Monthly Archives: November 2010

Resto druid haste at level 85

So, the forums have started already thinking about haste break-points and what gearing will look like at 85. We’re going to start off originally at VERY low levels of haste in level 85 gear. So, throw out the idea of a “cap” of any kind. When you hit 85, there is no easily attainable “cap” […]

Stormwind invaded by….

Mammoths! (what did you think I was going to say? lol). (click on previous/next above the pictures to see the other pictures in the series, or click on the picture to see full size). So, while waiting for the elemental invasions to happen in Stormwind today on the Elune server, people got a little bored. […]

Don’t let the cultists distract you…

Don’t let the cultists distract you from your true enemies… My guild took a short break from raiding earlier this week to take our raid group on a tour of the Horde cities to take in the views before Cataclysm hits and the world changes. We actually managed to do this on Monday, so we […]

Baby boomies

I’m so busy with school work this week that I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the types of blog posts I normally write, and so mostly I feel guilty for not spending enough time on my blog. We’re collecting data on an Undergrad’s honors thesis in my lab, and that project […]