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So, Blizzard released the new official WoW forums as part of their website features for Cataclysm.

My biggest complaint with them is that the coloring makes the text really hard for me to read (ie. gives me a headache). So, one of the things I did was to install an addon for firefox on my home computer that makes the font White (instead of the light brown color) and increases the font size. So, I don’t have to strain as much to read the forums. If the new forums are bugging your eyes, click here for instructions on how to change the font for Firefox and Chrome.

Okay, so now onto more happy things: I moved both of my guides onto the new forums (and the other druid guide writers migrated their guides, too!). They are mostly the same guides that you find on the old forums. However,  we won’t be able to edit the old forums when we update to the 4.0.3 guides next month, so we’ll all need to move to this new forum “soon”.

At this point, I’m not sure if they intend to sticky the guides or not on the new forums. So, here is the list of guides from the new forums for all your druid spec needs:

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3 comments on “New wow forums and guide links
  1. Bizzie says:

    GJ on the guides! The new forums are indeed quite… well, awfull to read, so thank god for addons to change the colors. I’m not a frequent visitor of the official forums, but still, it’s going to take a while to adjust.

  2. Taugrim says:

    Blizzard is moving to a new forum for Cataclysm? Does anyone know if Blizzard is planning on migrating / copying over existing threads over? If not, that’s a huge loss of content, especially some of the stickied threads that have had hundreds of (valuable) posts.

    It’s things like this that made me go ahead and create my own blog. I hated having my guides lost because of issues like this.

    • Lissanna says:

      the new forum that I linked to is the new Cata form. We won’t be able to post on the old forums much longer.

      They won’t delete the old forums, but they also won’t move posts. At some point, the old forums just get frozen in time, and you start over with new conversations for Cataclysm, which gives you a “clean slate”.

      You have to post all your guides on the new forums yourself, however.


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