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Resto druid haste at level 85

So, the forums have started already thinking about haste break-points and what gearing will look like at 85. We’re going to start off originally at VERY low levels of haste in level 85 gear. So, throw out the idea of a “cap” of any kind. When you hit 85, there is no easily attainable “cap” for any of your resto stats, which will make gearing that much harder to figure out. In general, when you are first gearing up, any leather or accessories with higher item-levels (and caster-stats) will be better.

My level 85 druid premade with Heroic-level blue gear only has about 10% haste rating in the gear that I have available (so about 15% with raid buffs). When I took my 85 epic (Tier 11) premade and reforged every piece of gear into haste, and enchanted for haste as much as possible, I only hit about 13% haste (so, about 18% with raid buffs) when I gimped all my other stats to reach it.

I think it’s going to come as a bit of a shock just how low your ratings go (because those ratings are split in stat points between spirit, haste, crit, & mastery). While haste is arguably better than crit & mastery, regen should be an issue at 85, meaning that you won’t be able to totally gimp  your spirit & int numbers to try and be super hasty. In an effort to be more well-rounded at level 85, the more realistic haste break-points are going to be between 5 and 20% haste in your earlier instance and leveling experience.

You get a 5% raid buff to your haste rating, so with raid buffs, my fully epic premade druid would still be at around an 18% haste. So, lets look at the break-points for haste below 22%, since that’s a more realistic set of possible resto haste goals for your VERY early level 85 experience (Type H for heals has the full list of break-points):

  • 0% Haste (no buffs, no gear) = 4 rejuv ticks, 7 wild growth ticks, 3 regrowth ticks, 10 lifebloom ticks
  • 5% haste (the 5% raid haste buff) = 11th lifebloom tick
  • 7.1% haste = 8th wild growth tick
  • 12.5% haste  = 5th rejuv tick
  • 15%  haste = 12th lifebloom tick
  • 16.6% haste = 4th regrowth tick (not important)
  • 21.5% haste = 9th tick of wildgrowth

So, the 15% haste (raid-buffed) is really the best first goal to try and reach while you are gearing up. The 21.5% goal may be hard to reach at first, so I would consider it a second goal once you are all in full epics and working on hard-modes or tier 12 content. (note: Goals are not the same thing as caps, so the lower your gear’s ilevel, the less likely it is that you will reach a goal, but you shouldn’t freak out when you can’t reach it yet at first).

EDIT: Raid buffs are multiplicative, so the math isn’t subtraction. #’s taken from Keeva’s level 80 haste chart for the amt from gear you would need.

  • 12.5 – 5% raid buff = 7.14% haste from gear (this is really what you want to stay above when starting to raid, to make sure you get the 5th rejuv tick)
  • 15% – 5% raid buff = 9.52% haste from gear (the first goal to try and reach as you gear up in epics)
  • 21.5 – 5% raid buff = 15.65% haste from gear (the second goal to try and reach as you gear up in epics)

Any haste from gear is STILL really nice to have for reducing your Global Cooldown & cast times (thought it won’t reduce rejuvenation’s GCD), so you can really pick up any amount of haste you want. However, just keep in mind that leveling from 80 to 85 is really, really going to deflate your rating stats, so you need to lower your expectations for what gearing at 85 is going to feel like at first. Keep in mind that you may end up as low as 5% haste on gear (ie. about 10% raid buffed) when you are first starting out in quest greens & blues. So, don’t panic!

(Warning: I’m tired, so my math may be off somewhere, but this is the best I could do at this point. let me know if I mixed up numbers somewhere.)

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Stormwind invaded by….

Mammoths! (what did you think I was going to say? lol).

(click on previous/next above the pictures to see the other pictures in the series, or click on the picture to see full size).

So, while waiting for the elemental invasions to happen in Stormwind today on the Elune server, people got a little bored. So, they started getting on mammoth mounts, and people decided to have a mammoth party, and mammoth parades down the hallways…. This lasted for about 2 hours this afternoon while people waited for the elemental spawns. Then, we very quickly banished the elementals back into where they were from and saved Stormwind. I think the biggest casualty, however, was the damage that having so many people in one place did to people’s frame-rates, lol.

Apparently, the horde had similar mammoth invasions on the Moon Guard server, according to Aestiah @shecantdps.

So, I’m starting to be convinced that the earthquakes are not caused by just the elementals, but possibly also by hundreds of mammoths jumping up and down at the same time… At least we’re having fun, right?

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Don’t let the cultists distract you…

Don’t let the cultists distract you from your true enemies…

My guild took a short break from raiding earlier this week to take our raid group on a tour of the Horde cities to take in the views before Cataclysm hits and the world changes. We actually managed to do this on Monday, so we got in before Thrall left Orgrimmar. Our server doesn’t have many horde players, so even with the events going on, there wasn’t much resistance.

We rode the zeppelin from Org to Thunder Bluff, and got a scenic tour from the skies:

We invaded the undercity, since we heard rumors that Sylvanas may be soon be trying to expand her empire.

Once we had defeated all of our enemies, we celebrated our victory against the horde by posing with our hard-earned mounts outside their gates in Dalaran (while I already had the mount before this adventure, it was fun to go help out the guild members that didn’t have the mount yet):

This kind of adventure as a guild ends up being a fun way to spend our time while we wait for the impending Cataclysm.

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Baby boomies

I’m so busy with school work this week that I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the types of blog posts I normally write, and so mostly I feel guilty for not spending enough time on my blog. We’re collecting data on an Undergrad’s honors thesis in my lab, and that project ate up all the time I would have otherwise spent on blogging & beta testing.

So, instead of a real blog post today, you get videos of the dancing baby boomkin pets that should be available to purchase “soon”. These videos are the wowhead ones, which I chose because wowhead has them dancing (not sure if the dance will make it in-game, but lets hope so!).

Some of the money from the in-game pet goes to charity, so that’s good, I suppose. I’m going to get a baby boomkin pet just because I have wanted one of these for so long that I could spend hours just watching it’s cute little eyes staring back at me…. I like in-game pets, I like boomkin, I like boomkin pets!

Over Thanksgiving break (ie. Nov. 20 thru 28), I plan to work on my 4.0.3 leveling guide draft and other assorted druid mechanic-related things to prepare for the impending Cataclysm patch. I also hope to start working on pieces of the 4.0.3 healing guide around that time, as well (though there are some things that will need to wait until after patch day and we actually start healing!).

Anyway, I apologize for the lower quality of my more recent posts. I haven’t been blogging up to my own standards, and with so much happening leading up to Cataclysm, I haven’t been writing with the type of quality that I have come to expect from myself. Hopefully, things will get better around here “soon”.

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