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Stealing is always bad

So, now that things have wound down for the day, there’s a topic that Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket has been talking about over the last few days. I didn’t have time to talk about it before now, so I wanted to highlight a couple points:

  • It’s okay to quote someone else’s work ONLY when you give them credit for it.
  • It’s NOT okay to copy someone else’s work and claim that it’s your own.

Simple enough? Copying parts of someone else’s work without proper quotation or citations is plagiarism, and just like plagiarism was bad in school, it’s bad in the world of blogging.

Someone recently took pieces of my 4.0.1 healing guide, Keeva’s healing guide, and parts from a couple other blog posts and made “their own” guide out of it, without giving credit to any of the original authors. That kinda just sucks. Why? Well, because Keeva got mad & fought back to defend the honor of the work we did (and rightfully so). That same blogger also had several other plagiarized posts, and even their “about” page contained plagiarized material.

However, Keeva and I are not unreasonable. We understand that people also want to use our awesome guides to make sure that their guild members. So,  Dreambound Druid wrote about how to Not plagiarize. Mostly, how to not plagiarize involves giving people credit for the work that they do, and not stealing.

If you want to copy huge chunks of my guides and post them somewhere, first of all, you should ASK me. I usually say yes, but it’s nice to know how & where my guide is being posted. It makes me feel good when people ask permission. You can e-mail me to ask at [email protected] If you do re-post parts of my guide, you do need to put proper quotation marks or formatting indicating that you are quoting someone else’s work, and say where it came from (ie. link back to the original blog post).

In fact, I got an e-mail earlier today from someone wanting to translate the healing guide into Russian. I thought that was an awesome idea. My only request was that I was given credit for the work I did, too.

Even better than copying parts of my guide is just making a resource list telling people where to get information (with the exception of people who want to translate our guides into other languages, which is awesome). An example of a resource list can be found here. One reason for providing a link to a guide without copying the text directly is that the class abilities change fairly often during an expansion transition, and it is often better to link to the original so that your copy won’t likely be an outdated version. I haven’t done any recent updates in the last few days, but I probably will soon, and anyone who copied & pasted the guide always runs the risk of becoming outdated – BUT the links will always go back to the most recent version.

To learn more about plagiarism, I would now like to send you to a link I share with my students who struggle with plagiarism in the course that I teach. For anyone that ever writes papers, blog posts, or anything… The OWL at Purdue has a great set of writing guides (I don’t work at that university, they just have the BEST writing guides).  It talks about when something is “common knowledge” or not. I think you could consider names of healing spells in a healing guide would be common knowledge )though wowhead links are useful for them anyway), but describing how to use those spells is more likely someone else’s opinion – and something each blogger is going to disagree about. If you use that opinion in writing your guide, you need to give credit to the person where you got the info from.

So, what is the lesson for today? Well, if you get any info from another source, say what that source is, be clear about what info came from that source, and add a links back to your sources. We appreciate that you all enjoy our guides, but stealing our stuff (without giving us any credit for the multiple hours of work we put into one guide) just makes us /sad pandas.

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Blizzcon 2010: WOW Raid & Dungeon panel

So, the highlights of Blizzcon so far (for me) has been the announcement of the Moonkin Hatchling pet as a charity pet we’ll be able to buy in November. Contains spoilers for Cataclysm & 4.1

The Class & Dungeons Panel highlights (Itallics are my commentary on the panel):

5-man Dungeons

  • “Classic Heroics (Deadmines & shadowfang Keep) have new quests and encountersI haven’t played with these on beta, but I hear that they’re really fun.
  • With quests you pick up from inside the dungeon. I did test some of the other beta dungeons, and was pleasantly surprised to see the quest givers greeting me when I first entered a dungeon portal. Being able to pick up the quests right inside the dungeon is so much better than running around everywhere to find the quests before you get in there.
  • Normal difficulty also updated!
  • They also worked on other classic dungeons to make them “less confusing & shorter”.
  • Both Sunken Temple & Wailing Caverns will actually just be shorter dungeons, and Mara & Uldaman will have wings. This is a really awesome set of changes, which will be a HUGE bonus for people leveling who just can’t stand those 4 dungeons. Also, Sunken Eternity’s design was something I was REALLY hoping they would revamp. I wrote a post about their need to fix Sunken Eternity back in 2009.

