Cataclysm: Resto & Moonkin faction gear at 85

So, someone asked me about reputation items in Catacclysm. Below are the items that are available from various factions that are relevant to resto & moonkin druids. I listed 85 caster leather items that were blue or epic (You only want to wear leather in Cata). I also included all the new enchants you’ll need to farm up (for head & shoulders).  There aren’t many goodies that I fished up in my searches. So, here’s what I found so far:

Guardians of Hyjal: (revered)

Therazane (shoulder enchants):

Wildhammer (Alliance) & Dragonmaw (horde) clans (Exalted rep):

The Earthen Ring: (revered)

Hellscream’s Reach & Baradin’s Wardens: (exalted)

  • Trinkets & various other items are available from the reputation faction associated with Tol Barad.


Someone asked about this rep. The only thing you get from Ramkahen as a caster druid is a level 83 ring (but I haven’t been listing the 83 gear), and the riding camels. At some point, you will want to pick up one of the riding camel mounts, but capping out that rep isn’t super urgent.

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4 comments on “Cataclysm: Resto & Moonkin faction gear at 85
  1. Ragas says:

    You listed leather items however there are some cloth items that we can use. For example from Guardians of Hyjal we can use Cord of Raven Queen belt.

    • Lissanna says:

      No, you will not be using cloth items in Cataclysm, because that will cost you 5% int, which means in pretty much all cases, a leather Blue is better than a cloth epic. I’ve played around with various sets of gear on my Beta druid, and leather has always won out over cloth. So, at the very least, I refuse to list cloth items in level 85 gear listings because they are a trap that I want you to avoid. That 5% int gives you more spell power, mana, & crit – So, wear your leather!

      Even if there aren’t many reputation items for us, it is pretty easy to get leather gear from running instances (either boss drops or badge rewards that don’t require reputations). So, you have really no reason to wear cloth, even if it’s purple and pretty, cloth is a trap in Cataclysm! I’ll write more about this issue in another post later. Maybe with pretty pictures.

      • Ragas says:

        True but some people will still continue to use it. It is not a trap, it is that a person will give up 5% which sometimes may be worth. Dismissing cloth out right is just not giving people the complete information, you can preface that yes they will lose the 5% bonus but however if they want those items are available to them..

        • Lissanna says:

          It’s easier just to say “no cloth” as a rule. I haven’t run into any situations above level 50 where wearing cloth in beta has been an upgrade at the 5% int loss.


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