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Are druids raid-viable at level 85? Yes, they are!

So, I tried out a couple raids with my 85 premade on the beta server. I’ve been running with Beta Max Alliance (not to be confused with the horde beta max guild). While I want to do a full report, I’m too busy with life to spend the couple hours on a blog post that is really needed.

So, this is a quick Tuesday update to let you know that druids in the raid groups I’ve been in & talked to seem to be doing okay. We have both feral & moonkin able to reach the level of DPS as other classes. Resto healers are strong enough to get the job done, and feral tanks are doing good, too.

For the logs from raid beta testing -I didn’t post them up, keep in mind that WoL is still pretty buggy, you can’t look at individual fights, people who die early a lot will have lower numbers. We sometimes had people switch roles to try out a different combination of tanks/healers/DPS. So, the in-game pictures I have will tell more about how a few of us performed on more individual bosses.

Here are the world of log reports from Sunday’s raids (Wyrmbreaker and Tron Council).  Also, these include both trash & bosses. I have screenshots of my in-game damage meter reports for boss attempts that I can post up later, but that should give you data to get you started.

From Monday’s raids, they have logs up, too. I’m not sure which bosses this log is from (probably Chimeron?). It got split in two reports, so here’s the second half (probably Theralion and Valiona).

At the end of the night, we split up into 10-man groups due to people leaving and such.

Remember that this is a small sample size of data from limited testing, and that mostly it consists of wiping on the same bosses over & over again because they are “learning” and bug testing nights with a group that is semi-PUG-ish. Also, yes, I am spending that much time spamming rejuv around the raid (especially the 2nd day).  All the boss encounters we’ve come across have been heavy AOE damage encounters where you are frantically trying to keep alive people standing in fires that they should be moving out of, where everyone is learning both class mechanics and boss encounters. So, please don’t give too much credit to the logs, as the data isn’t necessarily 100% accurate, and it’s just one group of people. In terms of my healing on individual boss fights, I was mostly able to keep up with the paladin healing. I think the priest’s absorbs are being over-estimated by some of the logs, too, but I’m not sure why.

I have to run off to campus soon, so this is the best I can do for today. Even if you look at the logs, please remember I’m only posting up one set of data from one guild, and it’s not a representative sample of the gaming community as a whole.

Remember… don’t panic!

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Troll & Worgen moonkin form colors (beta)

So, troll & worgen druids now have moonkin form colorings in the newest Beta patch. I haven’t seen these anywhere else yet, so I wanted to get you pictures now that I’ve noticed these are in beta (I would have posted them this morning, except that I didn’t even know these were in the game yet).

The troll form is orange & black (Re-coloring of Night Elf Model). The worgen form is gray, brown, & white (e-coloring of the NE model).

Personally, I really like them a lot…. BUT they aren’t new models by any means. They are really just graphics of owlbeasts that are already in the game. We may get actual unique/new forms at a later date. (chose prev/next to change pictures)

11/20/2010 – Updated Troll moonkin colors to the correct red/black colored NE model they are now using.

Since this page has been getting a lot of hits lately, I wanted to point out that you can see the Troll cat, bear, & tree forms here.

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New tree graphic is large (beta testing)

So, the beta server got the new tree form graphic. I’m pretty sure you’ll be a ble to see it from space. You may have a hard time fitting through some doors (except that the branches don’t seem to clip the top of the door frame, so that’s good).

MMO-champion has a chart to see each of the 4 tree colors (which I believe match up to each of the 4 races). From testing them on beta: my Night Elf’s form is the purple one, my worgen’s form is the dark brown one  (I was able to race change one of my druid copies into a worgen). That leaves trolls as probably the brighter orange one, and the tauren as green leaves (I don’t have horde druids high enough to test graphics for troll or tauren). However, don’t hold me to this, as I could be wrong – and it is highly subject to change, since this is the first time we’re seeing a new graphic in beta.

The new tree form is MUCH larger than the old tree form graphic. This may end up even being a problem in PvP if it prevents you from getting through doors or makes you too obvious of a target. If you can’t stand the new tree form graphic, they did put in a glyph in beta that would let you switch it back to the old “treant” form (though I can’t learn the glyph to test it out).

