on my worgen).

The new tree form has casting animations, and can sit. New tree does not yet have a dance animation, as far as I can tell. Dancing usually comes later in the design process.

UPDATE: Adding troll pictures (beta gave me a faction change for one of them, so I went troll on that character). It is the light orange color. The last 2 troll pictures (the light orange ones) have casting animations.

Click on each picture to see the full sized effect. 😉

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14 comments on “New tree graphic is large (beta testing)
  1. Relevart says:

    omg that is huge. I can’t wait to chop down a tree. . . er . . . no really. I want to chop it down. Sorry.

  2. csilla says:

    The color-race combos are correct, but does the casting animation for Horde match Alliance? The Horde one uses all Orc animations right now, including /sleep, /cry (you can hear the orc cry), and /sit.

    Personally, I hate this new tree with a passion and would sooner stop healing than heal in that thing.

    • Lissanna says:

      You can use a glyph to get the old tree back. Also, animations tend to come after the graphics, so it is likely temporarily borrowing some things just to be functional

    • Lavata says:

      You are not healing in it though, it is a cool-down metamorphosis like transformation. Most of the time you are in caster.

      • Lissanna says:

        Well, you heal in tree form, but you won’t really be doing all the /emotes and such that people might be concerned about all that often.

  3. Wynn says:

    Thank you so much for the pics, now we can get the scale of the new form

  4. Deandre - Dalaran says:

    First impression: Holy Sh! Kill it with fire!
    Second impression: Yay! Finding enemy Druids in PvP is going to be like spotting a…er…lone tree in the plains. The only issue I see is the Gnome Fire Mage inevitably hiding in their feet. …how epic would it be if Gnomes and Goblins could ride the new tree form like hobbits riding Treebeard in Lord of the Rings?

  5. Nightwhisp says:

    Okay, I guess I’m weird but I like it!
    And if it causes you to get killed in PvP. . . QQ you should die anyway ’cause PvP sucks!!!!
    I hope that they reduce the size a little but it kinda reminds me of a 1970’s “Soul Broddah,” Just needs a boom box to put on it’s shoulder. Afro-Trees ROCK! (or do they disco?)

  6. Oestrus says:

    They kind of remind me of the stone figureheads from Stonehenge – lol

    I don’t mind it, though – it’s kinda neat. 🙂

  7. Eulynn says:

    OMG, I LOVE how huge it is.

    So awesome. I can not wait.

  8. Tsukiko says:

    I was afraid they’d make it “human size”, I’m glad it’s “ancient of war”-sized.

  9. Tralia says:

    I like it except for the face, it kills it so much for me

  10. Averna says:

    Their faces look so…..manly. o.O

  11. fencepost says:

    I love the new tree form for a cooldown, and would still like the glyph to replace our casterform not the new treeform.
    This isn’t just qq’ing over my lost tree (well to be honest i am still) but it does make sense don’t you think?
    Basic/classic treeform (glyhed) for healing then BAM! megatree cooldown instead of going from NE to tree


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