Happy Turkeykin Day!

Have a good Turkeykin Day from Restokin! For years, Turkeykin day has comprised of dancing moonkin being thankful that they were not eaten on that day.

To non-druids, this is also known as Thanksgiving day. I am thankful for all my readers who support me and my blog. I’m thankful for my  awesome guild, where I get to raid with friends and family.

As a special gift, you get a picture I took from Hyjal during Beta:

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7 comments on “Happy Turkeykin Day!
  1. Rezznul says:

    It looks like you were having waaaay too much fun there. I want to try it. 🙂

    Happy Turkeykin Day!

  2. Verdus says:

    Right back atcha! 😀

  3. Wharep says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Liss:)
    Thanks for all your hard work:)

  4. Xitorot says:

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

    You’re always a joy to read. <3

  5. Chezza says:

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. GraceAlone says:

    Hope you had a great Turkeykin day! And I’m loving the patch, can’t wait to try flying my boomkin come the 7th 😀


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