Cataclysmic Resto talents & changes for 4.0.3a

So, the great Cataclysm is upon us. With the 4.0.3a patch (likely happening on Tuesday patch day), our talents are all reset and we have to change up our talent specs. In addition, Beta ended today, so that means there won’t likely be any major class changes on December 7th.

(Updated) Note that you CAN race change to troll on patch day, so I have the Troll feral form color chart available for people who reroll new trolls on patch day.

I will be posting revamped leveling & healing guide info some time on Tuesday (likely before the servers come up).

Why are our druid talent trees reset?

  • This reset happened because 2 talents in the druid Restoration Tree were reduced in point cost: Revitalize is now 2 points (down from 3) & Swift Rejuv is now 1 point (down from 2).
  • No point cost changes were made to feral or moonkin talents.
  • There were other changes made to druid talents & abilities, that you can read on MMO-champion.
  • The changes on MMO-champion shouldn’t really effect resto druids at level 80, other than the talent changes, since they were mainly done to either fix bugs or keep level 85 healing balanced.

New level 80 resto builds:

You may find, however, that a different build will work for min-maxing ICC purposes. You are welcome to make whatever modifications to this “base” build you think will work best for you at level 80. However, I have a set of level 85 builds that use this as a starting template, so this is currently my recommended level 80 build. I’ll be adding the level 85 builds to my resto guide “soon”.

New tree form graphics (Via MMO-champion). If you don’t like the new tree form graphic, however, there is a minor glyph that will turn your tree form cooldown into the old treant graphic (Races in order of the picture: Night Elf, Troll, Worgen, & Tauren).

Finally, Bear tanking will be FINE after patch day. The MMO-champion notes makes it look like bears are taking a hit, but the problem was that they used to be Overpowered at level 85, and the changes make them more equal to other classes. If you whine about bear nerfs on the forums, Reesi will /waffle you and chase you out of the forums (link updated).

(also, as usual – please feel free to comment, but don’t be shocked if comments take a while to load, since I’m preparing the blog to take a heavy hit on patch-day. I’ll do whatever performance-increasing things I need to do to keep restokin running smooth).

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13 comments on “Cataclysmic Resto talents & changes for 4.0.3a
  1. Shaloxeroligon says:

    I’m curious as to why you put the point into Swift Rejuvenation rather than finishing off Nature’s Bounty. Is a faster rejuv more important than a more crit-tastic regrowth?

    • Lissanna says:

      because it builds into the level 85 talents in my healing guide.

      • Shaloxeroligon says:

        Well I know that. I was just wondering why you chose that for your 85 build. I’m looking into the theorycrafting behind it.

        • Lissanna says:

          It has every talent I consider “required” at level 85 (especially starting out in 5-man heroics that you have to do before raiding), so that as you level up to 85, you pick up “optional” talents.

          If you want to min-max for level 80, EJ is probably a better start. 😉

  2. Hey Lissanna,
    This is pretty close to the build I’m using now, looks like a winner to me. 😀

    I’m contemplating dumping Efflorescence during leveling because I can’t justify the talent point cost for the benefit gained in 5-man dungeons… jury’s still out here. Care to comment?

    I’ve been looking for word on whether ICC has been re-tuned for 4.0.3a and the loss healer throughtput/mana regen and I’ve come up with nada. You hear/read anything? Thanks!

  3. Rmtree says:

    Question about your build – why do you have points in Naturalist and Empowered Touch, when currently in ICC you almost never ever cast Healing touch or Nourish. I know things will be different in Cata and at level 85 but now it seems these are wasted points. Currently you are still better off putting points in Blessing of the Grove, because even with the current mana increase of Rejuv we are still forced to the old Rejuv+WG rotation.

    • Lissanna says:

      because I ended up with one default level 80 build that branches into different 85 builds, and BotG is such a small bonus to rejuv (that you can’t mindlessly spam at 85) that not all of my 85 builds have it.

      You need to start using Nourish & Healing Touch as you run 5-mans leveling up in Cata, and when you first hit 85 in the heroic 5-mans. You don’t get to jump straight from ICC to the new Cata 25-mans.

  4. Treeboi says:

    So far, my favorite part of patch 4.0.3a is plants vs zombies… err, peaceblooms vs ghouls in western Hillsbrad.

  5. Clint says:

    I was wondering if any of you were have severe mana issues after 4.0.3a. Wednesday I went into Uld to knock out Glory…25m and was fighting with mana issues the entire time. We had a total of 3-4 people for Mana regen. Prior to the latest patch i never had mana problems and would most likely gift my Innervate to Mage 🙂 I was talented 2/1/33. Ive recently switched to 0/3/33, dropping Blessing of the Grove and picking up Malfurion’s Gift. I havent raided this spec yet but hope to soon. I know I’ll most liekly tweek further but was ultimately wondering if others were having similar issues with mana.

    • Treeboi says:

      I healed ICC25, and patch 4.0.3a is a lot more mana intensive than 4.0.1. I had your exact same problem of running out of mana constantly.

      I ended up reforging all my gear again to have as much spirit as possible, while still maintaining 1016 haste. I spent 4.0.1 with like 600 mp5 out of combat, because I reforged away all my spirit. For 4.0.3a, I’m back up to 1000 mp5 out of combat.

      • Lissanna says:

        If you guys think we have mana problems now, just wait until level 85. *wink*

        I think that’s why I don’t notice it now at level 80, lol.


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