My weapons were showing up in the new form (I could see the staff on my NE and a mace on my worgen).

The new tree form has casting animations, and can sit. New tree does not yet have a dance animation, as far as I can tell. Dancing usually comes later in the design process.

UPDATE: Adding troll pictures (beta gave me a faction change for one of them, so I went troll on that character). It is the light orange color. The last 2 troll pictures (the light orange ones) have casting animations.

Click on each picture to see the full sized effect. 😉

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4.0.1 FAQ for Resto & moonkin druids

General druid Q:

Q. What’s up with Rebirth?

  • A. The cooldown for rebirth is 30 minutes, up from 10 minutes. In addition, only one druid can use it per fight (ie. it “shares a cooldown” but will usually let your second druid res someone on the next fight after you’ve dropped combat). This is not likely a bug (well, except that there are some bugs associated with it where some bosses may still let you res more than 1 person), and you can no longer rely on being able to stack druids to resurrect 3 or 4 people per boss-fight the way that some of my previous guilds have done. Use battle reses more strategically, rather than just resing the first person who dies every fight.

Resto druid Q’s

Q. What is the new haste soft-cap I should hit for resto?

  • A.  Since they changed how our HOTs scale with haste, we have a new number of haste that we want to try and achieve. This new haste soft-cap is 1015 haste, which gives you an extra tick of rejuv with full raid buffs (37.5%). More info on the haste scaling with HOTs can be found here. This number of haste won’t put your GCD at 1 second, but it is the number you should try to be above this number if possible.

Q. Is resto healing still good?

  • A. Yes, resto healers are perhaps the strongest tank healers right now, and we’re still viable raid healers, as well. While our rejuv numbers may look lower than before, all of our HOTs can now crit AND scale with haste. So, each non-crit tick may look lower, but the numbers come out about the same as before in the end (especially with the mastery bonus). All the other healing classes received similar changes/nerfs to their primary healing spells, such that their numbers aren’t likely any higher than ours. Our direct heals are also more powerful than they were before

Q. Am I supposed to just spam nourish now? It’s cast time is so long!

  • A. No, you are not supposed to spam nourish at level 80. Your rejuv should still heal for enough that it should be a viable spell to use while healing. Try to use rejuv on people who have taken damage to benefit from the instant talented heal. Regrowth replaces nourish as your direct heal. You shouldn’t need to rely on nourish in ICC. Instead, focus on using rejuv, regrowth, swiftmend (with efflorescence procs), wild growth, and your Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Touch macro combo. Keep lifebloom up on one tank. Use tranquility now, as well. You can use nourish on your tank to refresh lifebloom (if you picked up that talent).  This is more than just 1-button spamming.  It can be fun if you give it some time to adjust to the new changes.

Q. Do resto druids have mana problems?

  • A. Not at level 80. Mana doesn’t become a concern until after you start leveling up to 85.

Moonkin druid Q’s

Q. Where is my insect swarm?

Q. How much hit rating should I have?

  • A. You should be at 17% spell hit. You can reforge Spirit and hit rating into haste on gear that does not already have spirit. If you can’t reforge into spirit on that item, then either mastery or crit would be okay.

Q. What is the new moonkin haste cap?

  • A. There really isn’t one anymore. They increased the cast time of wrath enough that it’s unlikely we’ll hit any sort of haste cap. So, haste is something good that you want as much as you can get your hands on.

Q. What is this sunfire & what am I supposed to do when it comes up?

  • A. It is exactly the same as moonfire (doesn’t stack with moonfire). Use it when moonfire’s DOT wears off, or you can use it to proc the new Nature’s Grace. Spam sunfire while moving when you are in the solar eclipse (just like you would spam regular moonfire when you are moving when your solar eclipse isn’t up). Basically, treat sunfire exactly like you would treat moonfire. They put in this talent only so that your moonfire would benefit from the damage increase from solar Eclipse. They added the cute new name & graphic just for flavor.

Q. What addons should I use to track the new Eclipse power, and what should I use to replace Squawk & Awe?

Do you have any more questions about resto or moonkin in 4.0.1? Please let me know!

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