Moonkin hatchlings and a surprise!

So, the moonkin hatchlings are now available at the Blizzard store.

I have a little mini-me now, it’s super cute. I’m claiming victory with having a Restokin pet, since it plants flowers, in addition to it’s dancing & trying to fly:

The best part of the moonkin hatchling in-game pet is that they’re giving half of the profits from the sale to give to charity (Make a Wish Foundation). So, half of the $10 purchase of your in-game pet goes to a good cause!

In somewhat related news, Ginny from @immamoonkin on twitter (also the person who drew my Restokin banner art!) made me a sketch of a baby boomkin that is super cute. You can click the link here to go to her deviant art page. She has done commissions for a handful of WoW players, including the moonkin art for Qieth’s Quips! In the spirit of giving for the holidays, I wanted to share her art with all of you!

Here’s her moonkin hatchling “Wanting to fly” (you can see the original version that’s a little clearer on her site).

"Wanting to Fly" by Ginny @immamoonkin

Thanks Ginny & happy holidays everyone!

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7 comments on “Moonkin hatchlings and a surprise!
  1. Zombie says:

    So, am I the only person that suddenly wants “moonkin flight form”?

  2. GraceAlone says:

    I love that little guy! Maybe someone will give me one for Christmas since I’m too cheap to spend my own money 😉

  3. scaresome says:

    Cute, beyond cute; I think I have ten dollars somewhere….

  4. tkc says:

    Now all I need is a ‘manatee’ type pet to have all my forms covered.

  5. Qieth says:

    The babykin is cute, but obviously not as striking as it’s older brother 😉

  6. WoW Druid says:

    Very nice stuff. Always be amazed at those with artistic ability like this. Love the banner art as well!


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