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New wow forums and guide links

So, Blizzard released the new official WoW forums as part of their website features for Cataclysm.

My biggest complaint with them is that the coloring makes the text really hard for me to read (ie. gives me a headache). So, one of the things I did was to install an addon for firefox on my home computer that makes the font White (instead of the light brown color) and increases the font size. So, I don’t have to strain as much to read the forums. If the new forums are bugging your eyes, click here for instructions on how to change the font for Firefox and Chrome.

Okay, so now onto more happy things: I moved both of my guides onto the new forums (and the other druid guide writers migrated their guides, too!). They are mostly the same guides that you find on the old forums. However,  we won’t be able to edit the old forums when we update to the 4.0.3 guides next month, so we’ll all need to move to this new forum “soon”.

At this point, I’m not sure if they intend to sticky the guides or not on the new forums. So, here is the list of guides from the new forums for all your druid spec needs:

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The cloth is a trap!

For  many years, caster druids have worn cloth gear when they found a cloth piece with better stats than the leather pieces of gear available to them.

However, 4.0.1 introduced a new mechanic called “leather specialization“.  This mechanic gives you a bonus for having all leather items on your: head, chest, wrists, boots, pants, gloves, shoulders, & waist. If you put a cloth item in any of these 8 slots, you lose this specialization bonus. You train this ability at level 50 (so, at very low levels, it won’t matter if you wear cloth).

  • Leather specialization gives you a 5% bonus to your intellect if you are a balance or resto druid. Feral druids get 5% more stamina in bear form, and 5% more agility in cat form.

So, this isn’t a problem for feral druids, since they never had to wear cloth. However, most of the “best in slot” lists for level 80 caster prior to 4.0.1 had a lot of cloth on them, so there are a lot of moonkin and some resto druids running around now still in  some cloth that they just can’t seem to shed. So, while you may be stuck with some cloth at level 80, you should try to ditch the cloth habit soon.

When you level up from 80 to 85, focus on getting leather. Even at slightly lower item levels, as it will almost always end up being higher for your DPS or healing ability if you just stick with leather on your way to 85. It’s a pretty huge loss if you equip a cloth item. They have also done a better job of itemizing leather such that you really shouldn’t have a hard time gearing up your druid in all leather, even while leveling (once the quest changes go in, and you get the newer quest reward items).

Hey druids, just say no to cloth!

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Cataclysm: Resto & Moonkin faction gear at 85

So, someone asked me about reputation items in Catacclysm. Below are the items that are available from various factions that are relevant to resto & moonkin druids. I listed 85 caster leather items that were blue or epic (You only want to wear leather in Cata). I also included all the new enchants you’ll need to farm up (for head & shoulders).  There aren’t many goodies that I fished up in my searches. So, here’s what I found so far:

Guardians of Hyjal: (revered)

Therazane (shoulder enchants):

Wildhammer (Alliance) & Dragonmaw (horde) clans (Exalted rep):

The Earthen Ring: (revered)

Hellscream’s Reach & Baradin’s Wardens: (exalted)

  • Trinkets & various other items are available from the reputation faction associated with Tol Barad.


Someone asked about this rep. The only thing you get from Ramkahen as a caster druid is a level 83 ring (but I haven’t been listing the 83 gear), and the riding camels. At some point, you will want to pick up one of the riding camel mounts, but capping out that rep isn’t super urgent.

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