Ready for Blizzcon!

So, Blizzcon is going to start up soon. I wanted to show my “preparations” for the big day. My fiance and I stayed home today to watch the ‘con from the comfort of our own homes. This year, we have Direct TV set up (and his computer networked with the Live stream for when we want to watch the panels that aren’t in the main stage Direct TV channel). We got Direct TV over the summer because Comcast wasn’t working well for us, and Direct TV was cheaper.

Here’s what our setup looks like (his computer, my computer, and some of our “friends”.

What the setup looks like from our stairs (Yes, that is a “Lost” poster in the background). We have a 32″ TV we got last Christmas that has a pretty nice picture. We had to move a lot of stuff to be able to turn the table this way (usually, it stays more flat against the wall).

I’m all ready to go!

NOTE: I will be posting highlights & such here all day. 😉

Update 1: No good WoW-related announcements during opening ceremonies. The Raid & dungeon panel isn’t for an hour & a half (1:30 PST). I am, however, tweeting about everything at:

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4 comments on “Ready for Blizzcon!
  1. Syrco says:

    I like your friends 😀

  2. Deandre - Dalaran says:

    I have great respect for anyone willing to run the dare of a wireless mouse. …but that’s mostly because my old wireless mouse had a strange sense of timing and without fail the batteries would die during something like…the first 20 seconds of Onyxia when I was tanking.

    • Lissanna says:

      I don’t raid with the wireless mouse. My actual gaming setup has a wired Razer mouse. This is my traveling “take to campus” setup & travel mouse. I didn’t want to detach that mouse from my desktop for today’s setup, so I’m still just using my travel mouse down here. When I raid on the laptop, I use the razer mouse. 😉


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