Resto preparations for 4.0.1

You should start stocking up on glyphs for the 4.0 patch and think about your gems, as well.

When 4.0 hits, you learn a glyph once, you never have to learn it again (you just swap it in & out of your spell book). So if you buy every glyph that survives into Cata (so long as it isn’t super expensive on your server), you can beat the 4.0 rush and not have to worry about glyphs (though I bet the glyph prices on some servers are already going up). Here’s the full glyph list from the data I’ve gathered so far.
For the below lists, I’m marking non-recommended glyphs with ** to indicate that they are optional to buy or not. In most cases, glyph decisions will be based on your healing style. Most “major” glyphs are marked with **, due to all being fairly situational for level 80. Any glyphs you have equipped at the time of transition will be added to your glyph book, except for glyphs being removed that don’t morph into another glyph. In my bags on beta, the Swift Rejuv glyph turned into useless vendor dust and was no longer a glyph at all (because that haste effect is going baseline). Keep in mind that any of these glyphs could be changed without notice.

Resto Glyphs to get for 4.0 that should be available before patch day:

  • Swiftmend (prime) – same & still useful
  • Rejuvenation (prime) – changed to be more useful
  • Lifebloom (prime) – changed to be more useful
  • **Regrowth (Prime) – changed to be less useful, but you can still add it to your spell book even if you don’t equip it.

For resto major glyphs, you really get to choose what will be the most helpful for you:

  • Wild Growth (major) – same & useful for raiding
  • **Rebirth (major) – Same, and becomes something I would get for my glyph selection to have available.
  • ** Healing touch (major) – the effect was changed (will no longer turn HT into a flash heal). The new glyph is not necessarily super useful for level 80 raiding, but may be worth having.
  • ** Innervate (major) – Will be more useful at 85.
  • ** Roots (major) – Usefulness increased, and will be even more useful at 85, or if you PvP.

Minor glyphs:

  • Mark of the wild (minor) – reduces cost now that MotW is raid-wide without a reagent
  • Unburdened rebirth (Minor) – unchanged, and still useful
  • **Aquatic form (minor) -Increases swim speed by 50%
  • **Dash – (minor) reduces dash cooldown

Gems to pick up:

Keep in mind that anything with Int on it will likely become red instead of yellow. So, any yellow int you have in gem slots may potentially break your socket bonuses by turning into red gems (which puts luminous Ametrines at risk for becoming brilliant cardinal rubies or maybe something purple if one of the stats goes to spirit, and may turn some green gems with int into purple ones). Crit & haste are staying as yellow, so anything yellow will need to be crit or haste at this point if you care about socket bonuses.

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15 comments on “Resto preparations for 4.0.1
  1. Moonra says:

    I’ve been buying my glyphs ever since I got onto the PTR 🙂 poor scribers!

  2. Sil says:

    Are you sure on that Aquatic Form glyph?

  3. Aleaf says:

    **Aquatic form (minor) -reduces swim speed by 50%

    Maybe increases? 🙂

    Shall we have all 9 slots unlocked at level 80?

  4. Nonous says:

    Simple typo, but it’s bugging me. Red, Yellow, and Blue gem slots, not glyph slots.

    That being said, I didn’t really put thought into int turning into red. I really don’t want to have to buy more gems to keep socket bonuses :/

  5. Lissanna says:

    thank you people who found typos. I have fixed both the aquatic form glyph text & the “gem” words that I typed wrong. I spent like 6 or so hours yesterday working on guide stuff & blog posts preparing for Cata. So, I’m amazed I don’t have even more typos than that, honestly. 😉

    In the draft of the leveling cat guide that I put on the WoW forums, my favorite typo someone found was that I typed “skill bash” instead of “skull bash”…. OOPS

  6. paperclip says:

    Any knowledge on how the glyphs interact with dual spec in the new system? If I had to guess, they would still be separate, but drawn from a common pool of known glyphs, but if not it would mean doubling up on those common between specs. Also, if you know, how are the new glyphs learned? Does it make sense to stock up on books of glyph mastery as a scribe?

    • Lissanna says:

      I know nothing about scribe professions.

      With glyphs, you still have a common pool of glyphs (you learn it once, and then you can put it into both specs if you want, or put it in neither spec). Then, you can move glyphs into the glyph pane like you right now for each spec. You end up with 1 set of glyphs learned for spec 1, and one set of glyphs learned for spec 2.

  7. Sil says:

    Do you get the glyphs you have active currently, or do you need to rebuy them?

    • Lissanna says:

      any glyphs you have active will be learned automatically, unless they are being removed from the game (like rapid rejuv would go poof because it goes poof, but glyph of regrowth would turn into the new glyph of regrowth in your glyph selection page)

  8. Deandre - Dalaran says:

    I’ve been telling my guild to load up on one of each glyph for every character they can while glyphs are still affordable. Even the useless glyphs for now are better to have learned (especially while they’re uber-cheap), just in case they’re good for *something* down the road.

    • Deandre - Dalaran says:

      Sorry for the double post, but the gold savvy might load up on glyphs for resale come 4.0.1…nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

  9. Keeva says:

    A suggestion from Beru and others – make sure you check through your gear to see what is cloth, and then consider what options you have for swapping leather back in.

  10. Silinix says:

    Thanks for posting this…it’s weird to think of needing to prep our live server characters for changes so soon! I’ve been trying to figure out…for Boomkin, our hit cap is suddenly going to double at 80, isn’t it?


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