Reesi’s bear blog!

So, moonkin & resto bloggers have always outnumbered our feral blogging counterparts. Thus, I’m excited to announce to you that Reesi (author of the feral tanking guide on the official WoW forums) has made a brand new bear tanking blog!

Reesi’s blog is called “The Inconspicuous Bear” and can be found at:

Go take a peak and add it to your feed reader. It’s still in the very early stages (I don’t usually feature blogs in their first days of development). However, Reesi is someone I’m really excited to see blogging (no pressure! lol).

The inconspicuous bear has a couple new posts as well as a more convenient home for the 4.0 bear tanking guide, which will be especially nice when the forums make a switch over to the new forum system (or if the forum mod squad keep ignoring our requests to re-sticky Ri’s 4.0 bear guide).

Anyway, go over there to say hi & welcome our new bear friend to blogging!

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3 comments on “Reesi’s bear blog!
  1. Reesi says:


    Thanks for the promo! I hope I don't disappoint. =)

  2. Zandrinn says:

    I note the web design is earily similar…

    • Lavata says:

      Not surprising, at users are limitied to what themes they can use. We also use WordPress to run the backend but it is self hosted so we can change many things. Our theme is based off of Thematic which in it’s default mode is similar to the new wordpress 3.0 2010 theme. So in that regard they should be similar.


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