Troll & Worgen moonkin form colors (beta)

So, troll & worgen druids now have moonkin form colorings in the newest Beta patch. I haven’t seen these anywhere else yet, so I wanted to get you pictures now that I’ve noticed these are in beta (I would have posted them this morning, except that I didn’t even know these were in the game yet).

The troll form is orange & black (Re-coloring of Night Elf Model). The worgen form is gray, brown, & white (e-coloring of the NE model).

Personally, I really like them a lot…. BUT they aren’t new models by any means. They are really just graphics of owlbeasts that are already in the game. We may get actual unique/new forms at a later date. (chose prev/next to change pictures)

11/20/2010 – Updated Troll moonkin colors to the correct red/black colored NE model they are now using.

Since this page has been getting a lot of hits lately, I wanted to point out that you can see the Troll cat, bear, & tree forms here.

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9 comments on “Troll & Worgen moonkin form colors (beta)
  1. Relevart says:

    These were already in game, iirc. They were angry owlbeasts and whatnot from the old world. I was hoping that the orange one would be worgen, but alas. Maybe someday….

  2. Vrykerion says:

    Here’s hoping these aren’t final. I was hoping for a big fluffy hot pink moonkin for my Troll.

    …stop looking at me like that. I know what I said. 😛

  3. angry says:

    The trolls have horns and the worgen have antlers? Why would they be so lazy?

  4. Lissanna says:

    They updated Beta today, and now the troll one has NE antlers… Guess they’re still playing around with models…

  5. Demineonz says:

    I love boomkins, I’m a hordie, but i think that night elf moonkins look better 🙁

  6. Moonlyt says:

    I’m hoping while they are playing around with colors some Dev get’s over-excited and designs a new mode 😛


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