Monthly Archives: October 2010

Stealing is always bad

So, now that things have wound down for the day, there’s a topic that Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket has been talking about over the last few days. I didn’t have time to talk about it before now, so I wanted to highlight a couple points: It’s okay to quote someone else’s work ONLY when […]

Blizzcon 2010: WOW Raid & Dungeon panel

So, the highlights of Blizzcon so far (for me) has been the announcement of the Moonkin Hatchling pet as a charity pet we’ll be able to buy in November. Contains spoilers for Cataclysm & 4.1 The Class & Dungeons Panel highlights (Itallics are my commentary on the panel): 5-man Dungeons “Classic Heroics (Deadmines & shadowfang […]

Ready for Blizzcon!

So, Blizzcon is going to start up soon. I wanted to show my “preparations” for the big day. My fiance and I stayed home today to watch the ‘con from the comfort of our own homes. This year, we have Direct TV set up (and his computer networked with the Live stream for when we […]

Reesi’s bear blog!

So, moonkin & resto bloggers have always outnumbered our feral blogging counterparts. Thus, I’m excited to announce to you that Reesi (author of the feral tanking guide on the official WoW forums) has made a brand new bear tanking blog! Reesi’s blog is called “The Inconspicuous Bear” and can be found at: Go take […]