New Cataclysm raids:

  • “Bite sized chunks” They have raids on the Beta server for testing where there are 3 or 4 dungeons with just a few bosses in them. It actually still feels epic, and you can bounce back and forth between them if needed.
  • They explained the flexible raid lockouts, that we already have on the Live server.

4.1.0 preview

  • “Firelands Raid – First patch raid…. It’s a part of Hyjal”… “Home of Ragnaros. Gives you a glimpse of what the full power of Ragnaros is… fits in well with the questlines in Hyjal”
  • “Firelands raid contains 7 bosses”, with the hopes that you’ll do more than 1 raid dungeon per week. So, it will feel longer than ToC’s 5 bosses, but won’t be so bulky like Ulduar or ICC. If they have more than one dungeon at that tier, it may actually be a lot of fun.
  • “Abyssal Maw 5-man dungeon will be released with 4.1”. Will have 4 bosses. It’s a water-based dungeon, and they changed a lot of the water-fighting mechanics to feel better.
  • Enhanced Maps “We tried desperately to get in for cataclysm”. “Want to get detailed boss info on your map, with Lore, loot, abilities”. Giving us boss abilities in the dungeon map will be really awesome, because it will give you the basic info that you need without having to rely on websites to tell you that the boss will breathe a fire effect. I’ve spent so much time tabbing out of the dungeon to see specifics on a boss ability, so it will be super awesome to have the basic abilities listed inside the game.
  • They showed the elevator boss in blackwing Descent. This elevator boss is going to PWN you all, lol. They previewed the other bosses from the raid dungeons they’re shipping with Cata.

Q & A session:

  • 10 & 25-man balance: “there will be some bumps and bruises along the way“… “It will be something we work extremely hard on to make sure they are balanced as close as we can
  • “You’re going to see a better PUG experience”… “You’re not going to be hosed for the entire week… It’s easier to break up, but it’s easier to get new people”
  • BRD: “Trimming a lot of the suck”. “Breaking apart BRD is actually really hard, so what I did do is put in some teleporters”. “we added deleporters to other dungeons, too”. “The graveyards are super close now.” Mike says he’s been bitching about how far we’ve had to run back to dungeons for years. This is nice to see, as well. I guess people who love BRD will get to keep that feel, because it doesn’t look like they are changing it quite as much as some of the other dungeons.

People asked other good questions with answers, but nothing else really super big. I’ll be posting more about the Quest & Lore panel coming up soon! (EDIT: the quest & lore panel is just Q&A without much going on for now, so I might not do a full post for it.

Blizzard has some highlights on the dungeon & raids panel that they released here.

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Ready for Blizzcon!

So, Blizzcon is going to start up soon. I wanted to show my “preparations” for the big day. My fiance and I stayed home today to watch the ‘con from the comfort of our own homes. This year, we have Direct TV set up (and his computer networked with the Live stream for when we want to watch the panels that aren’t in the main stage Direct TV channel). We got Direct TV over the summer because Comcast wasn’t working well for us, and Direct TV was cheaper.

Here’s what our setup looks like (his computer, my computer, and some of our “friends”.

What the setup looks like from our stairs (Yes, that is a “Lost” poster in the background). We have a 32″ TV we got last Christmas that has a pretty nice picture. We had to move a lot of stuff to be able to turn the table this way (usually, it stays more flat against the wall).

I’m all ready to go!

NOTE: I will be posting highlights & such here all day. 😉

Update 1: No good WoW-related announcements during opening ceremonies. The Raid & dungeon panel isn’t for an hour & a half (1:30 PST). I am, however, tweeting about everything at:

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Reesi’s bear blog!

So, moonkin & resto bloggers have always outnumbered our feral blogging counterparts. Thus, I’m excited to announce to you that Reesi (author of the feral tanking guide on the official WoW forums) has made a brand new bear tanking blog!

Reesi’s blog is called “The Inconspicuous Bear” and can be found at:

Go take a peak and add it to your feed reader. It’s still in the very early stages (I don’t usually feature blogs in their first days of development). However, Reesi is someone I’m really excited to see blogging (no pressure! lol).

The inconspicuous bear has a couple new posts as well as a more convenient home for the 4.0 bear tanking guide, which will be especially nice when the forums make a switch over to the new forum system (or if the forum mod squad keep ignoring our requests to re-sticky Ri’s 4.0 bear guide).

Anyway, go over there to say hi & welcome our new bear friend to blogging!

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