Leveling & healing guide updates for 4.0.3a

I have my 4.0.3a guides released and ready for when the servers come up this afternoon/evening.

The leveling guide was completely revamped (again!). The new Leveling Guide table of contents now lists 9 pages:

  • Three pages for Feral Cat leveling: Talent page, Ability/rotation page, and Gearing/glyph page.
  • Three pages for Balance/moonkin leveling: Talent page, Ability/rotation page, and Gearing/glyph page
  • One page for healing leveling (talents only)
  • One page for tank leveling (talents only)
  • FAQ page at the end of the guide related to all specs

This new organization makes things easier to find. A complaint about the 4.0.1 version was that it was hard to find the cat & moonkin things (especially on the forum version of the guide). So, this new organization will hopefully be a lot better in the long run. I hope you have fun leveling up your new troll druids!

The Restoration healing guide 4.0.3a update only updates the new talent spec page.

  • The other healing guide pages aren’t out of date with the 4.0.3a patch, and so I’m leaving them for now.
  • The new talent spec page has one talent spec for level 80, and then also includes my level 85 update, so that you are prepared for making talent decisions when you start leveling on December 7th.
  • It didn’t make sense for me to do a full level 80 update for that page just to have to remake it in 2 weeks. I will have a full level 85 guide ready to go around December 7th.

Happy patch day!

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4 comments on “Leveling & healing guide updates for 4.0.3a
  1. Treeboi says:

    Lissanna, I think your leveling spec for the 80 to 85 grind is off.

    For example, this is my planned leveling spec:

    The differences are…

    0/2 Natural Shapeshifter – you get so much mana back from the Leader of the Pack proc that you will rarely run out of mana, even if you like to shift a lot. On the rare times you need mana, just swap to healing gear and use Innervate.

    0/3 Fury Swipes – things die so fast when leveling that low percentage procs are just not worth the talent points.

    2/2 Stampede – the main use of this is in cat form to generate a free attack and 2 free combo points (since ravage has a near 100% crit rate, due to Predetory Strikes) off of a move that lets you travel 25 yards instantly. That makes for a great leveling talent.

    2/2 Natural Reaction, 2/3 Thick Skin – pick up the third point at 81. This basically lets you tank 5 mans while leveling. Since tanks have near instant queue times, this is a very good use of talents for leveling. Plus dungeons drop better gear than quests, which means you’ll kill stuff faster when you aren’t in a dungeon.

    2/2 Endless Carnage – this is more for PvP purposes, since I’ll be leveling up on a PvP server, and kiting with bleeds is the way kitty PvP works.

    0/2 Feral Aggression, 0/1 Pulverize – these are nice, but you don’t have the points to pick them up, especially since the other talents above are much more useful for leveling.

    One last thing, I really like the Faerie Fire glyph for leveling purposes. Longer range means faster pulls means less running means faster XP.

    • Lissanna says:

      People are still going to have individual differences in terms of what works best for them. My guides just give a starting point for people to work with. There has never been one ultimate spec that people were happy with in any of the versions of any of my guides since before I took it over in 2006. 😉

  2. Felkan says:

    From your Feral leveling guide…

    “Cat rotation at 10: Getting mangle changes your rotation to: mangle once (to increase bleed damage the target takes), rake (applies a bleed), mangle until 5 combo points, then Ferocious bite.”

    Is this true? I thought Rake didn’t make its first tick until 2-3s later, which means you can do rake->mangle. Any ideas? It has been well over a year since I last played, so maybe this changed slightly.

    Reading the tooltip for Rake, I wonder if the older version of Rake’s initial damage wasn’t “bleed” damage but just physical, but now it is, so back then mangle->rake was the better rotation?

    Regardless, thanks for the guide.

    • Lissanna says:

      In 4.0, Damage over Time effects calculate what damage the ticks will do on the initial “cast” of the spell (rather than re-calculating every tick). So, based on that mechanic, you would need to mangle before the rip for the rip to get the bonus damage from mangle’s debuff (regardless of when the bleed ticks).


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