Goodbye Stormwind Park (contains spoilers)

So, if you’ve been living under a really big rock and trying to hide from all Cataclysm related info, you probably aren’t reading my blog in the first place, but if you are – there are mild spoilers in this post about events that will take place in the 4.0.3a patch, when the world is shattered.

The timing of this post would be better if I waited until after 4.0.3a, but I’m likely going to be consumed by guide writing around that point in time, so I’m posting this one early…

With elementals invading and our cities under attack, I wanted to capture a piece of our land that is going to soon be changed forever.  The Stormwind Park is home to several druid trainers and other friendly Night Elves.

However, it  is soon to be no more. Deathwing’s attacks will destroy our haven in the city, and leave nothing but a sunken pile of rubble. We won’t be able to defend the city from Deathwing’s talons, and so after the shattering, when you go to find a druid trainer in Stormwind, you will be disappointed at what you find at our previous sanctuary (and then you’ll have to run to the whole other side of the city to find where the new trainer is hiding – Link contains pictures of what is left of the park, and how to find the new druid trainer from the Beta server).

So, I wanted one last chance to go back at these trainers who taught me so much when I was a young druid.

Here is my photo tribute to the Stormwind Park:

(With our newer photo tool, click prev or next to switch between pictures, and click on the picture to see it bigger).

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8 comments on “Goodbye Stormwind Park (contains spoilers)
  1. Saniel says:

    Sadly, I think it’s going to be a very small group of people that miss the park. In BC when I was trying to get Primal Mooncloth from other tailors I’d always tell them “meet me by the Moonwell in SW.” 24 out of 25 responses were, “There’s a moonwell in SW?”

    “Yeah, in the park.”

    “Where’s that?”

    At least people defending the cities during the elemental invasions will finally see it before it crumbles into the sea…

  2. Verdus says:

    The new photo tool seems pretty nice for viewing at the page itself, but it doesn’t seem to play nicely with RSS feeds. It dumps a vertical chain of the large version of the photos directly into the feed item, only about the left-most third of them being visible on screen. I’m not sure if this is something that you can do anything about, but it seemed worth mentioning.

    Regardless, it’s a very nice set of photos. I may not be an Alliance guy, but it’s a very nice park that city has. Err, had. :-

  3. Jal says:

    Ha! I just found out about them during a rift closing raid in SW last night, and I’m level 80 and have played starting just a few months after WoW started. Stopped me cold. I had trainers on in the minimap for some reason and as we in, I thought, “Huh, trainers?”

    I always teleported back to Moonglade and hit Darn for training. Spent most of my time in IF when I was “little” and needed an AH. Figures.

  4. whocares says:

    Who cares about the park being destroyed? its not newsworthy, must be a slow day for news

    • Lissanna says:

      But I’m going to miss the park. 🙁

      But, have no fear, I’m working on a bunch of different things for the 4.0.3a patch that is likely coming on Tuesday. I’ve spent a lot of time working on the 4.0.3a versions of my leveling & healing guides. For the healing guide, I’ll have just a talent update on patch day, and then the full level 85 guide shortly after the expansion comes out and we start leveling up.

      For the leveling guide, I’m having to go through every single piece of it, re-writing parts and putting in the 81 to 85 talents, as well. I’ll need that ready to go for patch day, when people start leveling troll druids.

      So, I’m allowed to put in some pictures that seem more filler-like just to keep things going while working on my guides in the background.

  5. Nayada says:

    and you know where it will fly Neltharion over the world? =)


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